Marco Opthalmic Inc. vs. Richard S. Kattouf, O.D., settled and dismissed.
Michelle Sanders vs. Kimberly W. Hass, settled and dismissed.
Karen Longstreth vs. George Kafantaris, verdict for defendant.
Mahoning National Bank vs. Rick Elrod, settled and dismissed.
First Union Home Equity vs. Darren J. Lanum, confirmation of sale.
Monika Barnhart vs. Jose Santiago, M.D., dismissed.
George Tatar vs. Advanced Auto Glass Inc., settled and dismissed.
Kelly Layton vs. John Franklin, settled.
Donald W. Franks vs. Tammy L. Irwin, settled.
Arnold Wooding vs. Tri-County Business Svs., dismissed.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Chemical Residential, confirmation of sale.
Edward Biello vs. Stevens Painton Corp., dismissed.
Guy Munroe vs. C. James Conrad, dismissed.
Alan R. Snyder vs. U.S. Extrusion Tool & amp; Die, settled.
GMAC Mortgage Corp. vs. Medie Hearn Jr., settled and dismissed.
Wells Fargo Bank vs. James A. Harbour, foreclosure.
Crusader Bank FSB vs. Terry McCoy et al, foreclosure.
Michael McGill vs. GCM Group of Columbus, settled and dismissed.
Guardian National vs. Donald Palumbo, judgment for plaintiff.
Countrywide Home Loans vs. Lee H. Williams Jr., settled and dismissed.
Bankers Trust vs. Ronald L. Cervello, dismissed.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Patryce R. Johnson, satisfaction of judgment.
Treasurer of Trumbull County vs. Edward L. Jordan, satisfaction of judgment.
Christa D. Hray vs. Alan L. Bates, settled and dismissed.
First Union National Bank vs. Colleen E. Wright, foreclosure.
TMS Mortgage Inc. vs. Maurice S. Young, foreclosure.
Household Realty Corp. vs. Kenneth A. Pfrenger, dismissed.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Johnny J. Naples, dismissed.
Richard A. Murnock vs. One Day Inc., settled and dismissed.
Morgan Company vs. Shaw Avenue Associates, confirmation of sale.
Dollie McKenzie vs. Jerry Hentosh, dismissed.
O. Ray Swiger vs. Jennifer Smith, dismissed.
Ameriquest Mortgage vs. Eva Carpenter, foreclosure.
Edna M. Jones vs. Charles R. Jarvis, settled.
Secretary of Veterans vs. Carl O. Miller, foreclosure.
Perry McVicker vs. Joseph Beard, settled and dismissed.
City of Niles vs. Indallex Industries, settled.
Tonya S. Conner vs. Autumn Industries Inc., dismissed.
Asset Acceptance vs. Alex Iliff, judgment for plaintiff.
Beneficial Ohio Inc. vs. Michael A. Frabotta, foreclosure.
Manufacturers & amp; Traders vs. Christopher W. Byers, foreclosure.
Second National vs. Bank of New York, settled.
Jill D. McMillen vs. Cheryl A. Snell, settled.
Bank One Successor et al vs. Mary G. Williams, settled and dismissed.
Carol L. Martof vs. Robert T. Dzurinda, dismissed.
Rosemary J. Serbin vs. Verna M. Barnhart, settled and dismissed.
National City Bank North vs. Daniel Turner et al, confirmation of sale.
John R. Baryak Jr. vs. Jacquelyn Kenee, settled and dismissed.
Dorsey Bonnell vs. McGill Septic Tank Co., dismissed.
Meena Bhatia vs. Cleo M. Black, settled and dismissed.
Equifirst Corp. vs. Valadmir V. Malenko, foreclosure.
Nationscredit Financial vs. Richard J. Alli Sr., foreclosure.
Firstar Bank Milwaukee vs. Douglas T. Pascute, foreclosure.
Banc One Financial vs. Nicholas P. Candelmo, foreclosure.
Second National Bank vs. David Schmied et al, default granted.
FFY Bank vs. Ronald R. Goclano, settled and dismissed.
Sara Jacobs vs. Marvin L. Tiggett, settled and dismissed.
Associates Home Equity vs. James E. Hickman, dismissed.
Alice A. Conway vs. General Motors Packard, Industrial Commission of Ohio only, dismissed.
First American Title vs. Gardner Title Agency Inc., cognovit judgment granted.
New Complaints
St. Andrew's Home Inc. vs. Father Jon Henry, other civil.
First Union National Bank vs. Dennis G. Thomas, foreclosure.
Charles H. Stanton Jr. vs. John Pizzurro, other torts.
Norwest Mortgage Inc. vs. Frank E. DeClark, foreclosure.
Victor Rubenstein vs. Buckeye Wilder Sales Inc., other torts.
Steve Danko vs. USX Corp., workers' compensation.
Sky Bank vs. Joseph A. Sofranko, other civil.
Joseph Shver vs. Paul E. Wilson, other civil.
Linnettia L. Green vs. Ernest Wiley, other torts.
Susan Perich vs. Sheila R. Moore, other torts.
Cynthia McGowan vs. Orange Village Care, other torts.
Miguel Alvarado vs. ATD Corp., workers' compensation.
Carol McDonough vs. Anthony Marino, other torts.
Farmers National Bank vs. Jerome T. Johnson, foreclosure.
Norwest Bank vs. Henry Provitt, foreclosure.
Star Communications Inc. vs. ESQ Communications Inc., other civil.
Homeside Lending Inc. vs. Sherry L. Esau, foreclosure.
First Union Home Equity vs. Joseph Peluso, foreclosure.
Champion Day School Inc. vs. Ronald Wolfe Sr., other torts.
Doyle E. Smithson vs. Emmanuel N. Mallas, foreclosure.
Lawrence M. Roupe vs. Marvella A. Johnson, other torts.
James Sipusic vs. City of Girard, other civil.
Bobbi Jo Lapp vs. Kmart Distribution Center, other torts.
Cortland Savings et al vs. Kenny E. Bingham, other civil.
Second National Bank vs. Laura F. Owsley, foreclosure.
Richard A. Lee vs. Teresa A. Sanders, other civil.
John Kotsatos vs. WCI Steel, workers' compensation.
Ruby B. Black vs. General Motors Corp., workers' compensation.
Corbel & amp; Co. et al vs. AMI Benefit Plan, other civil.
Russell Hippo vs. Rebecca Reese et al, other torts.
Household Finance Corp. vs. Terry L. Simpson, other civil.
CIT Small Business vs. GM Racing USA Inc., foreclosure.
Keith D. Freet vs. Safeco, other torts.
Second National Bank vs. Twinco Rentals et al, foreclosure.
Johnny A. Kloos vs. James DeDonato, other torts.
Margaret M. Lytle vs. Simco Management, other torts.
New Complaints
Farmers National Bank vs. Melzia J. Sugick, other civil.
Equicredit Corp. et al vs. Sandra K. May, foreclosure.
Donald Romaino vs. C. James Conrad, admin. BWC, workers' compensation.
GMAC Mortgage Corp. vs. Timothy J. Vacik, foreclosure.
Johnnie Ellis vs. USX Corp. et al, workers' compensation.
Chase Mortgage Co-West vs. Richard A. Miller, foreclosure.
Bankers Trust of Calif. vs. Debra L. Scarnecchia, foreclosure.
Irving Caminero vs. Oxford Automotive, workers' compensation.
Cody Powell, a minor, vs. Mindy J. Dakin et al, other torts.
Georgia A. Gilbert vs. Carl O. Miller, other civil.
Second National Bank et al vs. Keith A. Wesie, other civil.
Belinda Drnek vs. Jim Jackson et al, other torts.
Second National Bank et al vs. Ohio Bar Title Insurance, other civil.
Beverly Haynie et al vs. Pedro M.D. Ballester, other torts.
WFS Financial vs. Maurice Kirk, replevin.
Federal National Mortgage vs. Karen E. Law et al, foreclosure.
Ianazone's Homemade Pizza vs. Cheryl May, other civil.
Standard Federal Bank vs. Mark A. Bright, foreclosure.

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