SMALLER CITIES Readers target shabby houses

One Struthers woman compiled a list of more than 40 unsightly places in the city.
STRUTHERS -- Blight doesn't vary much, no matter on which side of the line you live.
People here, and others who live in small cities outside Youngstown, consider vacant and run-down properties to be their community's worst eyesores.
Readers from small cities sent 20 responses, a dozen of them from places neighboring Youngstown such as Struthers and Campbell.
More than half the responses involved homes people want to see cleaned up. One Struthers woman compiled a list of more than 40 places, many of them homes.
A few were public spaces, such as the sidewalks on Garfield Street between Sexton and Morrison streets in Struthers.
Gravel washes over the sidewalk, the fence collects trash and dog feces are a problem on what is a popular street for people and canines to walk, said Margaret Popovich.
"It's quite disgusting," she said.
Others want abandoned businesses cleaned up.
One example is an old plaza at Parkman and North Leavitt roads in Warren.

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