Other eyesores
Other significant eyesores in rural areas, according to readers:
Dilapidated building, state Route 7 near state Route 5, Kinsman.
White paint is chipping and peeling off the wood sign and bricks of an old gas station. A dirt pile sits in front and a semi-trailer painted with advertising sits next door.Junk, North East River and County Line roads, Lake Milton. The busy corner features a semitrailer with items stored underneath. A car with plastic taking the place of the windows and a piece of old excavation equipment are nearby. Rail ties, concrete chunks and wooden pallets are sprinkled around the property.Junk, state Route 534 near Interstate 76, Lake Milton.
Dirt piles and a trio of old wooden cabins are near the street close to Mahoning Avenue. Farther south, there is property with cardboard mixed into a dirt pile, and pieces of a concrete pipe nearby. Two horses wander near stacks of cinder blocks and a partial building made from the blocks, a worn wooden shed with holes and rusted metal gates.

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