U.S. can't end terrorism with current strategy

U.S. can't end terrorism with current strategy
We can identify with those who are supporting the war in Afghanistan. When thousands of our citizens are slaughtered in a treacherous attack, the natural and overwhelming reaction is to strike back and start killing some of those we believe are in some way responsible. We can also rejoice in the way people are coming together in support of our beloved country. But when we sing God Bless America we are not singing God bless our bombing of Afghanistan.
If our goal is vengeance we may be doing the right thing, but if our goal is to reduce and contain mass terrorism and state supported terrorism we are going in the wrong direction. We need to be guided by wisdom rather than anger. The problem does not lend itself to military solution and military action can only make it more difficult to use the diplomatic and economic efforts that might lead to a measure of success in our campaign against terrorism.
We also need to consider seriously why our country is so greatly disliked by so many people in the world. If we continue to say it's because we are so good and they are so bad we handicap our effort. As the wealthiest nation in the world with the most massive and sophisticated military machine in the history of mankind, have we not sometimes displayed the arrogance of power in our dealing with other nations and with the United Nations? Perhaps we need to learn a lesson in humility and cooperation.
We cannot bully our way to success in our struggle against terrorism. It will help our cause if we can find a way to extricate our military from a campaign that is not likely to accomplish anything except to further antagonize those whose hearts and minds we hope to reach. The coalition of nations which Colin Powell has persuaded to support our efforts against terrorism is starting to deteriorate as we continue our bombing of Afghanistan.
Does anyone really believe that if we succeed in killing Osama Bin Laden, the terrorists cells scattered throughout the world would be intimidated into giving up? These zealots believe if they die killing Americans there will be a place of honor for them in their heaven. Our best hope is to isolate the terrorists by depriving them of financial support and the approval of any nation. This effort will take time, patience, understanding, and reaching out a helping hand to those who have not been as greatly blessed as we have.
New Wilmington
Casinos don't force adults to gamble; it's their choice
Should casino gambling ever come to the Mahoning valley, those who oppose it have nothing to fear.
Since I have never heard of anyone being forced to go to bingo halls, play the lottery, bet on dog or horse races, or engage in other forms of gambling. I seriously doubt that anyone would be forced to go to casinos.
Those who travel to out of state casinos spend money not only gambling but also on hotels, restaurants, shopping, entertainment, and transportation. That money spent in other states could be spent in our own community, as well as money that would come into our community by people traveling here from other states.
I'm also puzzled by those who feel the crime rate would increase with a casino in the valley. I question when did criminals ever need a casino to commit crimes? Those who commit crimes would commit them if they were sitting in church.
Casinos and other forms of gambling are not to blame because some people lack self-control.
Every individual is responsible for their own actions. Anything in excess whether it is gambling, shopping, eating, drinking, or money spent on sports events or entertainment is governed by an individual brain. As long as people have freedom to choose, they also have the power to control their actions.