Commissioners take a minute to accept Shipley's resignation

The board chairman said there's another reason Shipley was asked to resign.
MERCER, Pa. -- Mercer County Commissioners Olivia Lazor and Gene Brenneman quickly and quietly accepted the resignation of their fellow commissioner Brian W. Shipley on Wednesday.
The special meeting to act on Shipley's resignation lasted about a minute with neither Lazor, a Democrat, nor Brenneman, a Republican, offering any comment on why they had asked Shipley, a Republican, to step down a week ago today.
Shipley announced his resignation Monday at a press conference called by Lazor and Brenneman to reveal their plan to have Shipley quit his post. They made no comment after he announced that he was quitting effective immediately.
Not revealed: Brenneman had said earlier Monday that there was more to his and Lazor's request than published accounts of Shipley's personal use of a county credit card and cellular telephone, his use of his office computer to visit some X-rated Web sites and technical problems with his election committee finance reports.
However, he wouldn't reveal what else prompted them to move against Shipley nor would he discuss it after Wednesday's special meeting.
Brenneman would only say that the matter is still under investigation and it would be inappropriate to comment.
In announcing his resignation, Shipley said that mistakes made in his personal life made it impossible to for him to be effective in performance of his duties. He declined to identify those mistakes.
What's next: Meanwhile, the effort to find a successor to complete the two years and two months in his unexpired term is moving forward quickly.
The Mercer County Common Pleas Court will have the responsibility of making that appointment and it must be a Republican, under state election law.
The court is accepting letters of interest until 4 p.m. Tuesday and plans to announce its appointment Nov. 9.
The Mercer County Republican Committee will meet in the courthouse Wednesday to pick three names to send to the court for consideration but the court won't be bound by the committee recommendations.
At least one person had publicly announced he has applied for the post. Rick Boggs, the county's chief clerk, said he submitted his r & eacute;sum & eacute; to the court for consideration.

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