Use Smoke-Out as reason to quit smoking now

Use Smoke-Out as reason to quit smoking now
I am always surprised to see how many people are huddled outside smoking when I walk into local hospitals and government buildings. I am surprised because many of the people out there have family or people dear to them who have been diagnosed with, treated for or died from cancer.
Several years ago my estate planning practice primarily involved clients whose mom or dad had been terminally ill with cancer. In the last few years, I have had parents seeking guidance because their son or daughter died of cancer. Cancer affects all ages, genders and races.
Ohio has the third highest smoking rate in the nation at 27.6 percent of adults, and 19,500 die annually from smoking.
Many of my friends have told me that I should pick on others now because they are only chewing tobacco or smoking cigars. Chewing tobacco is not a safe substitute for smoking as it increases the frequency of oral cancer. Regular cigar smoking causes cancer of the lung, oral cavity, larynx and esophagus.
On Thursday, Nov. 15, the American Cancer Society will have its 25th Great American Smokeout. Whether you are a smoker or a user of smokeless tobacco products, I encourage you to choose this day as your first day to become a smoke free person. If you are not challenged enough to do it for yourself, do it for your family and friends.
Trust Jesus, but also obey driving regulations
The article titled "Preacher speaks of uncertainty in life, then dies in car crash" is a sad but powerful teaching on personal responsibility,
As a Christian, I always wonder why some people die so young, and obituaries and tributes usually don't mention the cause of death.
This man was only 45 years old when he caused his own death. The key facts are that the man was following too closely and was not wearing a seat belt. He therefore, inadvertently, killed himself.
Those who preach the truth should obey it, and his early death is a warning to all who don't know where they are really going when they die.
Jesus died and rose again so that all who trust in him might know that they have eternal life. We must remember, however, that if we break the laws meant to protect us that we can die before our time.
There are three lessons to be learned here: one, don't tailgate; two, wear your seatbelt; and three, the most important, make sure you have trusted Jesus as your savior or you will wind up in hell.
Inmates should be happy with the food they get
I was amused with your article "Small meals have inmates grumbling." The dietitian for the Mahoning County Jail must be the same one who put me on my low cholesterol diet. The servings sizes are about the same.
The dietitian I talked with told me that most people are surprised about serving sizes. She even has little plastic models to show people what they are supposed to be eating. It's a shock how tiny one serving is.
The inmates are allowed more starches than I am for breakfast. For me, the pastry is out. The 2 percent milk is out.
As for lunch, I cannot have the cookie. I would also have one less starch.
And for dinner, for me there would be no steak and no gravy. Again, the milk would not be 2 percent; I could have skim or 1 percent milk.
And the hot dogs, I haven't eaten them in years.