Buying foreign-made cars is unpatriotic

Buying foreign-made cars is unpatriotic
I am starting to see a lot of American flags displayed on cars. This is good. But what disgusts me is seeing the flag displayed on a foreign import. Where was the patriotism of these people when they bought the foreign car? To me, this is a act of terrorism that is destroying our economy.
Every auto worker job creates six other related jobs. GM and Packard are probably the best jobs left in the area.
We lost the steel industry due to foreign imports. People think that if the auto industry is gone it won't effect hem. Wrong.
Every store owner, supermarket, gas station, and health care facility will have lay offs. Stop economic terrorism, by American products.
Three Mile Island was real target of terrorists
At 9:35, on Sept. 11, air-traffic controllers on the frequency between Flight 93 and the control center in Cleveland heard screams and "Bomb on board." Then, a voice in thickly accented English said, "This is your captain. There is a bomb aboard. We are returning to the airport." Then Cleveland radar showed the plane turning sharply south. A short time later, Flight 93 crashed in a field outside Pittsburgh.
We now know that, in the back of the plane, five men, apparently led by Todd Beamer, were planning on rushing the hijackers. Beamer, using a cell phone, told a GTE operator, "I know I'm not going to get out of this." He then asked the operator to say the Lord's Prayer with him. There was a struggle, some screaming. Then silence.
It was automatically assumed that the plane was headed for Washington, DC. However, there is no evidence that Washington and the White House or the Capitol was the intended target. We will never know. The idea that the target was the White House makes the scenario more exciting, but there is no reason to deny the thought that the missile was headed for Three Mile Island.
The plane had not only turned south from Cleveland. It also had turned slightly east after Pittsburgh and crashed within a few miles of the east-west U.S. Route 70-76 which passes through Harrisburg on its way to Philadelphia. Nearing Harrisburg, the pilot would have seen the atomic towers and the atomic plant on the island in the Susquehanna River (about 10 miles south of the Pennsylvania capital).
We can thank God for Todd Beamer and the others who bravely rushed the hijackers. If the plane had completed the journey to Harrisburg and Three Mile Island, we would have had problems beyond imagination. Despite claims made by defenders of atomic power plants the aging nuclear power station would never have survived the impact of Flight 93 and its own power plant of jet fuel.
Response to terrorists shifts focus from economy
Is it not time to stop lying to the American people and tell them that not all is well and not all the flowers look pretty. You all better study what is going on and hope you get the message, This war is not about what the good old boys are telling us.
Think about it. The nation's economy was getting bad, and then the terrorists bombed the towers. Now we are not looking at the economy, but we are looking at the war.
All the other times that terrorists did something and caused harm, not too much was done. But this time, and I do admit that this was bad, the good old boys have found the way to get our minds away from the economy and make some of their good old buddies -- who make all the war supplies -- richer.
All the time I spent in Vietnam, I always asked other soldiers what their fathers did for a living. Not once did I get an answer that their father was a congressman, judge, mayor, governor, etc.
So again we send our children to die for the almighty dollar.