Council made the right decision on arena site

Council made the right decision on arena site
As a Youngstown taxpayer and resident, I would like to applaud Youngstown City Council members for sticking to their guns and picking for the arena project the best possible site in the city -- along the Mahoning River between the South Avenue and Market Street bridges .
While some arena board members may have sour grapes about their role, the fact is the bridges site is the best possible site. As for YSU's role Dr. Sweet must be reminded that YSU plays baseball in Niles, some 10 miles away, not minutes away from Youngstown.
Traficant has no business being talk-show host
I am responding to a recent column regarding the plans of Clear Channel Radio Corp. to allow Rep. Jim Traficant to host the Dan Ryan show.
While it is certainly Clear Channel's right to broadcast what and whom they choose within FCC regulations, they must remember that responsibilities accompany those rights. Permitting an indicted politician to host a talk show is reprehensible. They are using the community's misfortune for their own personal and corporate gain. That is a most misguided and short sighted action.
Mr. Traficant is not a radio personality. He is an elected official who has been indicted by the federal government for fraud, bribery and corruption.
What message does it send our youth if we reward this behavior by allowing Mr. Traficant unfettered access to public airwaves to discuss/flaunt his actions?
It tells our young people that self-serving behavior has no consequence here, that the greedy in the community will overlook that behavior so long as they see something in it for themselves.
Our juvenile justice center is filled to capacity. Why do so many young people believe they are above the law and don't need to follow rules? It is because they model the behavior they see rewarded. Providing Mr. Traficant a pulpit from which to defile our nation's rules and laws is irresponsible. Immediate ratings may be the objective but this action will accomplish a far more invidious harm.
By far, most residents of the Valley are law-abiding, honest citizens. Yet we have become so frustrated by the corruption around us that we feel powerless to bring about change. We do have the power, and in this situation it is economic power.
I have asked Mr. Kelly to reconsider the actions planned and to recognize that it is not in the best interest of Clear Channel or Mahoning County to permit Mr. Traficant to guest host the Dan Ryan show.
Nurses at fault for not acting like professionals
The problem with the nurses' strike is the fault of the nurses. When a person takes on a job, she should understand the requirements at the beginning. A professional, in a professional occupation, should behave as a professional.
When a professional reports off work because of a hangnail, the children need a ride to soccer practice or whatever other lame excuse they can conjure up, the only person who is affected is the professional who is to be relieved.
The hospital schedules workers. The workers are expected to report to work. If they do not want to do the job, they should seek other employment.
Pity the fool that does not come to work while I am in intensive care. Yes, the nursing profession and related jobs are a matter of life and death. Persons choosing that profession should begin to act like professionals by closing the picket line and resume their professional duties.