Marriage licenses
Bryant E. Heater, 27, of 103 W. Wayne St., Alliance, and Amanda L. Costello, 24, of 6575 Bedell Road, Berlin Center. Michael W. Reger, 27, of 624 Dahoma Trail, Woodstock, Ga., and Melanie J. Loth, 27, of same.
Michael W. Cupp, 24, of 456 S. Raccoon Road, Apt. B48, Austintown, and Laura Bevilacqua, 24, of 241 Evergreen Drive, Poland.
Robert L. Plegge, 47, of 18121 Deer Ave., P.O. Box 46, Beloit, and Jo Ann Wilson, 52, of same.
Divorces asked
William Austin, 559 W. Chalmers St., Youngstown vs. Cara Austin, 920 Emerson, Farrell, Pa.
Dissolutions asked
Bruce Palmer, 195 Madison, Campbell and Kathy Palmer, 8645 Tippecanoe Road, Canfield
Donald L. DeLisio, 393 Jaronte Drive, Youngstown and Doreen P. Delisio, 7458 Becky Court, Youngstown.
New complaints
GMAC vs. Sabrena D. Earvin, money.
Donald T. Kraynak as parent and natural parent of Derek T. Kraynak vs. Youngstown City School District Board of Education et al, money.
Shawna Ashton vs. BWC et al, money
Faith Cominos vs. Avis Haynam, money.
Keith A. Greene vs. Forum Health et al, workers' compensation.
Mar-Dae Ltd. vs. Carla Freet et al, money.
Probate court
Will of Mary Jeanne Woolley: estate to children, Maraline Kubik, Pamela J. Woolley, Kevin J. Woolley, Steven A. Woolley, and Keith R. Woolley.
Will of Jane Ann Colucci: estate to children, Samuel P. Collucci, Susan K. Centorame, and Margaret A. Campanelli.
Will of Edith A. Kale: estate to children, Beverly Truitt, Bruce, Raymond and John Kale; with specific bequests.
Real estate transfers
Grace A. Johnson to Corey J. Graham, Jackson Twp., $5,000.
Harold Crum et al to Tina Firman et al, Youngstown, $13,000.
Robert L. Doyle trustee to Shawn A. Moore et al, Austintown Twp., $91,500.
Henry Conrad to Michael Mannion et al, Poland Twp., $79,400.
Anthony E. Gioppo to Keith S. Glaros et al, Boardman Twp., $105,000.
JBD Inc. to Don Restle Construction, Boardman Twp., $52,500.
Mary Louise Johnston to African Grant et al, Youngstown, $11,000.
Cynthia M. Johnson Buck to Guy Lucente et al, Boardman Twp., $23,800.
Leonard A. Cavalier et al to William Acevero et al, Green Twp., $38,900.
Joe Koch Construction Inc. to Brian S. Senvisky et al, Austintown Twp., $130,205.
Anthony J. Gaglianos vs. John Sekely, Beaver Twp., $252,500.
Robert Romandelli et al to Jack N. Hoover et al, Austintown Twp., $99,000.
The Cumberland Corp. to Mill Creek Homes Ltd., Boardman Twp., $40,100.
Sanjay Sapena et al to Carlos Flores, Canfield Twp., $86,500.
Laura A. Cene to M. Carole Hollern trustee, Canfield Twp., $260,000.
Skiry Jackson to Barry Shaffer, Youngstown, $6,500.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Tina L. Yurkovich, 1695 Mahoning Ave., Youngstown; pharmacy tech., The Medicine Shop; liabilities, $17,394; assets, $2,313.
Lenzie Mogan, Youngstown; Triumble Corrections; liabilities, $33,471; assets, $15,170.
Melvjo Harris, 222 Superior St. Youngstown; no employment shown; liabilities, $29,916; assets, $16,000.
David M. Sr. and Mandy L. Davis, 591 Cassius St., Youngstown; he: no employment listed; she: nursing assistant, Humility House; liabilities, $25,767; assets, $2,910.
Timothy Gardner, 7445 Salinas Trail, Boardman; sales assoc., Home Depot; liabilities, $13,673; assets, $2,000.
Anita L. and Jerry Morton, 838 Midlothian Blvd., Youngstown; she: laborer, Calex; he: nursing ass't.; liabilities, $17,273; assets, $2,185.
Dorothy R. Downie, 6610 Applewood Blvd., Youngstown; office manager, James O. Lewis Ins.; liabilities, $123,436; assets, $12,415.
Mark L. Noel, 86 Fatima, Campbell; owner/operator, self-employed; liabilities, $60,776; assets, $57,901.
Colleen Pemberton, 11744 South Ave., Box 28, North Lima; seamstress, Brentwood Originals; liabilities, $16,557; assets, $2,975.
William and April Moncrief, 63 Creed St., Struthers; he: machinist, Glunt Industries; she: homemaker; liabilities, $84,309; assets, $67,110.
Carol Ryan, 3210 Allendale, Youngstown; office; liabilities, $21,987; assets, $2,684.
Michael R. White, 1836 Cordova, Youngstown; nursing ass't., Carrington South; liabilities, $5,811; assetst, $1,250.
Victoria L. Winphrie, 912 Granite St., Youngstown; none; liabilities, $16,385; assets, $1,215.
Danette M. Scandy, 578 Coitsville Road, Campbell; none; liabilities, $13,421; assets, $1,829.
Travis R. Batcha, 274 DeHoff Drive, Youngstown; truck driver, Joe Cannon; liabilities, $49,916; assets, $39,565.
Carmen Gonzalez, 578 Coitsville Road, Campbell; none; liabilities, $129,087; assets, $57,284.
James L. Glidewell, 6835 New Road, Youngstown; Liberty Steel; liabilities, $119,725; assets, $120,177.
Hal Donte Green, Youngstown; Trumbull Corrections Institute; liabilities, $22,652; assets, $650.
Bankruptcies/ Chapter 13
Felicia Alexander, 546 Mistletoe, Youngstown; program manager, YMHA; liabilities, $74,894; assets, $53,171.
Debra A. Arnold, 2520 S. Raccoon Road, #2, Youngstown; data entry, B-Right Trucking; liabilities, $20,787; assets, $9,390.
Divorces asked
Patti Anthony, 1612 Maple Ave., Wellsville, vs. Harry Anthony, 44211 10th St. Ext., Wellsville.
Steven Paul, 28290 Buffalo Road, Kensington, vs. Christine Paul, 28290 Buffalo Road, Kensington.
Wendy Harpold, 50587 Calcutta Smithferry Road, East Liverpool, vs. Terry Harpold, 42688 Morris Road, Lisbon.
Heather Custer, 1157 West Perry St., Salem, vs. Michael Custer, 8103 North Old Caral Lane, Malvern.
Janelle Jackson, 7490 Shelby Road, Lisbon, vs. Darrell Jackson, 7100 E. Lake Road, Lisbon.
Lisa Hines, 4925 Knox School Road, Homeworth, vs. Daniel Hines, 4925 Knox School Road, Homeworth.
Shirlee Knoedler, 35642 Hull Road, Salineville, vs. Eric Knoedler, 35390 Hull Road, Salineville.
Sandra Arter, 1294 Carole Drive, Salem, vs. Charles Ickes, 1219 Solana Road, Naples, Fla.
Divorces granted
Lucia Fraser vs. Ian Fraser.
Rita Day vs. Robert Day.
Josie Bittner vs. Allen Bittner.
Deborah Oeler vs. Ray Oeler.
Melody Green vs. Thomas Green.
Kenneth Rukenbrod vs. Karen Rukenbrod.
Dissolutions asked
Catherine Crowl, 10511 state Route 45, Lisbon, and Gary Crowl, 450 Aetna St., Salem.
Sherri Sattler, 6130 Allen Drive, Lisbon, and Donald Sattler, 6501 Carbon Hill Road, East Palestine.
Penny Elliott, 11073 Echo Dell Road, Rogers, and James Elliott, 11073 Echo Dell Road, Rogers.
Dissolutions granted
Jack Becka and Holly Ritche-Becka.
Gerald McBride and Lori McBride.
Alan Summers and Teresa Summers.
New complaints
WFS Financial of Irving, Texas vs. April Cresanto et al, money.
Tiger Pack Inc. vs. Insul Company, money.
Kathryn Purton vs. William Smith et al, money.
Sky Bank vs. Mickey Dillinger, money.
Homecoming Financial Network vs. James Lemmon, money.
Docket entries
Ohio Dept. of Taxation vs. Samuel Bell, judgment for plaintiff.
Household Finance vs. Alan McMillan, judgment for plaintiff.
Sears, Roebuck and Company vs. Theresa DeFelice, judgment for plaintiff.
Arms Trucking vs. Deborah Johnson, judgment for plaintiff.
Real estate transfers
Mary Kelly to Paul Piverotto, East Liverpool, $18,000.
Joe Stryffler to Jeffrey Swetye et al, Butler Twp., $22,000.
John Greenfield et al to Jeffrey McBride et al, Knox Twp., $85,000.
Darryl Geary et al to James Colbert et al, Perry Twp., $20,000.
P. Earl Corey to Michael Starr et al, Columbiana, $90,000.
John Hanna et al to Lisa Stacey et al, $163,500.
Titan Construction Inc. to Kenneth Witherow et al, Columbiana, $169,900.
Gerri Brugar to Brent Brugar, Elkrun Twp., $16,000.
Eric Eccleston to Marlene Rapp et al, St. Clair Twp., $10,500.
Richard Shultz et al to Kenneth Cain, St. Clair Twp., $119,500.
Thomas Cozza to Roth Property Management Inc., Salem, $155,500.
Barry Pash et al to Mark Menning, Salem, $87,800.
Melissa Sanor et al to Cyndee Mackall, Salem, $73,500.
Melissa Hughes to David Collins, Perry Twp., $92,800.
Stanley Marshalek to RLC Real Estate Inc., Center Twp., $15,000.
Raymond Igleheart to Roy Larkins, Middletown Twp., $500.
Albert Buchheit et al to Roger Slappy, East Liverpool, $20,000.
Merlin Reese et al to William Nelson et al, Hanover Twp., $18,500.
Douglas Heath to Timothy Smith et al, Salem, $38,500.
Jason Baker et al to Kenneth Eisenbraun, Salem, $64,000.
Richard Gantley et al to John Vardakas, East Palestine, $72,000.
William Milliron et al to First Union National Bank, Perry Twp., $70,000.
Gilbert Fennell et al to Richard Shelar et al, Columbiana, $167,000.
Guido Jannetti to Frank Frankjo et al, Salem Twp., $8,250.
Rivers Edge Development Co. to Mary King, St. Clair Twp., $117,975.
Joseph Vogt to David Myers et al, St. Clair Twp., $86,000.
Jeannette Lehman to Ross Bussrad, Fairfield Twp., $55,000.

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