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Five New York City firefighters who survived the call to the burning World Trade Center will hop on customized bicycles today to spend more than a month on the road for a "Thank You America" tour. A7After being lauded even by one-time political opponents for his work after the Sept. 11 terror attacks, what does Rudolph Giuliani do next? A11Local firefighters will come together next Sunday at Powers Auditorium in Youngstown to remember the lost lives of their fallen brothers. Local, B4A number of economic forces have gathered all at once to create one of the tightest insurance markets in recent memory -- causing what many in the industry are calling "the perfect storm." Business, D4Stories of frantic efforts to connect to friends and loved ones through cell phones Sept. 11 prompted a surge in demand for wireless devices. Business, D4Consumers stressed out over terrorism may indeed be turning to products that lend comfort and warmth -- good news for the housewares industry. Home, G1Snapping up deals that seemed almost too good to be true, tourists are returning to the resorts and beaches after a lull that followed Sept. 11. Travel, G3

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