Editorial didn't reveal full truth about candidates

Editorial didn't reveal full truth about candidates
I take issue with the editorial endorsement in the Struthers School Board election.
Many voters may not realize that we could have three members from one family on the school board. Mrs. Eleanor Polis and her sister's husband. Dave Barone, are already serving, with Mr. Barone having two more years to serve. Mrs. Polis and her brother, Anthony Gentile, are now running in this election for the new four-year term.
If my math serves me correctly, that would give the community a total of three board members from the same immediate family and the majority of the voting power.
There would be no need for the other two board members to even consider showing up since they would not be a factor in any outcome.
In fact, I would imagine that decisions on how to operate the school, who to hire and fire, etc. could be decided over Sunday dinner.
How could you enforce the "sunshine law," which deals with private meetings to make policy which are unannounced to the public?
School systems have a tremendous impact on the quality of community values, property values and most important, student values. There are so many areas where school boards can become an enormous factor in the quality of schools.
The board hires and fires all personnel; negotiates employee contracts; sets all policies concerning the operation of the schools; the budgeting of all monies; and the awarding of all contracts. The last item includes school equipment, supplies, construction, etc. This can be a very dangerous item if in the wrong hands.
I cannot believe taxpayers want this in the hands of any one family regardless of who it is. As we all know from experience, it is hard enough to have an organization run fairly by a clique let alone by one family who will be making decisions for an organization of this magnitude.
Decisions made by school boards have long-lasting effects on not only the community but more importantly its children. One example of this effect was when one school board member's views caused the students to lose a state of the art athletic facility that would have been at no cost to taxpayers, and also lost a very kind and generous benefactor as well to two other school districts.
I urge everyone to vote on election day and to also give a great deal of thought to the ramifications of their votes. Keep in mind that the circus comes to Struthers once a year. We don't want it to be here all year for four more years.
Brookfield zoning issue an insult to intelligence
Zoning is an issue on the ballot in Brookfield again this election. Our community has celebrated its bicentennial with unity and pride. Generations of Brookfield graduates enjoy the community spirit of our diversified but unified residents. Some families enjoy living in our small community away from the rush of the cities they commute to. Many of us have the opportunity to have our business here as well as live here. We have changed and progressed for more than 200 years. We've done it without the government telling us how to do it.
It insults our intelligence and our community's great heritage to send us zoning propaganda to scare us. Threatening pictures of vile conditions from some unknown city are as equally false for Brookfield without zoning as the utopian photos promise with zoning.
We have the right to decide what we want to do with our property and we have the proven neighborhood spirit to live together as a terrific community. We can work together and resolve to make our community better but we do not need government intervention forced on us by people using scare tactics to do so. Please vote no on zoning.