New complaints
Charles H. Stanton Jr. vs. John Pizzurro, other torts.
Countrywide Home Loans vs. Dana R. Henderson, foreclosure.
First National Mortgage Co. vs. Kevin A. Jaskowick, foreclosure.
Gary Law vs. James Conrad, workers' compensation.
Judith Strawn vs. James Conrad admr. BWC, workers' compensation.
Margie L. Palmer vs. C. James Conrad adm., workers' compensation.
GE Capital Mortgage vs. David A. Mercandino, foreclosure.
William A. Eckart Zoning vs. Allen Coonce, other civil.
Christ Michelakis vs. William Miller, foreclosure.
Second National Bank vs. Energy Max of N. E. Ohio, cognovit.
Sherry A. Miller vs. Lynne McNeal, other torts.
Community Finance Home vs. Donald K. Pohland, other civil.
Clark J. West vs. C. James Conrad, workers' compensation.
Second National Bank vs. Christopher Lavoie, other civil.
Second National Bank vs. Robert Kovach, other civil.
Melanie A. Gifford ind. vs. Hillside Rehabilitation, other torts.
Modern Sales Inc. vs. AVI Food Systems Inc., other civil.
Sinarapac Inc. vs. Georgia Pacific Corp., other civil.
Bank One NA vs. Caroline M. Dolly, foreclosure.
In the matter of foreclosure vs. Parcels of Land, foreclosure.
Bankers Trust Co. vs. George Kuriatnyk Sr., foreclosure.
Fifth Third Mortgage Co. vs. Ronald A. Brown, foreclosure.
Denise Spencer vs. Daryl McCorkle, other torts.
Monte P. Vicarel vs. Paul G. Patrick, other torts.
Richard Williams vs. Timothy R. Fabian, other torts.
Wendell E. Hickey vs. Marjorie G. Hickey, other civil.
Alexander A. Capas vs. Dinesol Plastics Inc., workers' compensation.
Sky Bank vs. Victor Kelson, replevin.
Bank One NA vs. Dennis L. Ayers, other civil.
Steven A. O'Hara vs. Progressive Ins. Comp., other civil.
Ohio Machinery Co. vs. Tom Wilson, other civil.
GE Capital Mortgage vs. Donald Jay King et al, foreclosure.
Kenneth Gardner vs. Ohio Adult Parole, other civil.
In the matter of Parcels of Land Encumbered, foreclosure.
Jerry Harper vs. Josephine Somple, other torts.
John M. Knapp vs. Jeanette J. Broadrick, other torts.
Wayne Parker vs. Protective Life Ins., other torts.
Arcifues Meridy vs. Independent Leasing, workers' compensation.
NA Bank One vs. Beverly Mackey et al, foreclosure.
Bank One vs. Elizabeth Holko, foreclosure.
Christ Michelakis vs. Thomas Reiter, other civil.
David J. Harper vs. Frank M. Stishan III, other civil.
Richard Zacheroff vs. Robert P. Hartman, other torts.
Lisa Owens vs. Jean Clover, other civil.
Second National Bank vs. Frederick McLaughlin, other civil.
Raymond Dietz vs. Braceville Twp., administrative appeal.
Vernon Hover vs. Frank Fabec, other torts.
Bank One NA vs. Nicole D. Anderson, foreclosure.
Ameriquest Mortgage Inc. vs. Howard L. Pelton, foreclosure.
Countrywide Home Loan Inc. vs. Anthony J. Dugan et al, administrative appeal.
Standard Federal Bank vs. Richard L. Miller, foreclosure.
Kimberly Dahringer vs. Center for Progressive, professional tort.
Della Pastterson vs. Ackerman Enterprises, other torts.
Lande-Con Inc. vs. Westfield Ins. Co., other civil.
George M. Cerna vs. Meridian Mutual Ins., other civil.
James Anderson vs. Hubbard Gridiron Club, other civil.
Samantha Bumbico vs. Andrea Gomski, other torts.
Michael Susko vs. Maaco Auto Painting, other civil.
Dora Selbe vs. Christopher Rinda, other civil.
Schreiber Co.-Hopewell vs. Tom Mikesell, cognovit.
Real estate transfers
EMC Mortgage Corp. to David A. Murphy et al, Youngstown, $19,900.
UCFC Loan Trust 1995-C2 et al to John B. Bielski, Youngstown, $5,600.
Phillip M. Glozer to David Lucas et al, Boardman Twp., $45,500.
Ronald J. Watson et al to Jay J. Cave et al, Youngstown, $51,000.
Donald R. Stamford to Helen I. Kozak, Youngstown, $48,000.
Leland Chapman et al vs. William Pfau et al, Canfield Twp., $170,500.
Cyril Furman to Donald A. Girardi et al, Austintown Twp., $90,500.
Kenneth Liptak to Joseph Glass et al, Campbell, $56,200.
East Ohio Gas to Donald Mashburn et al, Berlin Twp., $25,000.
Marie A. Melendez to Maria B. Ortiz-Vega, Youngstown, $25,000.
Kim E. Withrow et al to Kerry A. Rapp, Sebring, $42,000.
David B. Roberts to Senett C. Evans et al, Poland Twp., $195,000.
Curtis R. Beckwith et al to James R. Weeden et al, Coitsville Twp., $115,600.
Firstar Bank NA to William M. Byus et al, Youngstown, $12,000.
UDE of Canfield-Palmyra Road Ltd. Partnership to Charles F. Morgan et al, Canfield, $135,000.
Michael and Jennifer Dankovich to Anthony S. Kobak et al, Youngstown, $60,000.
Mark Catlos et al to Barbara J. Nichorster, Boardman Twp., $66,000.
The Bank of New York to Michael D. Klacik et al, Struthers, $13,500.
EMC Mortgage Corp. to Anna E. Marks et al, Youngstown, $8,000.
John J. Holzschuh et al to Nancy S. Irwin, Canfield Twp., $84,000.
Patricia A. Freedman to Sharon A. Stone, Youngstown, $69,000.
Donald S. Maiorca et al to Kenneth M. Melquist et al, Youngstown, $16,000.
Russell E. Ohlin et al to Raymond Svetichan, Springfield Twp., $25,000.
Raymond Hartley to M and C Management of Akron Ohio Ltd., Youngstown, $8,500.
Raymond Hartley to M and C Management of Akron Ohio Ltd., Youngstown, $3,500.
Stephen Salcedo et al to Philip S. Kocen et al, Boardman Twp., $59,000.
Raymond Hartley to M and C Management of Akron Ohio Ltd., Youngstown, $2,800.
Robert R. Ricchiuti et al to Mary Whitenoll, Poland Twp., $80,000.
Blaise A. Obritz et al to Roderick McCune, Boardman Twp., $65,000.
William H. Axelson III to 195 Judson Land Trust, Youngstown, $5,000.
Timothy R. Phillips to Jason W. Koebel et al, Austintown Twp., $82,000.
Sitler Construction Inc. et al to Dennis W. Imhoff et al, Columbiana, $125,670.
Ernest Yacovone et al to Bernard Carpenter et al, Austintown Twp., $57,000.
Gary L. Asberry et al to Cendant Mobility Services Corp., Washingtonville, $108,333.
Wendy's International Inc. to Wenland Ltd., Canfield Twp., $942,000.
Home Savings & amp; Loan Co. et al Duane R. Wilson et al, Berlin Twp., $19,500.
Terrence V. Thomas et al to Jennifer E. Harrington, Youngstown, $84,300.
Richard C. Olson et al to Gerald M. Walsh, Columbiana, $175,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Carla M. Miller, 6386 Catawba Drive #3, Canfield, pharmaceutical representative, Penn Veterinary Supply; liabilities, $47,911; assets, $2,270.
Alfredo A. Garcia, 804 E. Philadelphia Ave., Youngstown, shipping dept. laborer, Toys R Us; liabilities, $51,665; assets, $20,993.
Patricia C. Posterli, aka Patricia C. Began, 2566 Nadyne Drive, Youngstown, and Edward A. Posterli, 815 Colby Ave., Liberty; he; landscaper, Johnson Landscaping; she: LPN, Windsor Health Care Center; liabilities, $109,141; assets, $96,200.
Richard H. and Nancy A. Rolfe, 120 Church St., Hubbard, he: retired; she: sales clerk, Rite Aid; liabilities, $78,785; assets, $37,200.
Sylvia A. Hunter, 217 S. Garland, Youngstown, none; liabilities, $12,649; assets, $343.
Joseph M. Puskarich III, 10 Montgomery Court, Canfield, asst. manager, Advance Auto Parts; liabilities, $10,809; assets, $5,565.
Eileen Szitas, 925 Garden St. S.W., Warren, night janitor, Warren City Schools; liabilities, $33,204; assets, $2,820.
William R. and Jamie S. McKlveen, aka Jamie S. Potts, 2932 Lincoln Ave., Struthers, he: commercial specialist, Auto Zone; she: manager, Arby's; liabilities, $75,334; assets, $24,537.
James E. and Elizabeth Clay, 3110 Woodbine Ave. S.E., Warren, he: truck driver, H & amp; R Transport; she: none; liabilities, $102,875; assets, $86,000.
John B. Kohut, 12921 Springfield Road, New Springfield, driver, Northern States Metal; liabilities, $122,600; assets, $48,720.
John Popa Jr. 1866 Oles Ave., Poland; self-employed; liabilities, $30,071; assets, $1,000.
William L. Sr. and Betty E. Blystone, 1135 Anderson Blvd., East Liverpool, he: mechanic, Smith Auto; she: meat cutter, Penn Sparkle; liabilities, $86,042; assets, $39,609.

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