Marriage licenses
Aaron Bates, 24, of 8220 Middlefield, and Chandra Harper, 29, of 185 Main St., Orwell.
James Glinatsis, 37, of 22480 Lake Road, Rocky River, and Doxie E. Tolios, 32, o f618 Fairmount Ave. N.E., Warren.
Aaron J. Bellomo, 26, of 975 McManus Road, Leavittsburg, and Shelley A. Howes, 26, of same.
Richard W. Tasker Jr., 21, of 6264 Wayland Road, Wayland, and Rebekah A. Rought, 18, of 1694 Kale Adams Road, Warren.
Patrick G. Hazinakis, 46, of 1186 Edgewood, Warren, and Bonnie S. Robbins, 39, of same.
Jeremy S. DeArment, 21, of 926 Henry St., Masury, and Rebecca S. Johnson, 21, of 4497 state Route 7, Burghill.
Robert J. Milliron, 43, of 1741 Naylor-Lloyd, Girard, and Tina M. Baddeley, 21, of same.
Robert L. Padula, 42, of 5961 state Route 46, Cortland, and Joan C. Platzer, 52, of 208 E. College St., Alliance.
Seth I. Steward, 29, of 1237 Dover St., Warren, and Adrienne M. Crum, 34, of same.
Rodney B. Tackett, 42, of 444 Maryland St. N.E., Warren, and Darlene A. Lovett, 38, of 3471 state Route 5 S.W., Newton Falls.
James A. Beaver, 40, of 24 Fairport Road, Newton Falls, and Diane R. Blattenberger, 44, of same.
Albert P. Kijowski Jr., 44, of 34 E. Margaret Ave., Niles, and Leisa Notman, 42, of 7489 Huntington Drive, Boardman.
Ronald L. Kensky Jr., 26, of 1755 Brittainy Oaks Trail, Warren, and Amy S. Williams, 23, of 9131 Cain Drive, Warren.
Eli E. Miller, 51, of 4237 Herner County Line Road, Southington, and Ina R. Franks, 42, of same.
Robert C. Anthony Jr., 24, of 5578 Shaffer Road, Warren, and Grace I. Rivera Velasquez, 25, of same.
Ronald E. Spirko, 28, of 2640 Highland Ave. S.W., Warren, and Laura E. Roosa, 34, of same.
Randall J. Berry, 42, of 404 Buckeye Lane, Niles, and Susan I. Cotton, 40, of One Grandview Drive, Hadley, Pa.
Trevor A. Totten, 21, of 6515 Woodview Circle, Leavittsburg, and Angela L. Benedict, 21, of 2792-A Ivy Hill Circle, Cortland.
Vance G. Wonderly IV, 21, of 3118 Warner Road, Fowler, and Danielle R. McCauley, 25, of 172 Schotten Road, West Middlesex, Pa.
Todd M. Canter, 23, of 1229 North Road, Niles, and Lisa A. Mechling, 27, of same.
Russel G. Fusselman, 32, of 239 Homewood Ave. S.E., Warren, and Shannon M. Jones, 24, of same.
Rodney R. Carnes Jr., 51, of 1539 Ohltown McDonald Road, Mineral Ridge, and Ruth A. Ewing, 51, of same.
Brian T. Dunbar, 24, of 9704 King Graves Road, Warren, and Christina M. Long, 23, of 2543 Poplar St., Girard.
Adrian V. Lowery, 31, of 2518 Hamilton S.W., Warren, and Tiffany L. Hamilton, 25, of same.
Charles E. Steele, 43, of 144 W. Liberty St., Hubbard, and Margaret E. Zarotelli, 47, of 7 Kris Drive, Girard.
Adam L. Riggle, 26, of 172 Vermont Ave. N.W., Warren, and Jennifer R. Kirk, 23, of same.
Robert J. Starkey, 33, of 2240 Kinsman Road N.E., North Bloomfield, and Udana M. Severe, 24, of same.
Ean J. Eichler, 21, of 9301 state Route 7, Kinsman, and Janet Hewett, 37, of same.
Scott E. Winans, 29, of 422 Scott St., Niles, and Shayla R. Goswell, 30, of same.
Ronald H. Jones, 58, of 6333 Warren Sharon Road, Brookfield, and Norita J. Jones, 56, of 518 W. Liberty St., Hubbard.
Herman C. Woofter Jr., 43, of 403 Cherry St., Niles, and Billie J. Nyako, 41, of 10 Blue Berry Lane S.W., Warren.
David R. Palen Jr., 30, of 3690 Main St., Mineral Ridge, and Mary F. DeRose, 27, of 1413 Roseway S.E., Warren.
Robert W. Ewest Jr., 33, of 112 N. Aspen Court, Warren, and Kelly T. Warren, 38, of same.
Calvin E. Leger, legal age, of 157 Nevada, Warren, and Sharon E. Grayer, legal age, of 1412 Oak, Warren.
Harry S. Pyle, 43, of 222 Beaver Ave., Niles, and Karin A. Schmidt, 33, of same.
Thomas J. Reda, 21, of 2507 Edgewater, Cortland, and Raegan L. Flinner, 21, of same.
Tony R. Haiss, 29, of 956 Columbia Place, Warren, and Crystal L. Miller, 28, of same.
Serder Dede, 26, of Cengiz Topel CAD, Istanbul, and Carol Latell, 27, of 1712 Squaw Creek, Girard.
Theodore W. Moody Jr., 28, of 27 Richard Drive, Vienna, and Susan R. Stewart, 27, of same.
Dissolutions filed
Diana L. Brooks and Robert A. Brooks Jr.
Christine A. Hamar and John A. Hamar.
Melissa A. Ihlenfeld and George E. Ihlenfeld.
Jack D. Solomon and Tammy J. Solomon.
Jessica A. Shafer and David Shafer.
Alvin D. Smith and Jean H. Middendorf Smith.
Sheila I. Arthur and Michael S. Arthur.
Franky L. Fitzpatrick and Michael V. Fitzpatrick.
Craig S. Bell and Tamara L. Bell.
David L. Chiarella and Lisa C. Chiarella.
Bryan L. Chadman and Debra C. Chadman.
Peggy M. Morgan and Dennis L. Morgan Jr.
Casey Bartholomew and Kimberly Bartholomew.
Jamie B. Morgan and Daniel B. Morgan.
Dawn L. Starr and Dennis E. Starr.
Divorces filed
Kevin J. Milligan vs. Sandra Milligan.
David E. Stanley Jr. vs. Cheryl A. Stanley.
Dawn Bowers vs. Dennis Bowers.
Delores A. Romanski vs. Vincent J. Romanski.
Rita A. Bowser vs. John B. Bowser.
Murry Cooper vs. Eva Lucas Cooper.
Corrine A. Lynn vs. Bryan S. Lynn.
Delores I. Schrum vs. Russell Schrum.
Legal separation filed
Anita Suri vs. Pramod K. Suri.
Bonita J. May vs. Lawrence R. May.
Cases dismissed
Corben Balint vs. Angie J. Balint.
Holly L. Drennan vs. Gregory Moskal.
Michele R. Heitman vs. Richard Heitman.
Dissolutions granted
Lisa M. Robinson and Dennis M. Robinson.
Natalie A. Macovitz and Ronald R. Macovitz.
Deborah R. Whitmore and Martin D. Whitmore.
Kathleen R. Leatherwood and Walter D. Leatherwood.
Jane A. Cliness Jones and Norman E. Jones.
Keith D. Griffin and Catherine L. Griffin.
Kimberly S. Pettry and Jay L. Pettry.
Gary L. Oakman and Lisa M. Oakman.
Stephanie M. Forrest and Greg R. Forrest.
Susan L. Whorten and Larry E. Whorten.
Divorces granted
Bryan Ingramm vs. Marie Ingramm, divorce to defendant.
Delaine L. Padula vs. Daniel L. Padula Sr., divorce to plaintiff, wife restores to name of Delaine Hamed.
Debra Karam vs. Daniel Karam, divorce to plaintiff.
Shawn M. Pastura vs. Richard A. Pastura, divorce to both.
David W. Slack vs. Paula A. Slack, divorce to both.
Amber Herbosco vs. Eric Herbosco, divorce to plaintiff.
New Complaints
Farmers National Bank vs. Melzia J. Sugick, other civil.
Equicredit Corp. et al vs. Sandra K. May, foreclosure.
Donald Romaino vs. C. James Conrad, admin. BWC, workers' compensation.
GMAC Mortgage Corp. vs. Timothy J. Vacik, foreclosure.
Johnnie Ellis vs. USX Corp. et al, workers' compensation.
Chase Mortgage Co-West vs. Richard A. Miller, foreclosure.
Bankers Trust of Calif. vs. Debra L. Scarnecchia, foreclosure.
Irving Caminero vs. Oxford Automotive, workers' compensation.
Cody Powell, a minor, vs. Mindy J. Dakin et al, other torts.
Georgia A. Gilbert vs. Carl O. Miller, other civil.
Second National Bank et al vs. Keith A. Wesie, other civil.
Belinda Drnek vs. Jim Jackson et al, other torts.
Second National Bank et al vs. Ohio Bar Title Insurance, other civil.
Beverly Haynie et al vs. Pedro M.D. Ballester, other torts.
WFS Financial vs. Maurice Kirk, replevin.
Federal National Mortgage vs. Karen E. Law et al, foreclosure.
Ianazone's Homemade Pizza vs. Cheryl May, other civil.
Standard Federal Bank vs. Mark A. Bright, foreclosure.

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