Patient care is principal concern in nurses strike

Patient care is principal concern in nurses strike
A letter printed in last Friday's paper said the nurses are trying to strengthen their financial and political positions and the patients are being used as pawns. I am one of those striking nurses and I have no political aspirations. Finances are a part of what is being negotiated, but the major issues are: safe patient care, adequate staffing and mandatory overtime.
The nurses are truly concerned about quality care and are fighting for it. This is a national problem, and we have the courage to stand up and try to do something about it for our patients.
We do need to find a solution to this soon. A lot of my peers are finding employment out of this area, and I'm afraid they won't come back. If the staffing situation before the strike was not conducive to quality care, then it could get worse with experienced local nurses resigning.
Community must change if leaders are to change
Once again, the Mahoning Valley is up for scrutiny by the rest of our country. Now another '"esteemed" community leader is part of the police blotter. Mr. Cafaro must certainly be admired for his prompt admission of guilt. However, guilt it certainly is, without a doubt. Another corrupt person of influence further tarnishes the already rusted image of Youngstown and the surrounding areas.
But thank goodness, we have an indicted asinine buffoon to represent us in Congress. That will certainly help to promote the Mahoning Valley as we struggle through another round of ridicule.
Thank you, voters -- just the ones wearing blinders, that is -- for another two years of nothing. Nothing positive. Nothing progressive. Nothing of change. Just the same old tired rhetoric from our community's leaders.
Perhaps at the next election you can just trade in your blinders for a good old-fashioned sensible blindfold. We had opportunities in our last election and yet, the James Traficant voters out there opted for more of the same. You all want a folk hero instead of a legislator. Just like a Jesse James or Butch Cassidy. Perhaps you should set your sights a little higher, like a Robin Hood, if you feel the need to support a "hood" of folk-hero status. Shame on you. You will get what you deserve, but what about the rest of us?
EMS work force saluted during recognition week
This letter is for all the people in EMS who dedicate their lives to helping others and hope they can make a difference in the outcome. National EMS Week has been celebrated May 20-26, and this year's theme, "EMS: Answering the call," emphasizes the responsiveness of emergency medical services.
I would like to thank every EMS person for the job they do and continue to do. Having been involved in EMS for about 18 years, I have met a lot of wonderful people and respect the job they do and appreciate the risk they take to help others. It takes a very special person to work in the field of EMS.
I am proud of the personnel of Springfield Township EMS. They have written and received grants from the state of Ohio thats enabled them be the only fire-based transporting medic department in Mahoning County. In January, they received a one time grant from the Ohio Department of Public Safety -- Division of Emergency Medical Services to buy a computer so they could comply with the state's requirements for EMS run incidents and keep more up-to-date records.
They have also continued to send people to school to upgrade their education.
After many hours of work put in by the ambulance committee, they are now awaiting the arrival of a brand new ambulance.
I am very proud to be a part of and affiliated with a group of very special, dedicated, and caring individuals.
New Springfield
X The writer is chief of the Springfield Township EMS.