Picket limits
Rules for pickets at various sites around St. Elizabeth Health Center as agreed to by Teamsters Local 377 and Humility of Mary Health Partners.
Pickets won't block driveways or walkways.
The number of pickets is limited to three at the emergency room entrance and three more in a car no closer than 30 feet to the emergency room entrance.
Two pickets at the emergency room parking lot exit.
Five pickets each at the intersections of Belmont and Park avenues, Belmont and Parmelee avenues, and Belmont and Lexington avenues and five at the hospital's Belmont Avenue entrance
Eight on the line and one in a tent on the south side of Park Avenue at the hospital's main entrance and six on the north side of Park Avenue at that entrance.
Four in front of the hospital's cancer care center.
Two on the north side of Lexington Avenue and three on the south side of Lexington Avenue at the hospital loading dock entrance.

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