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GAMBLING PROBE What was found

Thursday, November 8, 2001

Federal authorities used search warrants to gather what they say is evidence against seven men involved in operating a gambling network.
Walter Brown, age not available,of 603 Grant St., Niles
TOOK: Gambling records, book and tally sheets, envelope and papers with numbers, $132 in cash.
Andrew J. Polk, 52, address not available
TOOK: A cellular telephone, a pager, $50 in cash with a tag marked "Andy 50," Cleveland Sunday night NFL football pool, paper fragments with telephone numbers, numerous business cards, suspected marijuana, two Thistledown racing programs, betting sheets, state lottery tickets with names and telephone numbers.
Joseph Cupido, 62, of 118 Andrea Blvd., Niles
TOOK: Gambling papers and records, $4,961 in cash.
Paul Bridgens, 51, of 4890 Palmyra Road, Lordstown
TOOK: Football pool cards; $330 in cash with stubs showing winners in envelope including one marked "Lou 330," $300 in cash with stubs showing winners marked "J 150 + RS 150," betting book, check for $144 for Super Bowl block pool, lottery tickets, $2,649 in cash, tally sheet and number sheets, betting sheets.
John Masarick, 77, of 1225 North Road S.E., Apartment 78, Niles
TOOK: Six football pool betting slips, slips of paper with names and phone numbers, five football parlay sheets, betting slips.
Andrew J. Jordan Jr., 62, of Warren
TOOK: An envelope containing $32 and carbon copies of numbers, carbon copies of wagering slips and six handwritten wagering slips.
Clifford L. Jordan Jr., 23, of Van Wye, Warren
TOOK: A pager; $329 in cash; pieces of paper with numbers and initials; eight Pick 4 tickets for Nov. 6 and eight Pick 4 tickets for Nov. 5; pieces of paper with two phone numbers and a key to a door at 1109 Wood Ave.; a Sprint cell phone; Western Union money transfers; handwritten note to Dale Kirby, Las Vegas, Nev.; handwritten wager and phone numbers; football cards; and a Radio Shack dual trucking scanner with box.
Source: FBI search warrants