Junk and run-down houses also plague country settings

Places like Kinsman and Lake Milton have eyesores, too, readers say.
GREEN -- Rural areas offer quiet settings and plenty of living space.
Residents also value the greater autonomy they have to do what they want with their land. Typically, there are fewer limits on using land than in suburbs or cities, such as the absence of zoning laws.
When spacious living and freedom clash, you have eyesores.
Take Washingtonville Road, for example. On one side, just south of Western Reserve Road, sits a big lot with an expensive, well-kept, red-trimmed home.
The other side features land strewed with rusted cars, junk, brush and a camper parked in front. The building is missing siding. Farther down the road sits a worn barn with cars on both sides of a wooden fence.
Vindicator readers across the Mahoning Valley who live outside the cities or surrounding suburbs say their settings are interrupted by others.
Lake Milton: Picturesque Lake Milton features a mix of newer homes on the water along North East River Road in Milton Township. Five residents, however, are tired of some of the unpleasant sights they see.
Among them is the space between Summerset and Recreation drives.
A fading white cinder block building sits at one corner, a rusty door falling off. Three cars and a boat fill the spot between the building and the former Dutchess Liquor store. Logs lie across the length of the property. A faint hint of green paint lingers, but the old store mostly looks gray from the weathered wood.
Next to the Dutchess building is a home with a similar barn in back that's visible from the street. The white and green-trimmed home in front has a sagging roof and is cluttered with weeds and items on the window sills.
Kinsman: Several homes along Main Street in Kinsman, in northern Trumbull County, could use paint jobs. Bigger problems are on side roads, a couple readers complain.
Toys, tires, truck caps and a tub are spread across the yard of a home on Burnett East Road, near state Route 5. Garbage is piled onto the window sills inside, and the porch roof is missing. Next door are a half-dismantled house and a worn barn.
Broken farm equipment line a property on Kinsman Nickerson Road. A half-dozen cars in the yard are mingled with brush and high weeds.

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