Kennel club asks Youngstown to carefully consider dog law

YOUNGSTOWN -- The American Kennel Club is asking city council to look carefully at legislation limiting the number of dogs a person can own before the site is called a kennel.
Legislation is before council that would limit people to three or fewer dogs before kennel laws would apply.
Laws limiting animal ownership are easily evaded, difficult to enforce and don't address irresponsible pet owners -- the targets of such legislation, the organization said.
Enforcement of nuisance laws would keep animals secure and quiet, the club said.
Right now there is no clear definition of a kennel in city law.
Proposal: A property where four to six adult dogs are kept would be classified a kennel under the proposed new law. The property would have to be at least three acres and have 100 feet of frontage and a 6-foot fence. The dog areas would have to be at least 30 feet from the back of the yard and 60 feet from the side of the yard.
Four or more adult dogs on property zoned general business or industrial also would constitute a kennel.
Hving more than six dogs on a property would require them to be kept in business or industrial areas.

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