Marriage licenses
Kirk T. Esmond, 24, of 427 Bonnie Brae S.E., Vienna, and Amanda L. Saviers, 21, of 425 Nebraska Ave., McDonald.
James L. Giddings III, 22, of 1265 Strossmayer, Vienna, and Jacqueline R. Chuirazzi, 28, of 436 Churchill Road, Girard.
Harry L. Peterson, 42, of 3206 Dove Drive S.W., Lordstown, and Christine L. Dade, 43, of same.
Ronald E. Garrett II, 38, of 2952 Trumbull Ave., McDonald, and Christine A. Ceroli, 40, of same.
William Flynn Jr., 66, of 1053 Genesee N.E., Warren, and Arlene M. Boyle, 66, of 8933 Inverrary Drive S.E., Warren.
Jay R. Gibson, 22, of 1326 Southern Blvd., Warren, and Christine L. Gulosh, 22, of same.
James B. Medallis, 34, ,of 7232 Birchview Drive, Newton Falls, and Spring A. Henry, 25, of 4051 McClure East Road, Newton Falls.
Ronald L. Myers, 48, of 810 Yankee Run Road, Masury, and Elizabeth A. Newell, 42, of 540 E. Wood St., Lowellville.
Edward L. Orr, 33, of 3190 state Route 7, Fowler, and Dannielle L. Shaffer, 29, of same.
Travis K. Perris, 24, of 1616 Hyde Oakfield Road, North Bloomfield, and Kimberly A. Lewis, 23, of 2737 Wilson Sharpsville Road, Cortland.
Kent T. Jones, 37, of 522 Perkins Drive N.W., Warren, and Cynthia S. Vandenboom, 34, of same.
Scott L. Rutledge, 24, of 117 1/2 Bane Ave., Newton Falls, and Adriana L. Statti, 30, of same.
Justin M. Halstead, 20, of Jacksonville, N.C., and Jill R. Wellman, 7090 state route 45, North Bloomfield.
Sean P. Kiniklis, 29, of 8591 Bayberry Drive, Warren, and Kathleen A. Vallely, 33, of 5249 Sabrina Lane N.W., Warren.
Joseph C. Rockenfelder, 25, of 7331 Beech St., Newton Falls, and Michele M. Bachochin, 24, of 306 Clifton Drive, Warren.
Jason R. Evans, 22, of 2535 state Route 7, Fowler, and Elizabeth A. Place, 22, of 4397 Wakefield Creek Road, Farmdale.
Jesus M. Solivan, 30, of 10 Arms Blvd., Niles, and Sherry L. Koncsol, 28, of same.
Joseph A. Christopher III, 24, of 106 Arhaven Drive, Newton Falls, and Marykathryn E. Smith, 22, of 3825 Caleb Road, Leavittsburg.
William L. Jenkins, 42, of 4502 W. Market St., Leavittsburg, and Tanya Wood, 30, of 371 Bishop Road, Leavittsburg.
Joshua A. Royer, 23, of 5425 state Route 88, West Farmington, and Samantha A. Hardesty, 18, of same.
Robert W. Anderson, 42, of 3608 Northwood Drive, Warren, and Judy McGuire, 49, of same.
Vincent D. Mack, 50, of 2451 Montgomery N.W., Warren, and Vanessa Morris, 44, of same.
Daniel R. Miller, 21, of 14320 Bundysburg Road, Middlefield, and Maria D. Miller, 22, of 4559 Kinsman Road, Middlefield.
Robert F. Peyatt, 36, of 78 11th St., Niles, and Jennifer J. Moore, 27, of same.
Thomas A. Donaldson Jr., 22, of 9274 Durst Colebrook Road, North Bloomfield, and Lisa A. Denovchek, 24, of 2485 Edgewater Drive, Cortland.
Charles R. Mahan Jr., 18, of 5473 North Park Extension, Warren, and Michelle L. Perry, 20, of same.
Andre Gilbert, 34, of 853 Palmyra Road S.W., Warren, and Sandra L. Costley, 37, of same.
Zane L. Wolcott, 20, of 2924 Bristol Champion Townline Road, Bristolville, and Shannon Volk, 19, of 405 Belmont St., Niles.
Christopher B. McCord, 31, of 716 Lakeview Drive, Cortland, and Jennifer S. Costello, 25, of same.
Glenn C. Balogh, 26, of 1175 Keefer Road, Girard, and Sandra J. Hredzak, 26, of same.
Dissolutions filed
Bruce W. Mattozzi and Kathleen M. Mattozzi.
Pamela S. Sears and Timothy A. Sears.
David P. Soukenik and Monica A. Soukenik.
Terry J. Route and Cheri A. Roupe.
Steven C. Snider and Karen L. Snider.
Timothy E. Keller and Vicki Susan Keller.
Linda A. Jones and Ian D. Jones.
Thomas M. Harriman and Judith L. Harriman.
Brenda L. Kriston and Patrick O. Kriston.
Jean C. Walsh and Gerald M. Walsh.
Linda M. Astolfi and David V. Astolfi.
Divorces filed
Lisa Smith vs. William Smith.
Thomas R. Mills Jr. vs. Lorri J. Mills.
Heather M. Mansour vs. Basel M. Mansour.
Dana M. Warren vs. Christopher W. Stripe.
David L. Miller vs. Nancy M. Miller.
Mary K. Dawson vs. Jeffrey W. Dawson.
Dianne E. Takacs vs. Joseph J. Takacs.
Sharon Kilpatrick vs. Nancy Seminara.
Cases converted
Sherry J. Kolic vs. Thomas J. Kolic, dissolution granted.
Cases dismissed
Angela Williams vs. Rodney E. Williams.
Paula Shively vs. Eric L. Shively.
Dorothy S. Welk vs. Kenneth C. Welk.
Amy S. Russell vs. James R. Russell.
Jessica Christy vs. Carl Zambelli.
Patti L. Hayes vs. Jessie L. Taylor.
Brenda Kaczmark vs. Dale Kaczmark.
Shauna Jackson vs. Aundre Armstrong.
Tracie L. Cobb vs. Louis M. Cobb.
Kimberly Whitten vs. Ray G. Morgan.
Tami S. Evans vs. Malcom Evans.
Stephanie R. Ganci vs. Richard Ganci Jr.
Crystal L. Lukehat vs. Charles L. Snowden.
Tanya N. Dutting vs. Dave G. Miller.
Penny Curtell vs. Kevin Curtell.
Dissolutions granted
Shari Pence and David Pence.
Larry W. Russell and Melinda A. Russell.
Jessica R. Tomor and John W. Tomor, wife restores to name of Jessica Prout.
Timothy Graybill and Theresa Graybill.
Gordon P. Mathies Jr. and Rhonda Mathies.
Barbara Stevens and Anthony Stevens.
John Shilling and Sherri Shilling.
Nicole Schmitt and Brandon J. Schmitt.
Brenda M. Dennison and Samuel L. Dennison Jr., wife restores to name of Brenda M. Massey.
Rosanne Medovich and Stephen P. Medovich.
Tina M. Simms and Martin J. Simms.
Leslie L. McIntosh and Sandreka L. McIntosh.
Nancy M. Phares and Wilson L. Phares Jr.
Adrienne M. Crum and James Crum.
Marcy L. Lilley and Jay C. Lilley.
Judith A. Housel vs. Jay B. Housel, wife restores to name of Judith A. Flynn.
Divorces granted
Curtis Josenberger vs. Tracy Josenberger, divorce to plaintiff.
James DeChristefero vs. Nancy L. DeChristefero, divorce to both.
Linda L. Gibson vs. George Gibson, divorce to both.
Shawn O'Malley Yoho vs. Rodney Yoho, divorce to plaintiff, wife restores to name of Shawn O'Malley.
Susan L. Smith vs. Timothy Smith, divorce to plaintiff.
Nicole L. Hamrick vs. Shawn T. Hamrick, divorce to plaintiff.
John M. Burke vs. Christine D. Burke, divorce to plaintiff.
Tina L. Taylor vs. Denver Taylor Jr., divorce to plaintiff.
Loraine Griffing vs. Richard K. Griffing, divorce to both.
James Mattox vs. Denise P. Mattox, wife restores to name of Denise P. Oliva.
Thomas J. Foley vs. Barbara Foley, divorce to plaintiff.
April E. Hickox vs. Todd M. Hickox, divorce to plaintiff, wife restores to name of April E. James.
Hardrives Paving vs. J. Builders Inc., summary judgment.
Original Brothers Pizza vs. Greg Alex, dismissed.
Lois J. Missik vs. John Crane Inc., settled and dismissed.
Community Insurance vs. John Richard Mohr, settled and dismissed.
Charles Millikin vs. C. James Conrad, admin., settled and dismissed.
Carol Evans vs. PHTG Inc., dismissed.
Alberto Rodriquez Jr. vs. Jennifer Harrison, settled and dismissed.
Ameriquest Mortgage vs. Sean M. Murphy, confirmation of sale.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Katherine MacKenzie, confirmation of sale.
Cendant Mortgage Corp. vs. Robert W. Burlingame, confirmation of sale.
Pacal Molded Plastics Inc. vs. Wright Packaging Sales, settled.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. David Oakman, foreclosure.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. M.M. Causey, dismissed.
Union Federal Bank et al vs. John Devorich et al, confirmation of sale.
Albert Guarnieri & amp; Co. Inc. vs. Rock Creek Country Store, dismissed.
C & amp; K Oil Corp. vs. Mary Lou Readshaw, dismissed.
Bank One NA vs. Dean H. Jewell, dismissed.
Ace Bail Bond Co. vs. Nicholas Speis Sr., dismissed.
Anchor Cigar & amp; Candy vs. Rich Sipusic et al, settled.
Citifinancial Inc. vs. Dan Porter, dismissed.
Manufacturers & amp; Traders vs. William C. Carrier, dismissed.
Michael F. Parlamas vs. John A. Leopardi, settled and dismissed.
General Motors Acceptance vs. Obie L. Comer, default granted.
Jane Stewart vs. Alice M. Testa, settled and dismissed.
Randy Fabrizio vs. Ford Motor Co., settled and dismissed.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. W.R. Lileas, foreclosure.
Lisa Smith vs. JTH Tax Inc., settled and dismissed.
Steve Donchatz vs. Laura J. Morris et al, settled and dismissed.
Gayle Wakefield vs. Thomas M. Bradford, dismissed.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Brookfield Investments, confirmation of sale.
J. Paul Moore, M.D. vs. Jeffrey Rubin, M.D., dismissed.
Bennie C. Coleman Jr. vs. PAM Dedicated Services, settled.
United Companies Lending vs. Debra Jo Scott, confirmation of sale.
Forest Oaks Golf vs. Golf Marketing, settled and dismissed.
James R. Johnson vs. Phillip J. Morrison, settled and dismissed.
First Indiana Bank vs. Fred B. Beaver, foreclosure.
Conseco Inc. vs. Frederick J. Smith, foreclosure.
Alan R. Snyder vs. U.S. Extrusion Tool & amp; Die, settled and dismissed.
Marianne V. Winchester vs. Christopher G. Plevniak II, dismissed.
Permanent General vs. Bernita Diggs, dismissed.
Residential Funding Corp. vs. Roselyn K. Goist et al, foreclosure.
Walter Gerber et al vs. Warren Fabricating Corp., dismissed.
Richard T. Kiko Agency Inc. vs. Lemar Miller et al, foreclosure.
Berk Enterprises Inc. vs. Waters Cleaning Service, default granted.
Fleet Mortgage Corp. vs. Lance J. Propst, foreclosure.
GMAC Mortgage Corp. vs. Troy Squibbs, foreclosure.
Sky Bank vs. Natalie N. Bacon, default granted.
Park National Bank vs. Anthony J. Cervone Jr., dismissed.
Second National Bank vs. Energy Max of Northeast Ohio, cognovit judgment granted.
Schreiber Company et al vs. Tom Mikesell, cognovit judgment granted.
Milan Marsh vs. Martin Finegold, dismissed.
Harold Owsley vs. C. James Conrad, settled and dismissed.
Robert Henderson vs. Jennie H. Budak, settled.
Elizabeth A. Ross vs. Robert D. Roden, settled and dismissed.
Beneficial Mortgage vs. Brent P. Bordner, confirmation of sale.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Douglas Williams, confirmation of sale.
Lawrence I. Schmetterer vs. Jeffrey Rubin M.D., dismissed.
Francis R. Gale vs. Anthony Marino, settled.
Charles H. Stanton Jr. vs. John Pizzurro, dismissed.
Joseph W. Bonacci vs. Kelly R. Tucker, judgment for plaintiff.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Robert D. Plumley, confirmation of sale.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Richard B. Peterson, confirmation of sale.
Bobbie Holbrook vs. City of Girard, settled and dismissed.
Farmers National Bank vs. Ted J. Papiernik, settled.
First Federal Savings vs. Lavinia Gaston, dismissed.
Thomas W. Monroe vs. John Maxfield M.D., dismissed.
Chase Manhattan Bank vs. Sheldon M. Brogdon et al, dismissed.
First Place Bank vs. Samuel S. Hernon, foreclosure.
Sky Bank et al vs. Anthony D. Hill, default granted.
Chase Manhattan Mortgage Bank vs. Susan K. Wynn, dismissed.
Sky Bank et al vs. Sylvester J. Frazzini, settled and dismissed.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Paul M. Gustovich, dismissed.
Joann Thompson et al vs. Anchor Packing Co., dismissed.
Galbreath Mortgage Co. et al vs. Raykin Enterprises, dismissed.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Noreen M. Lockney, confirmation of sale.
Carl Lupi vs. James Conrad, admin. BWC, settled and dismissed.
Contimortgage Corp. vs. Sandra Neiswanger, confirmation of sale.
First Union National Bank vs. Angelo J. Sgambati Jr., dismissed.
Beth Smith et al vs. Mary A. Newman, settled and dismissed.
James G. Birch vs. David Thurik, settled and dismissed.
Walter H. Miles vs. Carl J. Olexo, settled and dismissed.
Larry E. Bacon vs. Douglas Pascute, judgment for plaintiff.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Wilbur Gmucs, foreclosure.

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