Christianity challenged by books and movie

Christianity challenged by books and movie
Ever since the terrorist attack in this country we are becoming more patriotic and religious. There are more God Bless America signs in quite a few places now. This is great.
Some religious people think that God doesn't want these people. They never or very seldom stepped in a church before this war. They think these people are hypocrites.
The truth is that we come to the Lord many different ways. It's nice to come to the Lord when everything is going well for us. (Most people never do.) It usually takes a tragedy or a catastrophe for us to call on the Lord.
Now this country is starting to take another turn. It is not for the better though. We are seeing witches and warlocks popping up on TV, in the newspaper, in advertisements, etc.
I reared two daughters when I was a young Christian. Why would anybody let these precious children get influenced by a book or a movie pertaining to witches and warlocks school. It's demonic.
We need to bring our family up in the Christian church to learn about Jesus.
Good Americans, we are going in the right direction by praying to God for our country, president and soldiers. Let not be deceived by this movie and book.
Girard Lakes, a valuable resource worth saving
It was disappointing to read the recent Vindicator article concerning the city of Girard and their financial woes relating to the Girard Lakes. Most disturbing was how the city has responded to their di lem ma regarding the replacement of the dam on the lower lake (formerly Liberty Lake) only in terms of dollars and cents.
Although a final decision is pending, the article gave the hint that breaching the dam to pave the way for development would be the most likely outcome.
It appears that Girard's mayor and at least some of the city councilmen are only able or willing to look at the lakes' value to the community with a red-and-black-ink mentality.
No mention was made of the recreational resource that the Girard Lakes have provided to thousands of area residents. Equally lacking was any acknowledgment of the unspoiled areas around the lakes which are loaded with virgin timber that provide habitat as well as a buffer zone for countless species of wildlife.
The city contends that they purchased the lakes from the Ohio Water Service around 1995 with the intent to provide drinking water, which could not be accomplished. Although that is true, what they have failed to report is how they have promoted these lakes as a recreational resource since with trout stockings, fishing derbies for kids, fishing days for senior citizens as well as the availability for fishing clubs or other groups to rent either lake for special events.
Girard most certainly is feeling tough fiscal times as are most cities these days, but these problems concerning the replacement or repair of these two dams did not occur overnight.
Furthermore, I have not heard any past cry for help from the city to mount a campaign to save the Girard Lakes. Like it or not when the city purchased the lakes they assumed the role as caretaker of a valuable recreational resource and they have promoted them as such.
Sadly, unspoiled places like these have dwindled in number through lack of commitment and poor management. As the Girard city officials ponder the fate of these two lakes, I would like to challenge them to carefully weigh their recreational value and explore all options before destroying this irreplaceable resource.