Marriage licenses
James S. Young, 63, of 4471 Bazetta Road, Cortland, and Nancy M. Dobrovich, 50, of 818 Vienna, Niles.
John W. Jackson, 63, of 6495 Washington Ave., Hubbard, and Gloria L. Davis, 51, of 2510 Kimberly Parkway, Columbus.
Richard A. DeFalco, 27, of 72 Mosier St., Girard, and Amy M. Gutherie, 26, of same.
Michael T. Raub, 27, of 4249 Sunnybrook Drive, Warren, and Angelia L. DiPietro, 29, of 978 Saul Drive, Hubbard.
Stephen N. Terbovich, 38, of 559 Hazel St., Girard, and Arianne R. Schuller, 26, of same.
Matthew D. Kitzmiller, 20, of 9100 Penniman Road, Orwell, and Jennifer L. Marsteller, 20, of 5432 Bazetta Road, Cortland.
Mark A. Kurtz, 27, of 10448 Knowlton Road, Garrettsville, and Barbara A. Parker, 32 of 1863 Southwest Blvd., Warren.
Frank L. Uthe, 27, of 3317 Tod Ave. N.W., Warren, and Nichole L. Black, 28, of same.
David W. Slack, 58, of 3271 Greenville Road, Cortland, and Mary E. Slack, legal age, of 913-B Newton Drive, Newton Falls.
Joseph A. Terranova, 25, of 906 N. Main St., Niles, and June M. Raub, 25, of 1018 N. Main St., Niles.
Robert A. Williams, 30, of 258 E. Liberty St., Hubbard, and Tammy L. Escher, 24, of same.
Donald E. Rader, 53, of 3050 Crestview S.E., Warren, and April L. Kellar, 42, of 1267 Mahoning Ave. N.W., Warren.
Christian M. Hansen, 28, of 425 Fulton Ave., Niles, and Leslie Boggs, 29, of same.
Scott A. Miller, 34, of 5467 Vineland Road, Orlando, Fla., and Mary Beth Natale, 33, of same.
Daniel A. Goncz, 20, of 3965 W. Market St., Leavittsburg, and Katrina M. Wilk, 20, of same.
Albert E. Napier, 37, of 1728 Naylor Lloyd Road, Girard, and Jacqueline D. Scott, 38, of 748 Maple St., Warren.
Jerry Montgomery, 26, of 325 1/2 Arlington Blvd., Newton Falls, and Stacey M. Dally, 21, of same.
Shawn M. Wodogaza, 26, of 1923 Youll St., Niles, and Polly A. Leapline, 39, of same.
Donald R. Setting Jr., 30, of 990 Stiles N.W., Warren, and Tasha F. Bash, 25, of same.
Dennis C. Morosky, 26, of 43 Fox St., Hubbard, and Brittney M. Gibson, 19, of same.
Sean D. McLaren, 29, of 121 Maple, Cortland, and Tina R. Schuller, 35, of same.
Michael J. Lanahan, 31 , of 693 Vine Ave. N.E., Warren, and Melissa M. Jones, 26, of same.
William P. Fagan, 35, of 339 N. Edgehill Ave., Youngstown, and Amanda Owen, 24, of 2810 Silver Fox Drive, Warren.
Christopher A. Schneider, 27, of 1474 Sheridan Ave. N.E., Warren, and Christina L. Eaton, 25, of 340 Belmont Ave. N.W., Warren.
Chad E. Holko, 22, of 2550 Griffith Drive, Cortland, and Nicole K. Wiltrout, 21, of 6294 Bazetta Road, Niles.
Kristopher C. Violette, 25, of 17 Hartzell Ave., Niles, and Mollie A. Barritt, 22, of 101 Bentwillow Drive, Niles.
Thomas E. Protiva, 46, of 5984 Ridge Road, Cortland, and Renee C. Payne, 25, of same.
Brian J. Sopik, 21, of 1429 Youll St., Niles, and Shirley S. Dente, 28, of same.
Dissolutions filed
Donald L. Faith Jr. and Susan A. Faith.
Robert M. Klenotic and Kristina L. Klenotic.
Deborah Z. Moore and Dale E. Moore.
Heather R. Owsley and Carlos B. Owsley Jr.
Monica Martin and Douglas Martin.
Jennifer S. Stephens and Mark E. Stephens.
Kimberly Carvin and Christopher Carvin.
Patricia W. Rice and William E. Rice.
Christine McElhaney and Michael J. McElhaney.
Jeffrey A. Carr and Christine M. Carr.
Michael A. Hover and Velda C. Hover.
Melanie J. Evan and Andrew R. Evan Jr.
Kathleen L. Gibbs and Christopher J. Gibbs.
Divorces filed
Jeffrey Vesey vs. Drusella Vesey.
Kimberly A. Coleman vs. Jerry Coleman.
Jerry L. Coleman vs. Kimberly A. Coleman.
Barbara A. Manser vs. James J. Manser.
Alfred Devengencie vs. Calliope C. Devengencie.
Clarence D. Rankin Sr. vs. Marilyn E. Campbell.
Dianna L. Kadvan vs. Richard J. Kadvan.
Paul V. Patrick vs. Michele Patrick.
Sherrie L. Cardona vs. Moises Cardona.
Nelson Blakely Jr. vs. Carrie Blakely.
Raymond Dolney vs. Jin Dolney.
Tara L. Hoffman vs. James W. Hoffman.
Tammy L. Bright vs. Mark A. Bright.
Legal separation filed
Barbara J. Urban vs. David L. Urban.
Cases dismissed
Heidi Nehlen vs. Thomas L. Nehlen.
Rosetta Reese vs. Thomas E. Reese.
Deloris Carroll vs. William Carroll.
James Sajewich vs. Tammie Sajewich.
Linda D. Willis vs. Thomas O. Willis.
Sarah Walker vs. Jason Orr.
Melissa Silman vs. Jason Cofer.
Cheryl D. Johnson vs. Freddie L. Washington Sr.
Faith M. Francis vs. Samair Mitroo.
Dissolutions granted
Carol L. Biela and Brian Biela.
Carol J. Goddard and Raymond T. Goddard.
Sarah L. Durch and Jeremy A. Durch.
Rodney M. Logan and Tina M. Fletcher, wife restores to name of Tina M. Fletcher.
Vivian J. Cochran and Alan R. Cochran, wife restores to name of Vivian J. Ryan.
Michael G. Greene and Deborah L. Greene.
Doyle E. Smithson and Anne M. Newcomb, wife restores to name of Anne M. Newcomb.
Kevin M. Click and Joan C. Click.
Leon D. Powers and Tara S. Powers, wife restores to name of Tara S. Stone.
Monica L. Hanzel and Christopher M. Hanzel.
Scott A. Gunter and Holis L. Gunter.
Divorces granted
Gwendolyn R. Poulson vs. Clyde R. Poulson, divorce to plaintiff.
Robert E. Williams Jr. vs. Patricia L. Williams, divorce to plaintiff.
Dennis L. Thompson vs. Jennifer L. Thompson, divorce to plaintiff, wife restores to name of Jennifer L. Binion.
Thomas A. Zocolo vs. Anna M. Zocolo, divorce to both.
Gloria J. Gross vs. Kenneth E. Gross, divorce to both.
Lizzirene H. Prince vs. Charles E. Prince, divorce to plaintiff, wife restores to name of Lizzirene Johnson.
Jamie L. Smith vs. Mark A. Wolf, divorce to plaintiff.
Julie M. Calhoun Brannon vs. Terry L. Brannon, divorce to both.
Meloni M. Merritt vs. Michael A. Merritt, divorce to plaintiff.
Arlene I. Varner vs. Elmer O. Varner Jr., divorce to plaintiff, wife restores to name of Arlene I. Murray.
Kevin J. Milligan vs. Sandra Milligan, divorce to plaintiff.
Simeon C. Howard vs. Lindsay Howard, divorce to both.
Ralph Zuzolo et al vs. Jane Doe parent et al, dismissed.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Katherine Crawford, dismissed.
Michael D. Defalco vs. Allen Clark, M.D., dismissed.
Craig Johnston vs. Home Security of America, settled and dismissed.
Mary Saluga vs. Hillside Rehabilitation, dismissed.
Harold R. Westover vs. Nationwide Mutual Insurance, settled and dismissed.
State Farm Mutual Auto vs. Vickie E. Greenfield, satisfaction of judgment.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Delbert J. Engle, dismissed.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. David Harrington, dismissed.
Mahoning National Bank vs. Patricia A. Romanski, confirmation of sale.

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