CAMPBELL Quality of water brings complaints

The mayor says the water's quality has improved and should be back to 100 percent shortly.
CAMPBELL -- Todd Zamary, owner of Devil's Den, a local bar, samples a glass of city water.
He says it stinks. Sometimes, patrons sitting on four seats near his bar's sink agree.
"It's not a sewer smell or a waste smell. It's just a very off-the-wall smell," Zamary added.
Zamary even filters water used for ice and sodas but still says it has a metal taste that can affect drinks.
City residents and businesses aren't the only ones using Campbell water. Consumers Ohio Water Co. buys water from the city for the north side of Struthers, among others.
What caused this: Mayor John Dill puts blames for the recent problem on two new machines at the city water plant that broke down near the end of April.
The machines, part of a $3 million upgrade the city completed nine months ago, are under warranty and one already has been replaced.
Dill said the water quality is back on track and will be 100 percent when the other machine, which adds carbon dioxide to water, is back -- hopefully this week.
"There shouldn't be any complaints now with the quality, odor and taste of water," he added.
Zamary admits the water is actually at its best now. It was at its worst last summer, he said.
Dill said problems last year focused around the Bridge Street Bridge construction in Struthers.
Water source: The city was forced to switch waterlines during bridge construction. Instead of drawing its water from Lake Hamilton in Struthers, the city had to use water from McKelvey Lake in Youngstown.
The city began taking water from Lake Hamilton again after the bridge was completed in October.
Dill said water plant workers have learned from the past. They sample water from both lakes daily and have learned to add chemicals manually should the equipment fail again.
A town hall meeting will be at 7 tonight at St. Michael's Byzantine Church hall, Robinson Road, to discuss water issues.

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