Thanks to Traficant, good companies won't relocate

Thanks to Traficant, good companies won't relocate
His colleagues voted James Traficant the least effective member of Congress, and he is held in such disrepute that he appears to be the only congressman of 433 who was not given a committee assignment. He is regarded as a flake.
His indictments that should have been a total embarrassment and humiliation to the community seem to have been accepted, and, indeed, the press reports that many still regard him as a "good guy."
Whatever slim chance Youngstown had of economic recovery has evaporated. Given that Congressman Traficant has not yet gone to trial, it is difficult to believe that any progressive company will locate a facility in a community that gives support to a public official with his negatives. Ohio's 17th District will continue to be known as the Mississippi of the North.
Williamsburg, Va.
Election isn't over until all the ballots are counted
I feel that Mr. David Ditzler erred when he claimed that Mr. Protopapa was elected by the people of Struthers a few days ago. Maybe Mr. Ditzler should educate himself on the way elections work.
All Mr. Protopapa did was receive his party's nomination for the November general election -- just as I received my party's nomination.
Before Mr. Ditzler claims victory, he should know that he is in for a tough fight, one that I will not give up until the polls close on election night. Should I be elected I will fight just as hard for the First Ward residents and they will be proud of the councilman serving them, finally.
X The writer is the Republican candidate for First Ward Council in Struthers .
More than meets the eye on South Portland Avenue
This letter is in response to the May 13 letter regarding the South Portland Crime Watch. The only correct statement in his letter is that he and his neighbor applied, through their councilman, for parking in front of their homes -- although for more than 20 years no parking had been allowed on their side of the street. This corner is very dangerous because vehicles turn onto the street from both directions off Mahoning Avenue.
This parking situation has caused severe problems. The people across the street have a hard time getting out of their driveways because of the vehicles parked in the street. City protection vehicles could not get through at the top of the street with vehicles parked on both sides. The corner is on a slope and in the winter you slide and just miss their vehicles parked so close to the corner. The people across the street had to petition city council to have no parking in front of their homes just to make things a little easier.
The crime watch is not run by one family, but of the 75 or so homes on the street, only about six or eight people attend any given meeting. The rest of the street never has participated. Our chairperson has had that position for the last five or six years because no one else wants the job. It just happens that the people across the street from the letter writer are the nieces and mother of the chairperson.
We do try to find solutions to the same problems that plague most other neighborhoods: speeding vehicles, loud music, stolen bicycles, children being bitten by a neighbor's dog, a year and a half ago a 5- year-old boy was struck and killed on the street and most recently, an arson fire in a vacant house. We ask city officials to attend our meetings but most never show up -- not even the police. How are we to try to solve criminal activity and keep our neighborhood safe if we cannot get any answers from our city officials?
X The writers are, respectively, the president and secretary of the South Portland Crime Watch.