1st--Christmas Glory(Umholtz)12.004.803.20
Zizi's Flight(G Grismore)4.603.00
A Charger Mouse(D Hawk)3.00
Exacta 4-1 paid $34.20.
Trifecta 4-1-7 paid $95.
2nd--Jock Osborne(Case)3.602.402.20
Buzz Hanover(J Pantaleano)2.602.60
Wannabebroadwaycam(D Hawk)2.80
Exacta 1-6 paid $11.20.
Trifecta 1-6-3 paid $34.20.
Daily Double 4-1 paid $21.40.
3rd--Bullish Market4.003.802.20
Ashwood Marty(D Hawk)3.202.40
Son of Edna(W Case Jr)2.40
Exacta 4-1 paid $13.20.
Trifecta 4-1-2 paid $29.
4th--Pacific Cam N(Grismore)11.405.803.40
Tommys Pistol(J Pantaleano)12.807.20
Nuke The Bunny(R Tharps)3.00
Exacta 4-9 paid $140.
1st Half Tri-Super 4-9-1 paid $474.20.
Superfecta 4-9-1-6 paid $3,602.80.
5th--Sunny N Lite65.0015.206.40
Barefootinthesand(W Case Jr)3.802.80
Native Dragon(G Grismore)3.00
Exacta 3-2 paid $201.
Trifecta 3-2-6 paid $1,584.80.
Pick Three 3 OF 3 paid $595.60.
6th--Barooga Bullet A8.004.804.80
Donven Scooter(T Jones)10.806.80
Mariah's Cyclone(J Pantaleano)8.80
Exacta 3-4 paid $66.40.
Trifecta 3-4-5 paid $533.40.
2nd Half Tri-Super NO WINNERS CARRYOVER $996.65
7th--Platinum Boy(D Hawk)
Don't Ask Me(J Pantaleano)7.204.60
Armbro Vagabond(W Irvine)6.80
Exacta 1-9 paid $34.
Trifecta 1-9-8 paid $493.40.
8th--Hunter(R Tharps)6.403.802.60
Perfecto A(T Jones)7.404.20
Pacific Dino(J Pantaleano)2.80
Exacta 2-1 paid $48.
Trifecta 2-1-3 paid $108.80.
Pick Three 3 OF 3 paid $73.80.
9th--Rackem's Road(Case)6.804.404.00
Sharp Lookin Fuzz(J Pantaleano)5.803.60
Keep The Faith(R Miller)6.60
Exacta 7-5 paid $37.60.
Trifecta 7-5-6 paid $259.80.
10th-Fast Ball(Case)3.002.402.20
Mister Gender(G Grismore)4.403.20
Gallows Humour(J Pantaleano)5.20
Exacta 1-4 paid $15.
Trifecta 1-4-8 paid $192.80.
11th--Joc O Chip(W Case Jr)4.203.403.60
Jb's Lion King(R Miller)6.807.20
Roney Returns(J Pantaleano)5.40
Exacta 3-6 paid $48.
Trifecta 3-6-7 paid $441.60.
Pick Three 3 OF 3 paid $37.80.
12th--Worthy Suitor(R Tharps)80.408.004.60
Art Dot Com(W Case Jr)2.602.20
Alar(J Pantaleano)2.60
Exacta 4-7 paid $183.
Trifecta 4-7-3 paid $1,253.
2nd--Flies With Eagles2.402.102.10
Fuzzy Ferd (S.Spieth)2.602.10
Bayou Ricochet (J.Sanchez, Jr.)2.10
Off 12:45. Time 1:12.50. Fast. Also Ran--Rubiano's Crown, Mutlaq, Melvins Brat.
Daily Double (6-5) paid $6.80.
Exacta (5-1) paid $6.20.
Superfecta (5-1-4-6) paid $60.
Trifecta (5-1-4) paid $39.
4th--Tres' Mauve (K.Radke)13.406.804.40
Street Angel (L.Martinez)5.804.00
Our Caribbeanqueen (S.Saito)2.80
Off 1:26. Time 1:44.24. Fast. Also Ran--Sally Seminole, My Little Blue, Pumpkin Pie to Go, Sunshine Lassie, Steppin Clever, Girlish Counter.
Pick 3 (5-2-8) 3 Correct paid $85.20.
Superfecta (8-6-1-5) paid $3,353.40.
Trifecta (8-6-1) paid $206.40.
Exacta (8-6) paid $69.80.
6th--Wire Leader (S.Saito)
Golden Dinner (R.Feliciano)9.206.00
Acting Tips (K.Krigger)4.20
Off 2:05. Time 1:40.28. Fast. Also Ran--Omen Way, Eye Cant Hear You, Mr. Bigglesworth, Your Best Shot, Gold Certificate, Germain's Man.
Pick 3 (8-5-5) 3 Correct paid $185.40.
Superfecta (5-8-2-9) paid $2,273.
Trifecta (5-8-2) paid $341.60.
Exacta (5-8) paid $79.20.
8th--Final Endeavor (Rowland)4.002.802.60
B K Stubby (J.Felix)14.2010.80
Robber Rhodes (L.Gonzalez)6.00
Off 2:46. Time 1:12.62. Fast. Also Ran--Dicky, Brent's Challanger, a-Mary's Lord, Clark S Man, War Fellow, Whisper Number, a-World Premier, Clark's Shadow, Foxy Ninety Eight, New Delight.
Pick 3 (5-9-8) 3 Correct paid $97.60.
Superfecta (8-5-2-6) paid $787.
Trifecta (8-5-2) paid $342.60.
Twin Trifecta (8-5-2) no winners.
Exacta (8-5) paid $54.40.
10th--Francis Albert13.0010.006.20
Rednik (S.Spieth)20.8010.80
Dial for Dollars (C.Rojas)2.20
Off 3:27. Time 1:45.18. Fast. Also Ran--Colony Key, Magical Appeal, Wall Street Class, Igloo Lake, Closer to Me, King Rick, Monsiur Pogo, Lots of Nice.
Pick 3 (8-6-8) 3 Correct paid $178.80.
Superfecta (8-6-1-3) paid $9,358.10.
Tri Super (8-6-1) paid $1,555.60.
Exacta (8-6) paid $224.20.
12th--Rajab's Ace15.607.603.60
Blazing Wind (M.Rowland)10.005.40
Jakal (K.Krigger)4.00
Off 4:07. Time 1:12.64. Fast. Also Ran--Nasty Billy Ray, Res Nullius, C Brian Run, Rob the Gold, Doubleoseven, Shelbar.
Pick 3 (8-6-6) 3 Correct paid $1,618.20.
Superfecta (6-9-5-1) paid $3,689.
Trifecta (6-9-5) paid $517.20.
Exacta (6-9) paid $165.60.
14th--Cumberland Gap6.405.203.80
Starthatshines (K.Krigger)4.403.20
Tune Me In (C.Rojas)5.60
Off 4:45. Time 0:45.64. Fast. Scratched--Puttheblockstothem. Also Ran--Breakaway Quietly, Chaw, Reside and Abide, Jadent, Kid Sugar, Son of Win.
Pick 3 (6-7-4) 3 Correct paid $1,328.30.
Exacta (4-7) paid $20.40.
Superfecta (4-7-9-10) paid $379.
Trifecta (4-7-9) paid $135.80.
Daily Double (7-4) paid $166.60.
Attendance: 4,222. $392,973.
Handle: $123,112.
Total Handle: $516,085.
1st--Dustin d'Or (D.Parker)6.804.003.80
To Boot (D.McFadden)3.202.80
Southwest Shuttle (M.Andrews)5.20
Off 7:01. Time 0:58.98. Fast. Also Ran--Boston Blackie, Flom's Flyer, Todd Davids, Debbs, Downbeat, Troubadour, Five to Rise.
Perfecta (10-1) paid $26.40.
Trifecta (10-1-6) paid $141.80.
2nd--Spiritual Rush4.202.602.40
Viasec Son (J.Eads)3.002.40
Corporate Crash (W.Otero)4.40
Off 7:26. Time 1:11.71. Fast. Scratched--Fourway Action. Also Ran--Thunders On, Consummate Spy, Bookkillrr, Patsy's Prospector, Bakersfield Jack, Fort California.
Daily Double (10-5) paid $22.60.
Perfecta (5-7) paid $12.
Trifecta (5-7-9) paid $71.
3rd--Anchor Woman (C.Murphy)3.402.802.40
Reasonable Diane (D.Garcia)4.602.80
Red River Showdown (J.Eads)2.40
Off 7:51. Time 1:13.94. Fast. Also Ran--J. C. May, So Sue's Legacy, Miss N Her, My Fly Away, Diablo's Edition.
Perfecta (8-3) paid $21.
Trifecta (8-3-1) paid $48.
4th--Match Me Now (D.Garcia)10.804.202.80
J. C.'s Jewel (J.Stokes)3.202.40
Whowantstoknow (D.Whitney)2.40
Off 8:16. Time 1:48.28. Fast. Also Ran--Coupeduplady, Claire Ellen, Mindy's Magic, Prized Money, Estrogen Express, Pilots Pocket, Ayo.
Perfecta (4-9) paid $44.40.
Trifecta (4-9-6) paid $117.80.
5th--Endless Sun (Calucag)21.4010.805.00
One for Eugene (R.Allen, Jr.)11.005.00
Left Early (D.Leeds)3.00
Off 8:41. Time 1:38.97. Fast. Also Ran--Halo Romeo, Prospecto Bello, Nats Det, Black Ties Ferrari, Berry Bid, Hagen's Mug, The Badger's Comin.
Pick 3 (8-4-6) 3 Correct paid $675.20.
Superfecta (6-3-1-4) paid $6,741.
Trifecta (6-3-1) paid $738.20.
Perfecta (6-3) paid $184.40.
6th--Old West Point8.404.002.20
Black Cougar (D.Whitney)2.802.20
The Big Muddy (D.Williams)2.60
Off 9:06. Time 1:40.83. Fast. Also Ran--Actual Bucks, T. George, Stay Parted, My Time Machine, Musical Value, Foxboat. Perfecta (6-7) paid $18.40. Trifecta (6-7-9) paid $52.40.
7th--Broach (D.Parker)11.006.404.20
Precious Leah (J.Stokes)18.408.00
Briana Beauty (W.Otero)2.80
Off 9:31. Time 1:04.89. Fast. Also Ran--Granna, Perfect Ten, Shade Tree Lady, Pesto Rosso, Polish Colleen. Perfecta (2-5) paid $124.40. Trifecta (2-5-8) paid $510.80.
8th--Blue Stardust (D.Parker)4.803.002.60
Snook (D.Garcia)4.403.40
Lucky Sweep (D.Whitney)4.40
Off 9:56. Time 1:04.32. Fast. Scratched--Blazing Wind. Also Ran--Knight Balloon, Mournful Defense, Just Spoof N, Singing Sam, Wileaway Kelly. Pick 3 (6-2-1,2) 3 Correct paid $185.00. Trifecta (1-3-5) paid $65.20. Perfecta (1-3) paid $21.20.
9th--Last American (Calucag)17.607.606.00
Alaskan Hill (P.Walker)5.404.20
Crimson Prospect (G.Birzer)9.20
Off 10:21. Time 1:00.09. Fast. Also Ran--Manned, Round Two, Mr Thunder, Boone County, Pop Dileo, Always Be True, Five and Knave. Daily Double (1-3) paid $42.20. Perfecta (3-5) paid $69.00. Superfecta (3-5-2-ALL) paid $1,427.20. Trifecta (3-5-2) paid $823.40. Attendance 5,910. $798,966. Handle $83,352. Total Handle $882,318.
1st--Big Aristotle (Ccamaque)4.802.802.10
Dial Digger (A.Birzer)3.402.10
Sober Mac (B.Butler)2.10
Off 12:28. Time 1:46.96. Exacta (6-9) paid $28.20. Superfecta (6-9-5-1) paid $195.00. Trifecta (6-9-5) paid $41.60.
3rd--Dancin Kaity (Ccamaque)9.804.603.80
Alytress (A.Birzer)10.205.60
Crystal Gate (J.Sunseri)4.00
Off 1:07. Time 1:47.44. Fast. Pick 3 (6/7/8-5-2) 3 Correct paid $30.00. Superfecta (2-8-1-5) paid $2,328.00. Trifecta (2-8-1) paid $412.60. Exacta (2-8) paid $71.40.
TODAY -- 7 P.M.
1st--$9,800, mdn cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up F & amp;M, 1mi 70yd.
Celtic Jet, wt. 118; Missy Southern, wt. 118; Weekend Pass, wt. 121; Munch Time, wt. 118; Lamplight Lizzi, wt. 118; Dames I Have Loved, wt. 116; Twiggams, wt. 121; Watch the Clock, wt. 111; Slews Deputy Doll, wt. 121; Marshmallow Drops, wt. 118.
2nd--$10,000, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up, 1mi 70yd.
Goal to Be Wild, wt. 115; Gilded Fire, wt. 115; Fight Away, wt. 115; Match Me, wt. 115; Holme Like a Jet, wt. 115; Politburo, wt. 112; Carolyn's Pride, wt. 110; Onerous, wt. 115; Lifes Crown, wt. 110; If True, wt. 112.
3rd--$10,400, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up F & amp;M, 1mi.
So Classic, wt. 115; Hot Tea, wt. 115; Alaskan Belle, wt. 115; Miss Toronaga, wt. 118; Wild Warrior Woman, wt. 112; Miss Bo Digging, wt. 112; Miss Suwanna, wt. 118; Miss Mattie Mu Mu, wt. 112; Little Black Book, wt. 115.
4th--$11,400, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up, 1mi 70yd.
Knockemout John, wt. 115; Sir Juli Go, wt. 115; Mountain Skier, wt. 121; Zippy Intrigue, wt. 115; Habitonias Royalty, wt. 118; Jessie Did It, wt. 110; Ian's Thunder, wt. 115; Baby Bayou, wt. 115; Mister Continental, wt. 118; Wild Cat Run, wt. 121.
5th--$10,800, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up, 5 1/2f.
Win That Cat, wt. 115; Lively Deuces, wt. 115; Bitter Bidder, wt. 115; Super Lively, wt. 118; Once More D' Amour, wt. 115; New Future, wt. 116; Corporate Action, wt. 115; Duke's Showstopper, wt. 115; Sir Brucie, wt. 115; My Track Buddy, wt. 115.
6th--$15,300, cl $15,000-$13,000, 3YO up, 5 1/2f.
Cobb, wt. 111; Too Much Avail, wt. 111; Madeleine's Charm, wt. 115; Fortunate Trial, wt. 116; Starofmynight, wt. 113; Thatkrazzymissphit, wt. 115; Big Daddy Doc, wt. 109; Explosive Play, wt. 104; Utes, wt. 109; Cartwright Express, wt. 119.
7th--$19,600, cl $6,500-$6,500, 3YO up, 1mi 70yd.
Sound System, wt. 118; Lech Go, wt. 115; Knightsbridge, wt. 115; Lonesome Quest, wt. 110; Justforgetaboutit, wt. 115; Chiefs Jet, wt. 115; Watch My Gold, wt. 118; Jazz Drive, wt. 115; Honor the Colonel, wt. 115; Airborne Shuttle, wt. 115.
8th--$23,900, cl $12,500-$12,500, 3YO up F & amp;M, 1mi.
Crafty Comment, wt. 115; Skip Bail, wt. 115; Prize Performer, wt. 115; Bewitching Eyes, wt. 115; Fiji Rose, wt. 115; Slammeinthedust, wt. 115; Gasparilla Queen, wt. 115; Dyna Motion, wt. 118; Diamonds and Jade, wt. 115; Valid Clearance, wt. 110.
9th--$10,500, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up F & amp;M, 6f.
Ky. Princess, wt. 121; Over Fantasize Too, wt. 121; Pretty Poison, wt. 116; Siber Blue, wt. 116
Working Awesome, wt. 121; Floyd's Light, wt. 121; Corking Tulip, wt. 121; Annie Warbucks, wt. 121; Ruthless McGregor, wt. 121; Kaylee Pop, wt. 121.
MONDAY -- 12:55 P.M.
1st--$8,500, cl $10,000-$10,000, 3YO up F & amp;M, 6f.
Gone Free, wt. 115; Starr of Honor, wt. 117; Little Brown Brick, wt. 116; Honor Queen, wt. 120; Shine Shine Shine, wt. 116; She's Sophia, wt. 116; Jen's Diamond Girl, wt. 116; Mahogany Mink, wt. 114.
2nd--$7,500, cl $5,000-$5,000, 3YO up, 6f.
Sky Thomas, wt. 116; Boitano, wt. 116; Pink Cat, wt. 117; Rabbit Punch, wt. 114; Baileysontherocks, wt. 116; Santoro, wt. 114; Literally Private, wt. 115.
3rd--$8,900, cl $7,000-$3,500, 3YO up F & amp;M, 4f.
Laughin Johnny, wt. 114; Sugar Spice'n Nice, wt. 121; Haylee's Honor, wt. 117; Virtual Love, wt. 114; Reel Spiffy, wt. 117; Sharsue Dancer, wt. 114.
4th--$9,000, cl $5,000-$5,000, 3YO up, 6f.
Censor, wt. 116; Clanton's Dancer, wt. 116; Chow Hut, wt. 112; Altura, wt. 116; Kate's Wish, wt. 119; Bucks for Amos, wt. 119; Brent's Michael, wt. 116; Mike Regs Winner, wt. 116; Jim's Play, wt. 116.
5th--$7,000, cl $3,500-$3,500, 3YO up, 6f.
Olympic Bid, wt. 116; Avenging Hill, wt. 116; Itsaslamdunk, wt. 120; Kelly's Star, wt. 111; Tale Twister, wt. 116; Good to Go, wt. 116; Casey Mighty Casey, wt. 114; Barbers Chief, wt. 109; He Nussing, wt. 116; Enough Already, wt. 116; Cleverandmajestic, wt. 116.
6th--$11,000, cl $10,000-$10,000, 3YO up, 6f.
Heavenly Prince, wt. 116; Exploding Honor, wt. 116; Tate Express, wt. 116; Flight Revue, wt. 116; Line Distribution, wt. 111; Albrannon, wt. 116.
7th--$7,000, cl $3,500-$3,500, 3YO up, 5 1/2f.
Hope for Soul, wt. 116; Timely Change, wt. 122; I'll Call Tomorrow, wt. 116; Dianne's Son, wt. 116; Linclon Bank, wt. 111; Fleet Ruhlmann, wt. 116; Princess Red Bird, wt. 113.
8th--$7,300, cl $3,500-$3,500, 3YO up F & amp;M, 1mi 40yd.
One Two Ponche, wt. 113; Flirtatious Tam, wt. 116; The Dancin Machine, wt. 116; Gray Glory, wt. 116; Geez Mom, wt. 113; Byrd High, wt. 116; Gamblealluwant, wt. 116; Back Stage Harlot, wt. 116; Sugar Cured, wt. 116; Ocean Caress, wt. 108; Sixty Percent, wt. 113.
9th--$8,800, cl $10,000-$10,000, 3YO up, 1mi.
Halo's Secret, wt. 116; Chief Inspector, wt. 113; Joy's Little Toy, wt. 119; March to Virginia, wt. 116; Chief Forbes, wt. 113; De Coax, wt. 113; Lucky Pogo, wt. 119; Slewsgotthisdancer, wt. 111.
MONDAY -- 7 P.M.
1st--$9,800, mdn cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up, 1mi.
Doc's Iron, wt. 121; Lottaballado, wt. 121; Wall's Dancer, wt. 118; Successfull Mike, wt. 118; Blissful Boy, wt. 121; Eagle Eye Cherry, wt. 118; Mickey Mulligan, wt. 121; Onehorsestampede, wt. 118; Country Grand, wt. 118; Megalov, wt. 118.
2nd--$19,700, mdn spl wt, 2YO F, 5f.
Amy's Pearl, wt. 118; Diablo's Diary, wt. 118; Foxy Goer, wt. 118; My New Account, wt. 113; My Id Your Ego, wt. 118; Mrs. Rosalie C., wt. 118; Killeen Mac, wt. 118; Mary West, wt. 118; Society Girl, wt. 118; Here Comes Lucinda, wt. 118.
3rd--$10,900, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up F & amp;M, 5 1/2f.
Cosmic Conspiracy, wt. 121; Ginger Dancer, wt. 121; Intoxicant, wt. 121; Ongoing Melody, wt. 121; Summer Desert, wt. 121; Regal D Lish, wt. 121; Awitchinourtown, wt. 121.
4th--$10,200, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up F & amp;M, 6f.
I Found Sarah, wt. 115; Catlett, wt. 118; A Bit of Malice, wt. 115; Chiris, wt. 121; Double Highball, wt. 115; Faster Than Yours, wt. 115; R. D. Sunshine, wt. 115; Abigails Secret, wt. 115.
5th--$10,500, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up, 5 1/2f.
Artic Alert, wt. 121; Falba, wt. 121; Bookem Dano, wt. 121; Stacker of Wheat, wt. 121; Justo Gusto, wt. 121; Burn One Down, wt. 121; Grape Juice, wt. 121; Torkleson Man, wt. 121; I'm a Little Fool, wt. 121; Wake Me At Noon, wt. 121.
6th--$16,900, cl $15,000-$13,000, 3YO up F & amp;M, 5 1/2f.
Tree Bandit, wt. 113; Diligent Manners, wt. 116; Brishlin, wt. 121; Raise Money, wt. 115; Party At the Wire, wt. 112; Spicy Red, wt. 113; Skein, wt. 115; Tommyslew, wt. 112; Oh Shoot, wt. 113; Sweet Susan, wt. 108.
7th--$22,700, alc, 2 & amp; 3YO F (NW2 L), 5 1/2f.
Slight Delight, wt. 120; Gift for the Lady, wt. 114; Able Ally, wt. 117; Aunt Marguerite, wt. 114; York Hills, wt. 120; The Queen of Class, wt. 114; Olympic Champion, wt. 112; Lady Lust, wt. 120; Sunshine Sylvia, wt. 114; Abirdinthehand, wt. 120.
8th--$23,900, cl $12,500-$12,500, 3YO up, 1mi.
Military Force, wt. 115; Hastobegood, wt. 115; The Dancer, wt. 118; Cardiogenic, wt. 118; Chief Rainbow, wt. 115; Coach Rodger, wt. 115; Cindy's Ruckus, wt. 115; Good Man Sam, wt. 115.
9th--$10,400, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up, 1mi.
Shining Storm, wt. 115; Medina Ridge, wt. 118; Battle Ghost, wt. 115; Campground, wt. 112; Detailed Play, wt. 115; Whispering Pine, wt. 115; Hello Future, wt. 118; Apaleon, wt. 108; Latin Playboy, wt. 115; Stock Rocket, wt. 115.
MONDAY -- 7 P.M.
1st--TROT, NW1CD, 2,200, 1 MI
Bendoverbaby, G Grismore; Dream Life, J Kirkbride; Mitey La Nina, L Clabaugh; Sir Chad, R Tharps; Creamy Score, M Robinson; Willow Spice, J Glessner; Carrie's Doll, C Little; H J's Tin Cup, D Mc Kirgan; Tori's Angel, M Spearman.
2nd--PACE, 4000CL NW1, 2,000, 1 MI
Camerons Future, J Kehm; Khanty, B Sturgeon; Makin's Sweetie, D Fisher; Dynamo Hum, R Tharps; Als Nipper, J Pantaleano; Tuffasnailz, C Hollar; Prince Pocket, W Case Jr; Swinging Richard, T Jones; Blitzen's Mist, M Spearman.
3rd--TROT, NW1CD, 2,200, 1 MI
Precious Towner, D Mc Kirgan; Dreamboat, W Irvine; Lo and Behold, J Smith; Free Flower, D Hawk; Red Oaks Sparkie, W Case Jr; Handovertheaxmax, J Conger; La Prima Joie, J Pantaleano; Two Four Beerdmore, G Grismore; Porky Pig, J Joyner.
4th--PACE, 3000CLCD, 2,200, 1 MI
Armbro Sweepstake, G Grismore; Katy's Fella, T Jones; Dare To Cross, R Tharps; Game Cisco, D Irvine Jr; Raque-N-Bullwinkle, E Deaton; Boomerang Ben, D Hawk; Crazy Conuck, B Sturgeon; The Red Lion, W Case Jr; Bodacious Rebel, J Pantaleano.
5th--PACE, 15000CLNW4, 3,600, 1 MI
Sand Rounder, T Loy; Three Lump's, D Hawk; L E Tinsel, J Pantaleano; Cambaa N, W Case Jr; Hardtop, E Deaton; Patternity, R Tharps; Heavenly Sahbra, T Jones; Scoot Lark, D Irvine Jr; Ascot Hanover, G Bartlett.
6th--TROT, FMNW3PMCD, 3,300, 1 MI
Valiant Bell, J Lupton; Hanna Coy, D Mc Kirgan; Lilian's Laser, C Wyers; Potential Prakas, W Irvine; Don't Inquire, D Hawk; Miss Erica, W Case Jr; Chillerella, J Green; Come On Abby, R Ogg Jr; Wynot Ashley, R Tharps.
7th--PACE, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Deluxe Sport Coupe, D Fisher; Cagey Jake, R Miller; Arthur Hanover, D Hawk; Major Missile, J Pantaleano; Kinda Ideal, W Case Jr; Ulterior Motive, T Jones; Ruben Hanover, G Grismore; Brooklets Bachelor, D Mc Kirgan; Roney Image, E Deaton.
8th--PACE, 6000CL NW2, 2,400, 1 MI
Smilin Cuz of You, D Hawk; Sand Magic Star, T Loy; Budmight, G Grismore; Ellen'sababe, R Tharps; Torrential, K Kash; Kudsu, B Sturgeon; Whirlwind Sahbra, R Nappi; Ab Falcon, R Kenney; Gallant Sahbra, J Pantaleano.
9th--TROT, NW2PMCD, 3,300, 1 MI
Wellhereiam, W Irvine; Scotty Hill, G Grismore; Crown Time Hilltop, D Hawk; N V Jay, K Kash; Just A Chip, D Irvine Jr; Wesleys Chip, W Case Jr; Major Disturbance, E Deaton; Chip Away Chipper, J Pantaleano; How De Duty, B Miller.
10th--PACE, 10000CLNW4, 3,600, 1 MI
Noble Notion, W Case Jr; Felix Redmond N, J Pantaleano; Knockout Sahbra, L Ferrari; Powerfully Oak, T Jones; Nobleland Tom, G Grismore; Southern Fame, D Hawk; Scooter Zach, D Irvine Jr; Baby Ican Go, R Tharps; Idealistic, E Deaton.
11th--PACE, 6000CL, 3,600, 1 MI
Rj Precious, J Pantaleano; Iza Vance N, R Tharps; Jate Propelled, D Hawk; Freeway Hanover, D Fisher; Camfleet, T Jones; Equitability, G Grismore; Sand Besta Sam, E Deaton; Carolina Max, D Irvine Jr; Movn Boovn, W Case Jr.
12th--TROT, OPN, 8,500, 1 MI
Doc Mistake, D Irvine Jr; Glasslite, G Grismore; Dr Bower, D Reynolds; Berlin Flyer, J Conger; Glory Bound, J Pantaleano; Inquisitive, R Tharps; Patio Pete, W Case Jr.
13th--PACE, 4000CL, 2,400, 1 MI
Fast and Easy, W Case Jr; Gifted Ruler, G Grismore; Income Supplement, T Jones; Stormy Dragon, R Tharps; Sita Cam, E Deaton; Brooklets Payday, B Sturgeon; Smoking Rebel, D Fisher; Goodheartedsid, J Pantaleano; Wynfield Club, D Hawk.
14th--PACE, 3000CLCD, 2000, 1 MI
Hustlin Kash, K Kash; Stop Grinning, G Grismore; Madcap Mike, R Tharps; Ohio Connection, W Case Jr; Ships Mutiney, C Wyers; Barefoot George, J Green; Launching Pad, J Pantaleano; J C's Majesty, T Jones; Vincent N Ben, D Hawk.

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