Marriage licenses
Todd Roepke, 27, of 5190 Middletown Road, Canfield, and Molly K. Brown, 25, of same. (Correction).
Corey S. Brown, 23, of 2406 Bott St., Youngstown, and Jada E. Herod, 30, of 419 Perry St., Youngstown.
Jeremy J. Walters, 25, Stoneham, Mass., and Carey L. Glines, 25, of same.
Jason W. Zets, 28, of 3544 Western Reserve Road, Canfield, and Jean M. Rinko, 31, of 69 S. Belle Vista Ave., Youngstown.
Alan T. Burns, 36, Chicago, and Justyna A. Rudnicka, 33, of 102 Grimm Heights Ave., Struthers.
Joseph S. Nohra Jr., 29, of 6796 Winter Ridge Court, Austintown, and Ann-Marie Nolfi, 23, of 521 W. Wood St., Lowellville.
Brian K. McArthur, 34, of 406 Moherman Ave., Youngstown, and Aretha D. Dawson, 31, of 288 Malleable St., Sharon.
Todd M. Pipoly, 31, of 7480 Huntington Drive, Unit 2, Boardman, and Jamie L. Rinaldo, 24, of same.
Charles R. Cline II, 18, of 56 Pine St., Struthers, and Christine M. Pick, 16, of 840 Moyer Ave., #4, Boardman.
Gary H. Kellgren, 54, of 68 Forest Garden Drive, Apt. 3, Boardman, and Thuy Thi Thu Truong, 43, of same.
Michael C. Xenakis II, 33, of 2626 Shirley Road, #B, Youngstown, and Wilma Amill, 40, of same.
Russell A. Bowser, 26, Morgantown, W.Va., and Kerrie A. Knutti, 26, of same.
Joseph C. Sydney, 22, of 253 Alameda Ave., Youngstown, and Tara D. Wilson, 22, of 422 W. Myrtle Ave., Youngstown.
Barry G. Wilson, 43, Deltona, Fla., and Ruth Ann Anderson, 47, of same.
James A. Robison, 24, of 2013 Wakefield Ave., Poland, and Michelle L. Cioci, 22, of 39 E. Faith St., Struthers.
Sean W. Barich, 19, of 3120 Catalina Ave., Youngstown, and Tina M. Firman, 18, of same.
R. Richard Brown, 36, of 24 Benton Ave., Austintown, and Carla S. Vanater, 37, of same.
Andrew J. Scarmack, 25, of 6992 Tamarack Drive, Hubbard, and Sarrah M. Siebert, 24, of 6155 Gibson Road, Canfield.
Daniel J. Watson, 26, of 5244 Pine Tree Lane, Boardman, and Carie L. Brode, 24, of 7523 Jaguar Drive, Boardman.
Terrence N. Turner, 41, of 235 Courtland Ave., Campbell, and Melva J. Craig, 28, of same.
Divorces asked
Mark E. Wayne, 20800 Alliance-Sebring Road, Alliance, vs. Carla L. Wayne, 8703 Bedell Road, Berlin Center.
Lisa Johnson, 444 Sunshine Ave., Youngstown, vs. Maurice Barnes, 138 N. Blaine Ave., Youngstown.
Kathleen J. Kalosky, 4259 Chester Drive, Boardman, vs. Richard J. Kalosky Jr., 3595 Darbyshire Drive, Canfield.
Dissolutions asked
Michael F. Gollner, Building 15C, Holly Drive, #77, Austintown, and Michelle L. Gollner, 149 Rosemont Ave., Youngstown.
Angela M. Barone-Holloway, P.O. Box 121, Diamond, and Frank L. Holloway, 1499 Beachview Ave., Lake Milton.
New complaints
Edward Sharshan vs. Steven L. Snyder, money.
LaFarge Corp. vs. Romano Paving and Excavating Inc., money.
Carrie Gray-Stemper vs. Braune BoJadich, money.
Fidelity Bank vs. Mathew Stephens et al, foreclosure.
North American Mortgage Co. vs. Ryan E. Daniels et al, money.
National City Bank vs. Cynthia Harper et al, foreclosure.
Roberto Serra vs. Ricky Paige, money.
Jose Rivera vs. Wayne D. Bonner Jr. et al money.
Sheila Braman et al vs. Mary Pat Gallant-Defino, money.
Frank Peachock et al vs. Compass West Apartments, money.
Colleen DiVito vs. Poland Village Police Dept. et al, money.
Joni Tiller vs. Maria Spivak et al, money.
Michael D. Ramun et al vs. Board of Zoning Appeals, money.
Leader Mortgage Co. vs. Suzan C. Diorio et al, money/foreclosure.
Samuel T. Ortiz et al vs. Roxanne Davanzo, money.
Mortgage Electronics Registration Systems vs. William L. Zedaker et al, foreclosure.
Daniel J. Malkin vs. American Community Mutual Ins. Co. , money.
Equicredit Corp. of Ohio vs. Edward Langford et al, foreclosure.
Midfirst Bank vs. Ronald Ware et al, foreclosure.
Thomas R. Hollern et al vs. Harry McElrath et al, money.
Milton Mitchell vs. John Westerfield, money.
Eugene R. Sharp vs. Ohio Civil Rights Commission et al, money.
Dazzler Auto Sales Inc. vs. The Ohio Motor Vehicle Dealer Board, money.
Evangeline Tiliakos admrx. of the estate of Michael Tiliakos deceased vs. St. Elizabeth Hospital Wound Care Center et al, wrongful death.
First National Bank of Pennsylvania vs. David McCreary, money.
Richard L. Knapp et al vs. Timothy G. Knisley, money.
Probate Court
Will of Charles H. Kneen: estate to wife, Alice, with specific bequests.
Will of Harry R. Sams: estate to wife, Naomi.
Will of Pauline F. Kopchak: estate to sons, Gregory J. and Duane D. Kopchak.
Will of Maxine A. Wise: estate to daughter, Linda L.
Will of Dorothy L. Shirilla: estate to children, Gerald and Judith.
Will of Herbert E. Goglin: estate to wife, Dolores, with specific bequests.
Will of Anthony R. Protopapa: estate to wife, Phyllis.
Will of Doris J. Tarr: estate to children, James L. Jr. and Jacquelyn M. Tarr .
Real estate transfers
Stanley Bonish et al to Jefferson B. Smith et al Poland Twp., $89,000.
Barbara S. Rhinehart to Mark Bradley, Youngstown, $37,500.
John Dragoman to Garoni Property Management, Youngstown, $105,000.
EMC Mortgage Corp. to Conridge R. Smith, Youngstown, $21,000.
GRPL Enterprises Inc. to Larry Premec et al, Canfield Twp., $25,000.
Mildred Huffman to Stephen Schlossnagle et al, Beaver Twp., $150,000.
Samuel D. Pipino et al to David B. Nash et al, Canfield Twp., $767,000.
Leonard DiTomasso et al to Frances Boone, Boardman Twp., $62,000.
Mike Reed to Neil Kennedy, Youngstown, $6,000.
James C. Leyhew et al to Raymond J. Pool et al, Canfield Twp., $263,500.
K. M. Enterprises & amp; Development Inc. to Vincent Barnes et al, Campbell, $44,000.
Villa Rosa Gardens Ltd. to Samuel Roth trustee, Canfield Twp., $150,000.
R. Jay Cook et al to Allyson Howley et al, Youngstown, $9,700.
Christy Tabor to M & amp; M Holding Co., Springfield Twp., $95,900.
Edward G. Szari et al to Daniel Duran, Boardman Twp., $89,900.
Kurt E. Dickinson et al to Scot E. Knieriemen et al, Boardman Twp., $112,000.
Federal National Mtg. Assoc. to Jerome C. Whisler, Youngstown, $6,250.
Phyllis A. Benton to Reuben McMillan Free Library, Poland Twp., $18,000.
Terreri Development Co. to TGT Inc., Youngstown, $240,000.
Douglas C. Hauger et al to John Hamrock et al, Boardman Twp., $145,900.
Frank J. Patrick Jr. et al to William E. Opritza et al, Struthers, $47,500.
John Pascarella et al to Mary P. Wheaton, Ellsworth Twp., $57,500.
William A. Sanor et al to Kristopher S. Sanor, Village of Sebring, $65,000.
Lawrence B. Brunk to Larry B. Brunk, Goshen Twp., $24,677.
Dorothy M. Brunk to Larry B. Brunk, Goshen Twp., $24, 677.
Lawrence B. Brunk to Joseph R. Brunk, Goshen Twp., $24,677.
Dorothy M. Brunk to Joseph R. Brunk, Goshen Twp., $24, 677.
Rupert B. Marshall et al to Mark A. Cecutti et al, Springfield Twp., $235,000.
Karen S. Miles to Samuel P. Maravola et al, Boardman Twp., $80,000.
Margaret Kane to Tina M. Kinney et al, Austintown Twp., $85,000.
John E. Brincko et al to Robert B. Stedman et al, Austintown Twp., $122,000.
Eleanor J. Lapin et al to William E. Ednie et al, Boardman Twp., $135,000.
Richard L. Shirilla to Scott J. Ortenzio, City of Youngstown, $21,000.
Mary V. Kushner to Thomas R. Maley et al , Youngstown, $54,000.
E & amp; J Investments to David P. Untch et al, Poland Village, $230,000.
Richard J. Dill Jr. to Richard A. Kirsopp et al, Poland Village, $91,000.
James A. Morchak et al to Michael T. Martin, Youngstown, $61,900.
Countryside Development Ltd. to Joe Koch Construction Inc.
Austintown Twp., $23,850.
Violet Zlenka to Ken Daviduk et al, Youngstown, $6,500.
Evangelia Anastasios et al to Carrie A. Rummell, Austintown Twp., $55,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 13
Robert M. Kauffman, 603 W. Boston Ave., Youngstown; maintenance, Youngstown Water; liabilities, $26,159; assets, $27,000.
Tony and Bernadette DeGennaro, 326 W. Liberty St., Lowellville; he: design/engineering, National Refractories; she: Administrative assistant, Leff Youngstown; liabilities, $124,774; assets, $67,600.

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