ONE-ON-ONE | William Leicht Getting below surface with scuba-diving clerk

Who has most influenced your life?
I lost my father at a young age. I was only 24, but he set the groundwork for me. My wife also; she has always been there for me.
Who are your political heroes?
Well, I was a Barry Goldwater fan back a lot of years ago and I guess he was my first taste of politics. I was also a big fan of Ronald Reagan. Now, President George Bush.
What are your favorite foods?
Probably Italian.
What is your favorite movie?
"The Godfather."
Where do you go just to get away from it all?
I usually go out riding my bicycle or walking my dog. We go up to Boardman park and walk through there.
What is your biggest pet peeve?
Lip service -- When people tell you they are going to do something or have done something and it never gets done. The best example of that is if everybody voted for me who said they were going to vote for me then nobody else would have gotten a vote.
When you are not working, what are people most likely to find you doing?
Down at Creekside working out or out on the golf course.
What kinds of music do you most enjoy?
I listen mostly to the oldies and I like a lot of reggae.
Who is your favorite musical performer?
Elton John.
What types of books do you generally read?
Fiction. I like the no-brainers where I can sit there and I don't have to get all involved -- just read for enjoyment.
Who would you most like to have a meal with of anyone alive or dead and why?
At this point I would have to say George W. Bush. I would like to sit down and just pick his brain a little because of this whole terrorists and war situation and the way he has handled everything.
Do you have a favorite area restaurant?
Yes, Springfield Grille would probably be my favorite restaurant.
What do you generally do to have fun?
Well in the summer time I play golf and ride my bicycle. I also scuba dive. I ski in the winter, all winter and go to the gym and work out.
What has been your favorite all-time vacation?
Probably some of the beach vacations I have taken in the past with my family. I like going away to golf or anytime I can get away I just like to relax.
Do you have any hobbies that most other people have not tried?
I guess the scuba diving is the most unique because last I heard was about 1 percent of the population has ever been under the ocean. I was lucky enough that we were in Honduras one year and I got to dive with the whale sharks, which takes it down to 10 percent of the 1 percent so I have been pretty lucky to see that. I also collect pigs.
Not actual pigs?
No, the little ones, all kinds. Well (jokingly) that is because all my friends are pigs, it's kind of a tribute to them. (laughs)
What types of shows do you watch on TV?
Well, I have sort of been consumed by MSNBC in the last month or so, but I watch shows like "Hill Street Blues" and the "Law and Order" type shows. They seem to help me relax.
What would you most like to do when you retire from work and politics?
Well, I don't see myself retiring. Quite frankly, this is a profession that you can do for a long time. As for the township position, if I lose my effectiveness, well then I'll quit, but I don't plan on quitting out there.
If I were to ask anyone who knows you fairly well to tell me something about Bill Leicht, what would they likely say?
Caring and will never quit. Generally will put other people first and I try to understand other people by putting myself in their shoes. Just an overall hard worker.

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