Poor class scheduling at YSU is hard on students

Poor class scheduling at YSU is hard on students
On the front page of last Sunday's Vindicator was an article by Ron Cole about the expanded space compared to the declining enrollment at YSU.
Whatever the reason the campus size has increased over the past decade is not my concern. What does concern me is this. Though one of my children graduated this month with a B.A. in history, another who is ready to graduate this summer cannot because of the lack of available classes. She took all the classes her adviser said she needed to graduate only to find that she was seven hours short.
Health, for instance, is a YSU requirement for all students. Yet it is not offered once during any of the three summer sessions. Another class she needed this spring was in sociology. The professor who taught the class said there were many available seats in the classroom but he was no longer allowed to write a permit, the sociology office had to -- and no one in it would. Here is a senior student, ready to graduate, and unable to get a class in her minor.
It gets worse. My son, a junior-level biology student, has completed all the courses toward his major but could not fill a full-time schedule with the courses offered this spring unless he wanted to take engineering or nursing. So he had to go part time.
It is frustrating to work toward a degree -- and pay and pay -- only to discover that one cannot graduate on time. Unfortunately, my family is not unique. This happens all the time at YSU. And the cost per hour of class time encourages students to get out as soon as possible -- evidently some even before they graduate.
Hypocritical to justify hatred with the Bible
Cal Thomas is once again waging his un-American campaign, trying to make all gay people feel like they must try hard to be straight. (Sunday, May 13).
As small children, we all learned a pledge that says we believe in a nation with "liberty and justice for all." Liberty is the freedom to live our lives as we choose, free from the compunction to be what others tell us we ought to be.
Cal is upset that the gay liberation movement has enabled gay people to stand up, visibly proud of who they are, demanding equal rights and justice in the land of the free. For centuries, gay people in America had to hide in fear of being imprisoned, ridiculed, harassed, hospitalized, abused and/or bashed -- all because of a conservative religious belief that homosexuality is condemned by Scripture.
The Bible never makes any judgment about the state of being homosexual. The Levitical law prohibited homosexual acts between the Israelites wandering in the desert. Every sexual act had to result in a warrior for Israel. The Bible never makes any explanation of where the homosexual orientation originates. Yet conservatives say that they know for a certainty that homosexuality is a chosen condition.
It is sadly amazing that the loudest voices condemning gays in America are those of religious people who claim to be following the teachings of Jesus. One of the clearest of his commands was: "Do not judge others." In St. Matthew, Chapter 7, Jesus says that if we have to judge others we had better be careful of what measuring stick we use, because that same measuring stick will be used against us. So the people who are condemning gays on the basis of the Levitical law had better be striving to follow all of that law themselves. That means they cannot eat pork, bacon, ham, lobster or shrimp. They must not wear clothing of mixed fabrics. And when they find mold or mildew in their basements, they have to call their clergy to inspect it. Really, the only people who have any right to condemn gays based on the book of Leviticus are Hassidic Jews, who really are trying to live according to all that law.
Recently in The Vindicator, Ann Landers said in her column that she has always suspected that the men who rant and rave the most against homosexuals are the ones who have the most conflict over their own sexuality.
What in the world does Cal have in his closet?
Traficant voters get what they deserve
Jim Traficant gets indicted just like he said he would. He told you this before you stupid people (and you know who you are) re-elected him. Now you would like to see him resign. I think not. Jim is a bright man, you said. I think a bright man will continue to take his paycheck right through the next election to see if you are really stupid enough to elect him again. In fact, because he told you in advance that he "expected to be indicted," I think you owe it to him.
His fellow congressmen and congresswomen now will shun him. They will not give him committee assignments. Did you think that through before you cast your ballot? All I have to say is it's a good thing we don't have punched ballots here. If that isn't enough, remember when he "turn-coated" on the Democrats who elected him and voted Republican. That will get him a lot of Democratic assignments. I think he can do anything he wants.
Besides, he's doing such a fine job representing us. Have you taken out-of-town visitors to downtown Youngstown to see our showplace? But he has done so much for us, you say. Let me remind you anyone in his position would do much for us. It is their job.
Remember though, that this is America. He is innocent until proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. That's the way it is, and that is the way it should stay. I am an American. I will wait for the trial before I conclude he is guilty. But because you stupid people elected him, we must wait and see while Jim collects his check and Youngstown continues to rust away.
Current Dem. chairman no good for the party
The comments that appeared in the May 21 Vindicator by Mahoning County Democratic Chairman David Ditzler served to demonstrate clearly how arrogant and out of touch this so-called political leader is with what is happening in this county.
I am a life-long Democrat and believe that this means I support the efforts of working men and women who are committed to making this a better world for everyone. The Democratic Party in Mahoning County has a long and proud tradition of bringing together those who believe we are the party of the people, and that is why so many of us claim to be Democrats.
Mr. Ditzler should not find it "humorous" or describe the efforts of Mr. Butler of the Republic anParty as being "desperate," but rather he should heed the wake-up call that this represents to his failed leadership. His observation that the people getting involved as committeemen should have the same beliefs as the party is a far cry from what he and "Bo" Pritchard were saying a few years ago when they were recruiting Republicans to run for Democratic committeeman posts under the banner of Democrats for Change.
It would appear that the normally silent Mr. Ditzler when asked why most Democratic committee people fail to attend the seldom-held meetings can only speak out of both sides of his mouth when asked to comment on the efforts of Republicans. I can only wonder if he has learned this from his high-priced political consultant Leo Jennings -- the same Mr. Jennings who manages to get paid after every election even though the Mahoning County Democratic Party is out of money.
I look forward to Mr. Ditzler's departure as Democratic Chairman and the day the Democrats of Mahoning County can begin to rebuild. I just hope that Republican Chairman Smith will run out of money and people with the enthusiasm of Vice Chairman Butler.