KEYSTONE CLIPS Do wacky write-ins show party platforms?

It could be someone's sense of humor, someone disgruntled with the list of candidates or perhaps just someone wanting to play with Mercer County's new touch-screen voting system, but Tuesday's primary for the Hermitage School Board had a couple of strange write-ins.
A Democrat thought that "Extra Cheese" might be the best person for the job, and a Republican suggested that "Mary Poppins" could be the best candidate to represent that party in the November general election.
Penguin power: The Lawrence County elections office also sees its share of jokesters who writeMickey Mouse or Bill Clinton on a ballot for a local office. But one voter had the ultimate dream candidates when voting last Tuesday: The Pittsburgh Penguins.
Elections Director Marlene Gabriel said someone wrote in all the names of the players in spots meant for write-in votes. "They had Mario [Lemieux], they had [Jaromir] Jagr," she said, listing names of the team players. And most surprising, everyone's name was spelled right, she said.
Canoe journey: The French Creek project and the Alleghenies Watershed Network are inviting the public on weeklong canoe journey on French Creek and the Allegheny River next month. The French Creek portion of the trip will start at the stream headwaters in Erie County June 11 and reach the Allegheny in Franklin, Venango County, June 15.
The Allegheny journey begins that day at that spot and will end in Emlenton June 17. People can join either portion for a day or the entire week. There will be daily presentations on the natural history of the river.
There is a $25 registration charge and a daily charge of $35 per person for those who need to rent a canoe. Bring your own canoe and the daily fee is $25. A box lunch, snack and dinner will be provided each day. Campsites will be provided, but campers must bring their own gear.
To register, call (888) 920-8699 or visit the French Creek Project Web site at
XContributors: Harold Gwin of The Vindicator Sharon Bureau and Laure Cioffi, New Castle Bureau.

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