SHARON Dog attack unnerves mail carrier

The postal employee was hospitalized for two days after last week's attack.
SHARON, Pa. -- Mail carrier Marc Gargano of Hermitage said it may take him a while to get over his encounter with an angry dog while he was delivering mail on McClure Avenue one week ago today.
Gargano, 40, was bitten on both legs and in the groin by the dog, a chow mix.
The dog weighed at least 50 pounds, Gargano said.
"I'm 200 pounds. He knocked me over. There was mail everywhere in the street," he said.
Hospitalized: Gargano, who was hospitalized for two days after the attack, said he goes back to his doctor for a checkup next week to find out when he can return to work.
He acknowledged that getting back out on the street might be a bit tough at first. He's developed a real concern about dogs.
"It's just one of those things I'll have to get over," he said.
Citation issued: Kathleen Whiteman, chief dog warden for Shenango Valley Animal Shelter, said she has issued a citation to John and Kim Gump for allowing the dog access to the mail carrier.
The animal was chained on the front porch but had enough freedom to attack any person who came up on the porch. That is illegal under a local dog law ordinance, Whiteman said.
The dog may actually be owned by their son, she said.
Under quarantine: The animal has the proper rabies inoculation but is still under quarantine for 10 days at the home as required by state law. It must then be taken to a veterinarian for examination to determine if it exhibits any behavior that might indicate it has the disease.
The 10 days are up Wednesday. The Gumps said they plan to have the dog destroyed after the quarantine period, Whiteman said, adding that her office had not had any complaints about the animal in the past.
The post office has ceased delivering any mail to the Gump residence, and service won't be resumed until the dog is gone, postmaster David Hochadel has said.

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