OHIO EXPORTS Growth report

Businesses in Ohio exported more than $26 billion in goods in 2000, according to the Ohio Department of Development. Here's a list of some of Ohio's biggest international customers, and the percentage the state's sales grew or decreased in 2000:
Canada: $14 billion (up 2.9 percent).
Mexico: $1.96 billion (up 42.6 percent).
Caribbean, Central America: $165 million (up 14 percent).
Europe: $5 billion (up .3 percent).
South America: $722 million (up 21.4 percent).
Asia: $3.2 billion (up 9.9 percent).
Africa: $169 million (down 5.6 percent).
Middle East: $323 million (down 15.8 percent).
Australia: $355 million (up 9.7 percent).
Source: Ohio Department of Development

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