Two local shooters claim honors

In all the confusion and panic surrounding the events of early September, a few pieces of information about a couple of local shotgun "stars" got overlooked.
First off, in the world of skeet, Masury's Dick Cameron was honored by being inducted into the Ohio State Skeet Hall of Fame.
Cameron is a standard top gun on the local skeet circuit and can almost always be counted upon to turn in a high score, if not the highest score. His induction was well-deserved.
He has obviously passed along his shotgun-aiming genes, because his son, Rich, of Sharon, is also considered a top skeet shooter in area shooting circles.
New Castle gun: There must be something in Pennsylvania's water that agrees with shotguns and shooting, because the other bit of overlooked information also deals with a Keystone shooter.
Joe Pascoe Jr. of New Castle, the son of Belinda and Frank Pascoe, grabbed a victory in the 14th Western Grand American trap shoot held at the Sage Hill CS in Reno, Nev., in September.
Pascoe, who will probably need his parents to build him an addition to their house to hold all his trophies, shot a 98 from 27 yards and, despite the good score, had to fend off five other shooters in three shoot-offs in order to claim the trophy. And, get this, it was one of eight awards the junior Pascoe received during the Nevada event. Among those eight awards was all-around and high-over-all trophies.
And, just to show they certainly have the same stuff as their son, Mr. and Mrs. Pascoe combined for six prizes themselves during the shooting event.
-- Mike Braun

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