No benefits to area if 17th District is split apart

No benefits to area if 17th District is split apart
It is my sincere belief that the butchering of the historic 17th Congressional District as proposed by the Trumbull County Commissioners and endorsed by mayor Angelo would be a grave mistake with dire consequences.
The 17th Congressional district is a region, and Trumbull County is an integral part of it. Trumbull County's long- standing marriage to the Mahoning Valley has been a plus, resulting in benefits to the entire area
In fact, no one can point to a project in Trumbull County that has not received support. This regional approach has served us well traditionally,, and we should not try to fix what isn't broken. If the concern is for regional leadership, then, afford the will of the people to find a new driver, why destroy a good working vehicle?
It is a fallacious argument that Warren and Trumbull County are not receiving their fair amount in funding. At stake is $300 million earmarked for the airbase, $31 million for the airport, $6 million for the King Graves Road interchange and Warren commerce park, just to name a few examples of federal funding.
Program funding by federal agencies is allocated on the basis of census data, not size relative to other communities as the commissioners argue. It is our common bonds in the Mahoning Valley that are our strength.
Mayor Angelo's argument is that two voices representing our area are better than one.
It is my belief that there is no clear cut guarantee that there would be two area voices if Trumbull County was pulled out of the 17th district because redistricting is left in the hands of a Republican-controlled state House of Representatives, Senate and governors office that will not jump to create a new Democratic district.
Furthermore, there is evidence reflecting the possibility that Trumbull County, could be fragmented into more then one congressional district and no guarantees that representation would be elected from our locality. It could be years before a seat would open in Sherrod Brown's or Steven C. LaTourette's district, and area issues may not be given priority.
Too much at risk to leave our future in the hands of speculators.
For those of you that feel as passionate about the redistricting process and splintering of the 17th district, I urge you to call or write your area state senator and state representative today and tell them you want the 17th Congressional district to remain intact. A house divided will not stand.
Those who steal flags are really un-American
Since the September 11 attacks on America, many people have proudly flown the American flag on cars, homes, businesses, etc. I work in the Phar-Mor plaza in Austintown, where my boss has displayed the American flag along with the Eagle flag awarded to him for serving in the Persian Gulf War long before the attacks. No one has ever commented on or tampered with either flag.
Since the attacks, people have offered quantities of money to buy both flags, especially the Eagle flag. When we reject the offers, we receive looks of disgust and disappointment.
But someone actually stooped lower than scum and stole the Eagle flag. I have also heard complaints from customers that the flags displayed on their car antennas have been stolen as well.
This is an example of why other countries mock us. Some of us cannot even act like civilized human beings without making fools of ourselves. It is sad that at a time of war, some of us cannot show our patriotism respectfully without breaking a law. I guess we can label these acts anti-American.