TIME WARNER Company to move call site

Time Warner thinks it can improve response times by directing local calls to its North Canton center.
WARREN -- Time Warner Cable is closing its call center here and asking its 25 employees to relocate to North Canton.
Bill Jasso, a company spokesman, said the move is designed to improve service and provide faster response time to customers.
He said he didn't know how many employees would accept job offers in North Canton because the change isn't effective until June 1.
It will not affect Time Warner's other operations at its Weir Road facility, which include a customer service office and dispatching for repair work. About 30 jobs will remain at the office.
Reason for move: Jasso said the company placed a call center in the office in 1999 when it acquired the local cable operations from TCI Cablevision. The area had been served by an out-of-state call center, and Time Warner thought customers would be better served by a local one, he said.
"What we found two years later is that we were wrong," he said.
Company officials have done studies and now think response times can be improved by having Warren-area customers call the North Canton office, which has more than 100 people taking calls, he said. The Warren office was meeting the company's minimum standards, but the company always is looking to do better, he said.
The company's minimum standard is to answer 90 percent of calls in 30 seconds or less, but it is striving for 99.9 percent, he said.

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