WARREN 2 from Howland football team accused of beating JFK player

One of the two suspects is Howland's homecoming king, school officials said.
WARREN -- Police say a ninth-grade John F. Kennedy football player was beaten by two Howland High School senior football players.
Municipal court records say that warrants on charges of assault and criminal trespassing were issued Wednesday for Sean Unger, 18, of Irene Avenue, and Michael Post, 18, of Castle Rock.
Court officials said the two are expected in court later today.
Unger also was crowned the high school's homecoming king in September, school officials said.
Victim's mother: Kim Gunther, 36, mother of the victim, Marlin Williamson, 14, of Southwest Boulevard, said Unger and Post punched her son in the head and face.
"He has two black eyes and his nose is black and blue," Gunther said. She said her son was knocked unconscious for a short time. Marlin was treated at Forum Health Trumbull Memorial Hospital.
"He is OK now, but I can't believe he had to go through this," said Gunther.
Police reports say Unger and Post went to JFK High School, Central Parkway, on Tuesday afternoon.
Gunther said the two youths told her son they were looking for the football team's quarterback, and Marlin told school officials.
What happened next: Police said a vice principal told the Howland students to leave, which they did.
Gunther said that the two Howland youths followed when her son got a ride with a friend to a street off Eastland.
"He was then jumped by these two," Gunther said. "I don't know if they got scared because he went unconscious or if they got tired of hitting him, but they finally left."
Frank Thomas, principal at Howland High School, said he was surprised by the news because Unger and Post have not had any previous problems.
"This is out of character for both these young men," Thomas said.

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