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Published: Sun, May 20, 2001 @ 12:00 a.m.


WGAH -- (Pine Lakes) Gross Minus Par 3's: A - G. Bunn; B - B. Stiver; C - P. Hartwig.

Valley Golf Club Columbiana-- Closest to pin #2 Margaret Nery; Closest to pin #4 Norma Leslie; Longest drive #5 Sandy Dailey; Longest Putt #9 Mary Jasinski. Chip Ins: Betty Briach, Ruth Komara; Low gross: Anne Mavar 50; Low net: Florence Morey 31; Low putts: Bette Foot 14.

Mohawk Trails Ladies Golf League--Low gross: Marge Seckler 46, Kitty Moore 59, Peggy Cappelli 71; Low net: Barb Fiffick 34, Nancy Koehler, Kitty Moore, 37, Peggy Cappelli 41; Play of the Day: Throw out high and low holes 1/2 handicap, Marge Seckler 30, Nancy Koehler, Kitty Moore 35, Peggy Cappelli 38; Low putts: Marge Seckler, Barb Fiffick 15.

G.C.U. Ladies Golf League--(Pine Lakes, Hubbard) Class "A" Low gross: Janice Lesoganich 47; Low net: J. Lesoganich 39; Least putts: J. Lesoganich tie Carol Bigley 14; Play of Day: Throw our 4 holes-1/2 Hdcp, C. Bigley, Dot Korchnak 17. Class "B" Low gross: Marge Babik 60; Low net: M. Babik 38; Least putts: M. Babik 14; Play of Day: Irene Kady 15; Class "C" Low gross: Adeline Riefler 63, Low net: Rose Ann Baglama 37, Least putts: Millie Myers tie Kay Burke 16; Play of Day: R. Baglama and Eleanor Evinsky 17; Chip-Ins: Peg Landolfi #18, Rose Baglama #18, Eleanor Evinsky #10, Millie Myers #12.

Fem Bombers Wednesday A.M. Ladies Golf League--(Meander Golf Course) Low gross: Nancy Olsonsky 49, Elberta Scott 56, Janet Milligan 57; Low net:

Nancy Olsonsky 33, Elberta Scott 35, Janet Mulligan 32; Play of the Day: Change 2 worst holes to Par minus 1/2 handicap, Carol Barone 31, Elberta Scott 39, Janet Milligan, Theresa Campbell 37; Birdies: Toni Krut #5; Jean Johnson #5; Chip Ins: Toni Krut #5.

Thursday -- (Countryside) Low Gross & amp; Net: A - O. Latura 54,36; B - S. Black 65,35; C - M. Knoll 75,39; Least putts: A - O. Latura; B - S. Black, S. Sertich; C - R. Ridarsky; Flags: O. Latura, M. Hauser, C. Ramos, M. Knoll; Gross minus putts 1/2 handicap: A - O. Latura; B - D. Latura; C - M. Knoll.

Sunrise Ladies -- (Dogwood) Low Gross: A-Rene Porman, Dee Zinz 47; B - M.A. Lyden, Irene Perish 57; C-Kitty McDevitt 57; Low net: A-Dee Dunn 36; B-Bev Brown 32; C - M.A. Howells 29; Gross minus par 5s: Gail Tessean; Chip-ins: M.A. Lyden, V. Siersdorfer, Gail Tessean; Low putts: V. Siersdorfer 14.

Senior Friday Night -- (Mill Creek) Low putts on even holes: Low Gross: A-Rae Glass 52; B-Dorothy Michael 58; C-Mary Walsh 62; Low net: A-Mary Stabi 36, handicap 18; B-Helen Morris 42, handicap 21; C-Mary Parks 40, handicap 26, Elsie Rathburn 40, handicap 23; Event: A-Barb Reen 7; B-Dorothy Michal 6; C-Mary Parks and Mary Walsh 7; Low putts: Mary Parks 13.

Tee-Off -- (Avalon South) Revert two worst holes to par: I-Becky Tropf 40; II-Barb Cochran, Betty Gintert, Robyn Kreager 46; Low gross: I-Marianne Wieda 45; II-Barb Cochran 52; Low net: I-Marianne Wieda 36; II-Barb Cochran 34; Birdies: Donna Dennison (10); Marilyn Gamon (13), Becky Tropf (15).

Valley Golf Friday Ladies--Gross minus putts: Jane Pfund 32; Peggy Putts 33; Susan Sisko, Betty Long 34; Low gross: Betty Long, Pat Young, Jane Pfund, Peggy Potts 50; Least putts: Helen Gustafson 13; Chip-ins: Helen Gustafson, Peggy Potts, Nan Sellards; Birdies: Nan Sellards, Peggy Potts, Helen Gustafson.

Bogey Sisters--(Lakeside) Play of the Day: Longest Drive, Helen Stein.

Meander Classics-- A- Low gross: Cindy Renner 47, Doris Valley 52; C- Joyce Billock 52; Low net: A-Judy DeSalvo 39; B- Doris Valley 30; C- Joyce Billock 27; Birdies: Jill Holt; Chip-Ins: Dee Steinbeiser and Marlea Rousher; Least putts: Marlea Rousher and Nora Campbell.

Chip 'N Ales -- (Countryside) Play of Day: Lowest Score Par 4s: A-Jill Harmon 25, B-Jayne Pavia 26, Linda Paris 37; Low Gross: A- Jill Harmon 43, B- Jayne Pavia 48, C- Mary Ann Klingensmith 59; Low Net: Barb Wollitz 39; B-Lucy Sulik 32; C- Mary Ann Klingensmith, Barb Zabloski 35; Birdie: Jill Harmon (12); Longest Putt: Pat Chrisman.

PYBS Ladies-Tuesday -- (Countryside) Play of Day: Best Score's on 1-3-5: A- Carol Bigley 14, B- Shirley Signore 17; Low Gross: A- Carol Bigley 48, B- Shirley Signore 55; Low Net: A-Jo Tkacik 30, B- Shirley Signore 29; Least Putts: Judy Wellington 14.

Rocky Ridge Ladies -- Low Gross: A- Donna Zagorsky 42, B- Kitty Marian 42; Low Net: A- Judy Janik, Marie Karas, Sharmen Simon 30, B- Kitty Marian 24; Chip-in: Dolly Ziemianski (1).

Donnybrook Tuesday Night Ladies -- Play of day: Most putts: A- Pat Murphy 40; B1- Chris Gergel 38, Renee Miller 40; B2- Jan Schaller 34; C- Leigh Arvin 94; Chip-in: Charlene Cook (5); Birdie: Pat Murphy (6).

Thursday Night Ladies-- (Mill Creek) Toss out two worst holes 1/2 hcp. Class "A" Susan Susko, Terri Dripps, Marion Calpin 32; Class "B" Irene Costakis 33; Class "C" Pat Cheslik 36.

Churchill Golf League-- (Mahoning Country Club) Low gross: G. Kay 36, D. Bacon 37, E. Ross, T.Lynn 38, D.Cannon, L. Coons, B. Creed, C. Ivan 39; Low net: G. Fish 30, G. Kay 33, L. Polkovitch, M. Mauser, B. Mauser 34, L. Fleming, C. Jones, W. Carbonell 35.

Trevlac Golf League-- (Mill Creek Golf Couse) Play of the Day: Low net, minus par 5s -1/4 handicap.

"AA" Charlotte Gilliland 12, "A" Shirley Bonamase 7, "B"Joanne Blockinger 1, "C" Irene Costakis -2; Chip in, Mary Ann Balla #6 South.

Avalon Tee-Off League-- (Avalon South) Play of the Day: Closest to pin third shot on #9: Flight I, Kris Prince. Flight II, Diane Franklin; Low gross: Flight I, Kris Prince 41, Flight II, Marilyn Gamon 51; Low net: Flight I, Kris Prince 32, Flight II, Diane Franklin 35. Birdie: Kris Prince on #9.

Forum Health/ Western Reserve Care System Women's Golf League-- (Stambaugh) Play of Day: Least putts. Flight A, Angie Puzzulo 16 putts, Flight B, Mary Walsh 19 putts, Flight C, Betty Davies 18 putts. Low gross: Flight "A" Angie Puzzulo 43, Flight "B" Mary Walsh 60, Flight "C" Betty Davies 63.

Tanglewood Ladies Tanglers League-- (Tanglewood) Low gross & amp; Low net: A- Ann Mavar 52, JoAnn Dama 52/38; B- Anita Walko 55/37; C- Sue Reichert 62/40. Least putts were: A- Pat Mathews 17, B. Walko 15, C- Julie Mrofchak 16; Play of the Day: Net minus putts, A- JoAnn Dama 19, B- Peg Landolfi 21, C. Reichert 21; Flags went to A. Mathews, B. Walko, C Helen Mantini. Chip in: Pat Matthews.

Tee Off's Ladies Golf League-- (Reserve Run) Low gross: Class "A" Kathy Milton 40, Class "B" Mary Ann Whiteleather 49, Jules Hrebovcin & amp; Kelly Bresnahan 49, Class "C" Linda Bott 52; Low net: Class "A" Milton 32, Class "B" Karen McBurney, Hrebovcin 35, Class "C" Georgeann Catrell, Bott 35. For entire league: Low gross: Kathy Milton 40. Low net: Milton 32. Play of the Day: Shortest Drive on #1, Laraine Gillespie.

Yankeettes Ladies Golf League-- (Yankee Run) Play of the Day: Best on Par 4s. Flight 1: Mern Roberts 10, Midge Evans 12, Karen Pacifico, Terry Lunder, Betsy Janecko 13; Low net Flight I: Mern Roberts 37, Doreen Hamady 38, Valerie Putko, Terry Lunder, Betsy Janecko 40. Low gross Flight I: Doreen Hamady 42. Flight II: Diane Wiesen 1, Audrea Neri 2, Marilyn Buzek 3; Low net Flight II: Marilyn Buzek 32, Linda Hazi 35, Jane Fedders 36; Low gross Flight II: Marilyn Buzek & amp; Jane Fedders 51. Chip ins: Doreen Hamady #17.

G.H.Y.--(Pine Lakes Golf Course) Play of the Day: Mystery holes less 1/2 handicap #6,8,9. Class "A": Judy Higgins, Kathy Sinkovich 7; Class "B": Colleen Novosel, Sandy Ewing 8; Class "C": Myong Hwang 6; Class "D" Mary Jean Vrabel 9; Birdies: Bonnie Comeau had two birdies. Chip ins: Comeau, Grace Fusco, Linda Latimer, Ellie Miklos. Low scores of the day: Class "A", Sandy Copich, Chris Silverstri 45, Class "B", Sandy Ewing 48, Class "C" Fusco 53, Class "D" Miklos 60.


St. Dominic's Golf League--(Tanglewood) Low gross: Sam Fisher 37, Denny Stewart 38, Mike Carney & amp; Jim Scharville 39; Low net: Mark Gambrel, Kevin Benedict, Sam Fisher, Jim Scharville 35; John Carney, Mike Carney, Lenny Granitto, Bob Gray & amp; Don Wittman, 36.

Jednota Friday Golf League--(Tanglewood) Low gross: C. J. Andre 36; R. Jonda 38; Low net: L. Hudak 22, R. Kollar 28, M. Albrecht 32, J. Plant 32, J. Yavorsky 33, T. Valentini 34, J. Scavina 34, D. Cormell 34. Top team, City Printing.

The Vindicator Golf League--(Pine Lakes) Low gross: Kinney 39, Mollica 41; Low net: Fusco 34, Mucci 35, Kinney 35, Mollica 35, DiVito 35, Tysinger 35, J. Green 36. Division leaders: Hogan--Pressman 29. Snead--Operators 27.5

Candywood Lounge League--(Candywood) Low gross: Don Brown 37, Mike Mikulich 38, Tom Rider 38, Larry Lunder 38, Rick Young 39, Dan Gatta 39, Gene Weisen 39, Dick Yanucci 39; Low net: Ed Cluse 35, Dick Owen 35.

Mahoning Valley Golf League--(Bedford Trails) Low gross: C. Narducci, B. O'Shaughnessey, J. Dodge, N. Visingard, 39s; Low net: J. Cycyk 27; P. Chicone 30; L. Lissi, B. Valley, R. Partika, B. Santor, 31s; R. Valley, E. Gozur, B. Giovanni, R. Byce, M. Riley, 32s; J. Adams, S. Laczo, K. Rohrman, T. Collins, P. O'Brien, K. Pollock, B. Detec, B. Fitzpatrick, P. Clacko, 33s. Top teams: Barb's Restaurant and Cavalier Mobile X-Ray.

Thursday Jednota Golf League--(Bedford Trails) Medalist/Low: D. Maddamma 41, J. Popio, 41, A. Wayda 43, E. Cook 44, T. Voytko 45; Low net score: D. Pearce 31, J. Popio 32, E. Cook 34, B. Drapcho 35, J. J. Ferenchak 35, G. Schrieber 35. Top team: Struthers Sharpening and Vic & amp; Syl's 10 1/2.

Transit Tours Golf League--(Countryside G.C.) Low gross: Larry Miner II 33, Ray Grow 35, Ken Bochenek 36, Chris Beil 36, Rick Democko 36, Bob Zetts 37; Low net: Ray Grow 32, Chris Beil 32. Division leaders: Graban Division: Chip Olenick, Vince Pasquale 33.5 pts.; Birch Division: Jim Mitchell, John Skoloda 29 pts.

Argus Golf--(Dogwood) Low gross: Don Couche 39, Ross Lucarell 40, Dave Ross 40; Low net: Greg Dorn 31, Bud Graham 31, John Leach 32, T. J. Perren 32.

Holy Name Golf League--(Mahoning) Low gross: Joe Melago 37, Neil Necastro 37, John Mansky 38, Ray Procik 38, Tom Citizen 39, Ken Cerimele 39, Bob Balog 39, Pepe Pomaro 39, Ralph Babbaro 39, Ed Yatsco 39, Joe Parello 39, Tony Delbane 39; Low net: L. Zitello 30, Hank Spencer 30, Matt Mikula 31, Greg Yurco 31, Fred Zagotti 31.

Flying B Golf League--Low gross: Dan Goodman 37, Rich Lucas 39, Jesse Ritchie 39, Gary Allison 39; Low net: Rich Lucas 31, Jason Ludwig 31, John Tinsley 32. Top team: Country Saw & amp; Knife #2 30.

Sam Camens Senior Golf League--(Mahoning) Low gross: National--George Biro 36, Clarence Glenn 37, Mike Yurco 38, Marty Repasky 39; Low net: National--George Biro 30, Mark O'Malley 31, Chester Martauz 32, Richard Canacci and Gene Lattro 33; Low gross: American--J.Harryhill 44, Ed Pawlick 45, Frank Volk, Joe Vaschak, Steve Pompura 46; Nick Boticke, Lewis Kello, John Donchess 46; Low net: American--John Kovach 32, Joe Harryhill and Lewis Kello 34, Jim Delleck, Steve Pompura, Adam Furin 35, Ed Pawlik and Joe Charnoky 35.

Youngstown Eagles 213-- Low gross: L. Stanton 42, J. Morey and B. Ednie 43, B. Glaros, J. Oravitz, R Jervenack 44. Low net: D. Price, J. Morey, J. Oranitz 35, L. Stanton and B. Nichols 36.

Girard Senior's Golf League--Low gross: "A" Joe Standahor 41, "B" Dan Reihing 39; Low net: "A" Tony Zirafi 31, "B" Bill Ague 35.

Slovak Catholic Sokol Golf League-- (South Course Mill Creek) Low gross: Mike Maruskin 37; Low net: Class "A," Mike Maruskin 33, John Sostaric 36, Jim Baginy, Bill Babik, Bill Hritz 37. Class "B," Mike Pernatto 35, Dan Catullo and Mark Poklemba 37.

Wednesday Night Reserve Run Men's Association--Low gross: Lenny Schneider and Brian Zack 36, Justin Gable 37; Low net: Brian Ziak 30, Jim Rueff 31, Justin Gable and Lenny Schneider 33. Low two man team net: Lenny Schneider and Brad Crissinger 65.

St. Mary's Tuesday Night Golf League-- (Mahoning Golf Course) Low gross: Dave Kurtz 38, Roy Kovacick, George Lutza, Red Shevetz, and Paul Panco 40. Low net: Gene Mulichak 32, Steve Pompura, Larry Bryer, Bob Mraz 33, Darrell Brenner and Bob Kovacs 34, Larry Oleyar, Tom Kubic, Bob Beardman, Mike Mraz, Tom Costello 35.

YMCA Golf League-- (Mill Creek Golf Course) Low gross: Mike Dobos 32, Zack Krichbaum 34, Ryan Nespeca, Josh Zarlenga, Jim Standohar 35, Michael Murphy, Chad Hanysh, Zack Mansky, Gregg Strollo, Bob Rusky, George Ferkula, Bob Kish, Howard Frank, Marty Fitzgerald 36, Dan Stanton, Bob Banks, Jerry Doran, Matt Kempe, Steve Kaliney, Gary Woods, Rich McGowan 37. Low net: Mike Dobos 30, Jim Stanohar and Howard Frank 31, Josh Zarlenga, Dr. David Davis, Zack Krichbaum, Rick Skrinyer 32, Jim Holloran, Ryan Nespeca, Gregg Strollo, Jerry Doran, Jeff Adams, Bob Rusky, Steve Kaliney, Marty Fitzgerald, Ray McCune 33.

C & amp; V Wholesale Monday Night Golf League-- (Olde Dutch Mill) Low gross: George Ferkula 34, Rex King and Jim Dunn Jr. 37, Les Mewbourn, Dave Weekley, George Bisker, Allen McNaughton, Howard Hartzell 38. Low net: George Ferkula, Frank Mineo, Rusty Boye 30, Eugene Natyshak and John Laczko 31, Al Bisker, Denny Cox, George Bisker, and Allen McNaughton 32.

Struthers A. C. Golf-- (Rolling Hills) Low gross: Brian Hodge 34, Dave Howard 35, Don Sicafuse and Alan Yanover 36. Low net: Howard Linsenbigler 30, John Gingery 31, Jeff Morrell 32, Rich Yash 33. Standings:

1. WKBN 12, 2. Becker Funeral 11, 3. Alprod 10 1/2, 4. La Villa 10, 5. Minchin Carpets, 8 1/2, 6. H.V. Construction 8 1/2, 7. S.A.C. 7 1/2, 8. New Breedracing 6 1/2, 9. Doc Dan's 5 1/2, 10. Transit Service 5.

YDAGA -- (Pine Lakes) Individual Tournament: AA Division-(net scores): Jim Grunenwalt 67, Dan Balint and Bob Tinkey 68, Ben Hitchcock and John Cullen 70, Jim Linert 71, Howard Frank 73, George Hall II and George Repasky 74; A Division- (net scores): Tom Semple Sr. 68, Jim Christofil 69, Joe McNally 70, Jim Chizmar, John Christoff and John Banyots 71, Sam Pechkurow 72, Jeff Gavalier 73; Low gross: Jim Grunenwalt 72.

Campbell League -- (Pine Lakes) Medalist (Low gross): Lease Ponzani and Joe Cannatti 38; Low net: Gary Gulu 31; Team Results: Mico Dairy 6 vs. Pagz Bar & amp; Grill 5; Division leaders: Palmer - M & amp;M Catering 39 1/2, Venturi - IPC 44.

St. Dominic Golf League--(Tanglewood) Low gross: Gary Roberts 37, Mark Gambrel & amp; Kevin Benedict 38, Mickey Strock, Tim Carney & amp; Ron McGowen 39; Low net: Mark Gambrel 32, Kevin Benedict 33, Jeff Rochford & amp; Mickey Strock 34, Ron Rivello, Craig Bianco & amp; Ron McGowen 35, Frank Cvetkovic, Tim Mummy & amp; Tim Carney 36.

St. Michael's Church & amp; Civic Club Golf League--(Tanglewood) Medalist: Mike Katula Jr. 36; Other scores: Jerry Shirilla 38, Walter Shabella 39; Low net: Carmen McGarry 33; Other scores: Josh Macabobby 34, Joe Vuksta 35.

Holy Name Golf League-- (Mahoning) Low gross: Rich Belcik 34, Mike Pauline, Frank Belcik, Pepe Romaro 36, Ed Yatsco 37, Bob Balog & amp; Jim Baginy 38. Low net: Tom DeGenova & amp; George Galambussy 30, J.E. Malys, Greg Yurko, Whitey Senvisky, Ken Cerimele, Steve Senvisky, Joe Parello 31.

Ke-Mas Auto-- Low gross: Ron DeBacco 36. Low net: T. Daley & amp; J. Likens 40. Catullo Meats, Cigaretts 4-Less, & amp; Bellaria Pizza lead league.

Davidson's Wednesday Night Golf League-- (Diamond Back Golf Course) Low gross individual: Justin Wilson & amp; Jay Gettemy 35; Low net individual: Dam Martin 29, Jim Hawn & amp; Don Bagdassarin 30; Low gross team: Bob Cramb 70 & amp; Dan Martin 70, Mark Wilson & amp; Justin Wilson 71; Low net team: Bob Cramb & amp; Dan Martin 62, Scott Harrison,Don Bagdassarin, David Bell, Jim Hawn 65; Standings, First Half: Jerry Bailey & amp;Jim Dreiling first place, Scott Harrison & amp; Don Bagdassarin second place.

Wednesday Night HBA Golf League--(Mahoning) Top Team: Paine Webber 16; Low net: Mark Pallo 38, Tim Cassidy 30, Joe Deak & amp; Mike Wilson 31; Low players: Ted Reagan 37, Mark Pallo 38, Anthony Magnetta 39.

Creekside Golf Dome League-- (Candywood) Low gross: Ken Bolheneil 38, Tom Ryder 39; Low net: Tom Ryder, Colin Watson, Steve Forde 33.


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