What to do
The Department of Defense has announced new ways that Americans can show support for those serving in the military. Because of the recent anthrax mail threat some mail programs for service personnel in past campaigns are not being used during Operation Enduring Freedom. In lieu of trying to mail letters or packages, here are some other ways to support the military as suggested by the department:
Consider posting messages of support on electronic bulletin boards offered by various organizations and companies. The government is not providing an email address nor any information on private web sites.
Reach out to your local military families, installations and recruiters or volunteer in your community in the name of a service member.
If you are interested in donating to a charitable organization that supports the military, visit: 200109173.html
If you know someone in the military personally, make sure your mail to that person is properly addressed. Address information is not being released by the DoD; it must be obtained from the individual in the military or someone else who has the information and is willing to provide it.
Sources: Department of Defense and 910th Airlift Wing, Youngstown Air Reserve Station

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