1st Ward

1st Ward
Old Furnace Road, from Pioneer Pavilion bridge to East Park.
Applegate Road, from Landsdowne Boulevard to 285 feet east.
Champion Street, from Wood Street to Rayen Avenue.
Elm Street, from Madison to Park avenues.
Hawthorne Street, from Glenwood Avenue to Edwards Street.
High Street, from Wallace to Smith streets.
Bissell Avenue, from Bryson Street to Wick Avenue.
Plum Street, from Ridge Avenue to High Street.
Chalmers Avenue, from Glenwood to Overland avenues.
W.B. Service Road, from Wick Avenue to Elm Street.
2nd Ward
Wilson Avenue, from Shehy to Rigby streets.
Early Road, from Stocker to East High avenues.
Borden Street, from Landsdowne Boulevard to dead end.
Kimmel Street, from Stiles to Dryden avenues.
Harry Street, from Wilson Avenue to 200 feet south.
Jacobs Road, from McCartney Road to Oak Street Extension.
Cornwall Street, from Liberty to Early roads.
3rd Ward
Gypsy Lane, from Belmont to Fifth avenues.
Lauderdale Avenue, from Logan Avenue to Elm Street.
Oxford Avenue, from Belmont Avenue to Covington Street.
Selma Avenue, from Gypsy Lane to Granada Avenue.
Ford Avenue, from Redondo Road to Alameda Avenue.
4th Ward
Bernadette Drive, from Mehlo Lane to Bon Air Avenue.
Hartzell Avenue, from Lakeview Avenue to dead end.
Leyton Drive, from McCullum Road to Lakeside Drive.
North Brockway, from Mahoning to Oakwood avenues.
North Hartford, from Mahoning to Connecticut avenues.
Oregon Avenue, from Meridian Road to Bruno Street.
Roy Street, from Schenley to Rhoda avenues.
Bears Den Road, from Industrial to South Meridian roads.
North Schenley, from Mahoning to Oakwood avenues.
5th Ward
South Schenley Avenue, from Kirk to Canfield roads.
South Schenley Avenue, from Canfield Road south to city limits.
Baymar Drive, from Canfield Road south to city limits.
West Cherokee cul-de-sac.
West LaClede Avenue, from Colfax Street to Volney Road.
West Judson Avenue, from Glenwood to Firnley avenues.
Winona Drive, from Nokomis to Volney roads.
Woodford Avenue, from Reel Avenue to 50 feet west of Colfax Street.
6th Ward
Erie Street at Warren Avenue intersection.
Myrtle Avenue, from Overland Avenue to Hillman Street.
Hillman Street, from Indianola to Warren avenues.
Handel Court, from Vermont Avenue to Midlothian Boulevard.
Auburndale Avenue, from house 139 to Erie Street.
Lucius Avenue, from Erie Street to Rush Boulevard.
Gibson Street, from Dorothy to Williamson avenues.
Auburndale Avenue, from Market Street to Southern Boulevard.
7th Ward
Shady Run Road, from Inverness Avenue to Midlothian Boulevard.
Lynn Avenue, from LeMoyne Avenue to Sheridan Road.
Leah Avenue, from Poland to Belden avenues.
Thalia Avenue, from Irma Avenue to Youngstown-Poland Road.
East Boston Avenue, from Julian Street to Hunter Avenue.
East Indianola Avenue, from Zedaker to Homestead streets.
East Dewey Avenue, from South Avenue to Gibson Street.
Windsor Avenue, from Lenox Avenue to Sheridan Road.
DeSoto Avenue, from Midlothian Boulevard to Mount Vernon Avenue.
Miller Avenue, from Gibson to Homestead streets.
Tangent Street, from Windsor to Comely avenues.

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