Books helps owners find perfect cat mate

Whether for fun or for information, 'Cat Astrology' has something for the cat lover.
"Cat Astrology: The Complete Guide to Feline Horoscopes," by Michael Zullo (Andrews McMeel Publishing, $9.95).
Want to find the perfect cat? Forget books on breeds. Look to the stars.
In "Cat Astrology: The Complete Guide to Feline Horoscopes," Michael Zullo combines humor, an expertise in astrology and an understanding of cat behavior to give advice on finding a compatible pet.
The result is a paperback that not only sparks an interest in the spirituality of cats but also amuses and even educates.
Zullo breaks down cat personalities into the 12 signs of the zodiac. Each section gives a personality overview, including such descriptions as the Leo, who believes he rules all he sees; the flighty Aquarius; and the Taurus, who craves routine.
Then Zullo reveals what the perfect human counterpart would be for each sign. He describes the degrees of compatibility as two paws up, one paw up and two paws down. For example, if someone is born under the sign Scorpio, their perfect match (two paws up) might be a Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn or Aquarius cat. Steer clear of those which are Aries, Taurus, Leo or Pisces. These are in the two-paws down category.
Famous cats: Each chapter ends with an amusing anecdote about a famous cat which supposedly falls under that sign.
For example, Socks, a member of President Bill Clinton's family, is a Virgo. The 2-month-old stray was given to Chelsea Clinton in November 1990 and moved to the White House with the Clintons in 1993. Zullo says Socks is a loner, which is typical of a Virgo cat.
Other famous cats described in the book include Winston Churchill's tomcat, Nelson, a Libra who had his own personal escort to the bomb shelter; and President Teddy Roosevelt's six-toed feline Slippers, an attention-seeking Aquarian.
Whether you take Cat Astrology seriously or read it for amusement, this book offers some practical tips on cat care.
Of Taurus cats, Zullo writes, "Because he's prone to a weight problem, he risks a greater incidence of liver disease, diabetes, pancreatitis, and arthritis. But if you watch his diet, he should do fine. Save those treats for special occasions."
He offers this wisdom for the astrological sign, but it's good advice for any cat owner with a tubby kitty.
Owner tips: Tips found throughout the book show that Zullo not only is familiar with celestial signs but also has spent some time with felines.
Perhaps the greatest flaw of Zullo's endeavor is that most owners don't know when their cat was born, unless the feline is a product of breeding. The mysterious creatures often just appear and claim ownership of their respective humans.
Zullo admits this downfall in the introduction and urges readers to look over all the signs and see which best fits their cat. Because cats possess such unique personalities, they are bound to fit into one of these signs.
"Cat Astrology" is entertaining and a quick read. It would be a good source of fun for the cat lover on your Christmas list.

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