MIKE BRAUN Have gun? Can still travel via air

If you have plans to hunt in areas that require air travel, there are certain things you should know before you go.
Restrictions on firearms have not changed since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. All airlines have a policy, and most are fairly similar.
Jitters alive: However, there are still quite a few jitters out there, among both passengers and airline personnel, so the sight of someone packing a gun, despite the fact it is broken down and stored in a case, is enough to cause some concern.
Better to know ALL the rules and restrictions beforehand, than to be detained, harassed and possibly arrested before you get to your destination.
While the country is trying to return to a semblance of normalcy, there will continue to be a need for increased security at airports. So go with the flow and make all the necessary precautions to put EVERYBODY's mind at ease.
What he does: Jason Morrow, a videographer for the National Wild Turkey Federation's film crew, flies thousands of miles each year to film NWTF's "Turkey Call" for TV.
Morrow said that the regulations on traveling with a firearm have changed very little in the past months.
"Traveling with a firearm really hasn't changed that much," Morrow said in an NWTF press release. "The same regulations are in place. I always take my gun apart before I go to the airport. This shows the airport officials that the gun is unloaded and can't be easily used."
Two tips: There are two very handy suggestions from Morrow that will make life much easier for those flying with a firearm: "The biggest thing is to declare your firearm as soon as you check in at the desk. Keep the firearm in a locked, certified gun case separate from the rest of your luggage."
As for the second thing, Morrow said: "As far as ammunition goes, I always purchase my ammo when I get to the place I am going, so I don't have to worry about traveling with an explosive product. It's easier and faster not to travel with ammunition."
He added, "There are usually plenty of places to buy ammunition when you get there. But if I have to take ammunition, I always pack it separately from my firearm in a different locked case."
See the accompanying chart for the firearms restrictions and requirements at the major U.S. carriers.

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