1st--Dumpy Beach27.8011.202.80
Kentucky Tross(D Ward)4.202.40
Smokestacklightnin(D Binskin)2.40
Exacta 4-5 Paid $134.40
Trifecta 4-5-3 Paid $591.60
2nd--Chinny Chin Chin32.608.004.20
Isn't She Precious(B Miller)3.403.20
French Tune(D Ward)2.40
Exacta 7-4 Paid $136.20
Trifecta 7-4-5 Paid $366.80
Daily Double 4-7 Paid $604.80
3rd--Eric Lance(B Miller)17.808.404.40
Bad Boy Elmo(G Waple)13.606.20
Campage(D Binskin)$6.20
Exacta 2-3 Paid $104.00
Trifecta 2-3-4 Paid $1,061.00
4th--Anastasia Legend5.603.603.00
Big Bad Buford(D Mc Kirgan)3.603.00
Dacion(P Soehnlen)3.80
Trifecta 5-1 Paid $23.60
1st Half Tri-Super 5-1-6 Paid $22.20
Superfecta 5-1-6-4 Paid $484.00
5th--All Quacked Up(R Tharps)
De Leon(B Miller)5.002.60
Bunker(S Schillaci)2.40
Exacta 2-7 Paid $44.40
Trifecta 2-7-5 Paid $108.00
Pick Three 3 OF 3 Paid $278.40
6th--The Freshman(S Schillaci)
Zizi's Flight(D Ward)3.202.20
Y F Illusion(D Binskin)3.40
Exacta 1-2 Paid $28.40
Trifecta 1-2-7 Paid $185.40
2nd Half Tri-Super NO WINNERS CARRYOVER $14,677.26
7th--Cam Volo(S Schillaci)6.604.003.00
Patrician(J Pantaleano)3.402.80
Tommys Pistol(W Popio)9.00
Exacta 1-2 Paid $15.00
Trifecta 1-2-8 Paid $377.80
8th--Aber Nuke(W Popio)37.8011.807.20
Lil Magic Man(R Tharps)4.203.80
Foolish Courage(S Schillaci)3.40
Exacta 4-2 Paid $148.60
Trifecta 4-2-5 Paid $549.60
Pick Three 3 OF 3 Paid $729.80
1st--Uraghazi (D.Brinkley)5.804.002.80
Wish for Willie (N.Matz)11.005.80
Wild Dance (D.Garcia)4.40
Off 7:01. Time 1:07.33. Good. Also Ran--Scottston Style, Foreign Exchange, Matrimony, Mutlaq, Hale Bopp's Comet, Our Proud Emblem, D J's Turn. Perfecta (1-4) paid $69.40. Trifecta (1-4-6) paid $401.40.
2nd--Quick Trigger (W.Otero)
Flying Chicken (R.Stokes, III)3.802.40
It's Fuzzy (D.Williams)2.60
Off 7:26. Time 1:41.40. Good. Also Ran--Amesbury, Hatchet Foot, Ester Lee, Viking Dream Girl, B T's Folly, Swing Out Front, Natasha's Fancy. Daily Double (1-6) paid $66.40. Perfecta (6-8) paid $68.20. Trifecta (6-8-5) paid $264.60.
3rd--Mr. Lump (D.Leeds)9.005.603.40
Proper Beau (D.Whitney)5.403.60
Kayne's Honor (A.Dlugopolski)3.40
Off 7:51. Time 1:40.13. Good. Also Ran--Mr. Slew's Valor, Royal Casting, Crusading Picea, Mint Gold, It's the Wind, Ring a Doctor, Desert Leader. Perfecta (5-2) paid $45.80. Trifecta (5-2-6) paid $155.20.
4th--Tree Bandit (D.Garcia)10.606.403.60
Arabian Flight (D.Whitney)10.405.80
One Regal Lady (C.Murphy)3.40
Off 8:16. Time 1:05.15. Good. Also Ran--Dixie Dancing, Hallie's Danzigjet, Gaby G, Hi Dollar Haul, Act of Faith, Vale of Glamorgan, The Name's Polly. Perfecta (1-5) paid $131.80. Trifecta (1-5-3) paid $562.00.
5th--Gold Run (D.Brinkley)13.405.603.80
Local Knowledge (G.Smith)3.603.00
Noeraforme (D.Garcia)3.00
Off 8:48. Time 1:06.06. Good. Scratched--Sugar Coating. Also Ran--Turn N Roll Again, Goldies Brat, Watral's Winnebug, Favored Sweep, Contrary John, High Speed. Pick 3 (5-1-10) 3 Correct Paid $929.60. Superfecta (10-1-3-2) paid $325.80. Trifecta (10-1-3) paid $175.00. Perfecta (10-1) paid $53.40.
6th--Mitty (J.Stokes)4.604.002.60
Lake Weir (D.Whitney)11.206.80
Darby Creek Honey (J.Eads)3.40
Off 9:12. Time 0:58.80. Good. Scratched--Miss Dancin Diablo. Also Ran--Jen's Diamond Girl, Morning Launch, Repertoire, Southern Assertion, I Pass Tactics, Wharf n' Lady. Perfecta (4-7) paid $54.80. Trifecta (4-7-5) paid $210.00.
7th--Mount Williams (C.Calucag)18.407.003.00
Hackley (G.Smith)12.405.40
Lost Pistol (S.Spieth)2.40
Off 9:36. Time 1:43.98. Good. Scratched--Highest Mountain. Also Ran--Song of Stars, Senate Trial, Bestbandintheland, Kandisky, Tasman Glacier. Perfecta (7-6) paid $227.20. Trifecta (7-6-2) paid $909.20.
8th--Wildwood Robin (Bacon)11.805.003.00
7 (7) Boy Stuff (D.Whitney)5.403.20
5 (5) Aczar (L.Knight)2.60
Off 10:06. Time 1:42.41. Good. Also Ran--Justforgetaboutit, Code One, Maxmilians Specter, Dominant Mercedes, Sanford Sam. Pick 3 (4-7-3) 3 Correct Paid $440.40. Trifecta (3-7-5) paid $180.80. Perfecta (3-7) paid $58.60.
2nd--Jakes Fire (Spieth)4.402.602.10
Albrannon (M.Rowland)2.802.40
Sign of a Bird (L.Knight)2.40
Off 1:17. Time 1:10.78. Sloppy. Scratched--Broke Spoke. Also Ran--Riteplacewrongtime, Moscola, Gold's Honor. Daily Double (1-1) paid $48.20. Exacta (1-6) paid $10.80. Superfecta (1-6-4-2) paid $38.00. Trifecta (1-6-4) paid $28.40.
4th--Emilee's C. C. (Eads)
Goldstruck (L.Hannigan)44.8016.40
Iron Fantasy (J.Skerrett)8.80
Off 1:59. Time 1:46.45. Sloppy. Also Ran--Fighter Forever, Digatreasure, He'sfullafire, Poppa Canihave Him, Slow Gin Fuse, World On a String, Key Sagamore, Aloha Silver. Pick 3 (1-1/8-4) 3 Correct Paid $38.20. Superfecta (4-7-ALL-ALL) paid $236.80. Trifecta (4-7-11) paid $5,537.80. Exacta (4-7) paid $439.80.
6th--Down Thepike Mike (Felix)
Knight Villain (H.Rosario, Jr.)4.002.20
Forty Niner's Rock (J.Skerrett)2.20
Off 2:41. Time 1:11.28. Sloppy. Also Ran--Ifineedyaillcallya, Sandi's Silverhope, Brother Darcy. Pick 3 (4-4-5) 3 Correct Paid $56.00. Superfecta (5-6-1-3) paid $10,080.00. Trifecta (5-6-1) paid $46.20. Exacta (5-6) paid $10.40.
8th--Weisss (Radke)7.604.003.40
Ciaran's Chore (S.Spieth)3.804.00
Hostage Romeo (A.Clemente)11.00
Off 3:23. Time 1:14.26. Sloppy. Also Ran--Mia Raft, Express Lane, Kelly's Star, Forhisglory, Native Meridian, Cox's Pet, Sue's Dream Boat, Varsity O, Olvido. Pick 3 (5-10-7) 3 Correct Paid $237.60. Twin Trifecta (7-12-8) 1 Correct Paid $7,567.10. Superfecta (7-12-8-1) paid $4,561.40. Trifecta (7-12-8) paid $740.80. Exacta (7-12) paid $40.00.
10th--Ms Infinity Slew (Eads)6.803.602.80
Dancingbuterfly (J.Skerrett)13.407.00
Medieval Girl (K.Radke)3.00
Off 4:05. Time 1:14.18. Sloppy. Also Ran--Itsnowonder, Magen's Model, Lighthouse Lucy, Beautiful Friend, Brass Beauty, Mythical Star, Ambers Code, Passion Drive, Watch Your Hands. Pick 3 (7-4-10) 3 Correct Paid $70.00. Superfecta (10-5-11-4) paid $1,002.80. Tri Super (10-5-11) paid $103.80. Exacta (10-5) paid $68.00.
12th--Govenor Jr (Skerrett)13.607.806.20
Ghost Dance (T.Caminita)9.005.20
Brent's Bart (M.Rowland)11.80
Off 4:47. Time 1:13.84. Sloppy. Also Ran--Snake Proof, Little Que, North River, Freewheelin' Frank, September Desert, Playful Andy, Our Legal Eagle. Pick 3 (10-3-2) 3 Correct Paid $280.00. Superfecta (2-5-1-7) paid $3,647.20. Trifecta (2-5-1) paid $1,152.40. Exacta (2-5) paid $90.40.
14th--Kelly's Prince (Sanchez)25.4011.209.20
Crafty King (S.Spieth)39.0012.00
High Fiver (S.Saito)5.40
Off 5:29. Time 1:11.98. Sloppy. Also Ran--Ski Ice Road, Free Caviar, D U Dozer, Higher Impact, Running Ryan. Pick 3 (2-7-2) 2 Correct Paid $165.60. Exacta (2-3) paid $265.60. Superfecta (2-3-4-5) paid $6,995.80. Trifecta (2-3-4) paid $2,943.40. Daily Double (7-2) paid $426.60. Attendance 4,594. $379,382. Handle $151,142. Total Handle $530,524.
1st--Unshattered (Chavez)7.203.402.40
Blushing Mary (F.Maysonett)3.202.20
Color Copy (F.Douglas)2.40
Off 1:06. Time 1:51.34. Fast. Scratched--Foxs Josie. Also Ran--Ivory Keys, Halo Effect, Donna Lee. Exacta (1-7) paid $26.40. Trifecta (1-7-4) paid $73.80.
2nd--No Blues Tonight (Teator)3.402.202.10
Island Attitude (A.Estrada)2.802.40
Ghostly Melody (L.Frazzitta, Jr.)3.60
Off 1:34. Time 1:50.66. Fast. Also Ran--Laker Lass, Prized Bean, Bronze Lite, First Klass Made, Place Warning. Daily Double (1-7) paid $18.80. Exacta (7-3) paid $9.40. Trifecta (7-3-4) paid $63.40.
3rd--Go Carolina (Vega)5.003.602.60
Malie's Princess (P.Teator)6.603.80
Bewixed (T.Dunkelberger)2.60
TODAY -- 12:55 P.M.
1st--$8,100, cl $7,500-$7,500, 3YO up, 1mi 70yd.
Tighten Up, wt. 111; Diplomatic Prince, wt. 116 Incandescence, wt. 116; Framed, wt. 116 Hundley Bug, wt. 114; Go Go Get Em, wt. 111 Hesa Catch, wt. 116
2nd--$4,900, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up F & amp;M, 1mi.
Simulcast from RIVER DOWNS
AbelUs Girl, wt. 123; Quick Annie, wt. 123, St. Jovi Anne, wt. 123; Dublin Assets, wt. 123 Broadway Times, wt. 123; Turtle Dove, wt. 123 Chief Georgie, wt. 123
3rd--$12,000, cl $20,000-$18,000, 3YO up, 6f.
Little Alladin Rib, wt. 112; Oto No Icy, wt. 116 Alias Track Dancer, wt. 116; Tejano Rey, wt. 116 Five O Nine, wt. 112; Res Nullius, wt. 112 Ashore, wt. 116
4th--$4,800, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up, 6f.
Simulcast from RIVER DOWNS
Road to Attack, wt. 117; Shot Gun Frank, wt. 120 Lively Alliance, wt. 117; Bluegrass Brass, wt. 117 Hatmaker, wt. 120; Fast Boy, wt. 120 Zabe Scenic, wt. 120; Strategic James, wt. 120 Orange U Tricky, wt. 117; Jessamine Jake, wt. 115 Golden Pleasure, wt. 123; Celtic Discovery, wt. 120
5th--$7,000, cl $3,500-$3,500, 3YO up, 6f.
Sir Gus, wt. 116; Hope for Soul, wt. 111 Bucks Turn, wt. 116; Majestic Danzig, wt. 116 Fast Actor, wt. 116; Dimes and Nickles, wt. 119 Hickory Love, wt. 116; A. J. Jr, wt. 116 Monsiur Pogo, wt. 116; Mike Regs Winner, wt. 116 Equally Obvious, wt. 122; Speedlimitsixty, wt. 116
6th--$8,000, cl $10,000-$10,000, 3YO up, 6f.
Simulcast from RIVER DOWNS
Sovereign Sees, wt. 123; Wallstreet Brat, wt. 117 Rentmantoo, wt. 123; ZaneUs Way, wt. 112 L L Kearson, wt. 117; Chief Engineer, wt. 117 FoxUs Rib, wt. 117
7th--$7,300, cl $3,500-$3,500, 3YO up, 1mi 70yd.
Ktwosbuckaroo, wt. 122; Another Sound, wt. 122 Classic Gray Fox, wt. 122; Unspoken Rule, wt. 122 Pyrite Picnic, wt. 122; T JUs War Hawk, wt. 122
8th--$5,500, cl $5,000-$5,000, 3YO up F & amp;M, 5 1/2f.
Simulcast from RIVER DOWNS
MarnesiaUs Girl, wt. 112; Binalong Day, wt. 117 Happy, wt. 117; Deposit in Transit, wt. 117 Dancing Kakie, wt. 112; Philadelphiensis, wt. 112 Shatterproof, wt. 118; Serving Ma Man, wt. 112 Gift Shop Gal, wt. 117; Hillside Shoot, wt. 117 TwoUs a Party, wt. 117; NaskraUs Reason, wt. 120
9th--$13,200, alc, 3YO up (NW1 6MX), 1mi 70yd.
Fervent Affair, wt. 116; Mister Mud, wt. 116 Eagle Time, wt. 116; Mr. Bigglesworth, wt. 116 JimUsmrtee, wt. 116; Mike Reggie Jr, wt. 116 Momsmercedes, wt. 116
10th--$11,000, cl $16,000-$14,000, 3YO up, 6f.
Simulcast from RIVER DOWNS
Happy Legionaire, wt. 115; Shamrocks Fibber, wt. 115 Higher Plateau, wt. 115; Davvy, wt. 115 U. S. Jay, wt. 117; Major Adversary, wt. 117 Jet Ski, wt. 120; Still Smiling, wt. 117 Marfalous Star, wt. 117
11th--$7,000, cl $3,500-$3,500, 3YO up, 6f.
Weekend Escape, wt. 116; Savage Garden, wt. 116 Firstandlast Rose, wt. 116; Dirty Dog, wt. 116 American Spy, wt. 119; A Prospect for Nan, wt. 111 My First Flag, wt. 116; Apalachicola Bay, wt. 116 Swiss Timing, wt. 116; Roctime, wt. 116 Backinthefuture, wt. 116; DiabloUs Gunner, wt. 116
12th--$6,300, cl $5,000-$5,000, 3YO up F & amp;M, 1mi 70yd.
Simulcast from RIVER DOWNS
Ascending Light, wt. 123; Dixie Nimble, wt. 117 Gullen One, wt. 111; Tic Tic Tic, wt. 117 Fight for a Queen, wt. 117; Ice Maiden, wt. 117 Diamond Jasmine, wt. 117
13th--$7,000, cl $3,500-$3,500, 3YO up, 6f.
Fuzzy Ferd, wt. 111; Loverin, wt. 109 KodyUs Secret, wt. 116; Clever Valentino, wt. 115 Metcalf Gap, wt. 115; Colonel Dave, wt. 116 Heather Go Blue, wt. 116; Seminolegionaire, wt. 116 French Patriot, wt. 116; Aspen Light, wt. 116 Nervy Bert, wt. 116; Top Ofthe Mountain, wt. 116
14th--$4,900, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up, 1mi 70yd.
Simulcast from RIVER DOWNS
NaleeUs Knight, wt. 117; Wild and Regal, wt. 117 El Gato Grande, wt. 120; Thirty One E, wt. 117 Cosmo K, wt. 117; Hunting Cat, wt. 117 Noonday Sun, wt. 117
MONDAY -- 7 P.M.
1st--$9,500, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up, 6f.
Plain Red, wt. 115; Morgan's Poppy, wt. 108; Sky Thomas, wt. 115; Federal Hill, wt. 121; Cubanito King, wt. 115; Borosa, wt. 115; A Wish for Bert, wt. 115; Corporate Catch, wt. 115; Third Shift, wt. 115; Duke of Northville, wt. 115. Scratched--Taza.
2nd--$18,800, mdn spl wt, 3YO up, 5 1/2f.
Guest of Honour, wt. 121; Conmom, wt. 121; Daylightin Dizzy, wt. 121; Propensity to Win, wt. 121; Sea Storm, wt. 121; D'joleur, wt. 113; Jethro's Fling, wt. 121; Justanothertoddy, wt. 121; To Boot, wt. 113; Fourway Action, wt. 121. Scratched--Boots and Saddles.
3rd--$11,100, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up F & amp;M, 1mi.
Some Are Queens, wt. 115; Root for Marge, wt. 115; Fake Blitz, wt. 115; Little Ruthie, wt. 118; Sassy Wins, wt. 115; Rose of Ole Pawnes, wt. 115; Hillary Ho, wt. 121.
4th--$18,800, mdn spl wt, 3YO F, 1mi 70yd.
Evasive Mary, wt. 117; Miss Alliance, wt. 117; Roaring Jade, wt. 112; Taleur, wt. 117; Red Eyed Dolly, wt. 117; Polish Dee, wt. 117; Shakeit Tothemoon, wt. 117; Mrs Roseberry, wt. 117; Believe in Rose, wt. 117; Tenacious Tish, wt. 117.
Scratched--Idle Day.
5th--$9,900, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up F & amp;M, 5 1/2f.
Chicago's Party, wt. 115; Formal Attraction, wt. 115; Cathy's Love, wt. 108; Cocoa Light, wt. 115; Cal's Cin, wt. 115; Amish Queen, wt. 121; Dorothy Ray, wt. 115; Choice Choice, wt. 115; Fancy Pents, wt. 115; Plenty Special, wt. 115.
Scratched--Float My Boat.
6th--$14,000, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up, 5 1/2f.
Rider in the Mist, wt. 115; Jolly 'oliday, wt. 115; Raise the Gold, wt. 121; Rani's Diablo, wt. 118; Victory Tower, wt. 115; Gonewithoutatrace, wt. 118; Charlie Chan, wt. 118; Celtic Star, wt. 115; Sand and Stars, wt. 121; Ring John, wt. 115. Scratched--Sly Smoker.
7th--$16,500, cl $5,000-$5,000, 3YO up F & amp;M, 5 1/2f.
Virtual Love, wt. 115; Swift Sword, wt. 115; Peachie Jane, wt. 115; Grandma Luckey, wt. 115; Bow Legged Honey, wt. 115; Jennifer's Queen, wt. 118; Miss Break Away, wt. 115; Jettin Josephine, wt. 118; Tequila's Appeal, wt. 115; Explosive Dot, wt. 116.
8th--$21,600, alc, 3YO F (NW2 L), 6f.
Holy Hoy, wt. 113; Helpful Annie, wt. 108; Cloud Crossing, wt. 119; Miss Marcy, wt. 113; Fool's Last Word, wt. 113; Dixiechickadee, wt. 116; Black Olive, wt. 116; Sea Ready, wt. 119; Storm Witness, wt. 113; Won More Song, wt. 119.
Scratched--Dazzling Dee Dee.
9th--$10,900, cl $4,000-$4,000, 3YO up, 1mi.
Sober Dancer, wt. 115; Winsumgelt, wt. 115; Valentine Delivery, wt. 115; Duende, wt. 115; Color Me Groovy, wt. 115; Native Badger, wt. 115; Stiff Fine, wt. 115; Knockemout John, wt. 121; Nice to Know, wt. 115; Jester's Joker, wt. 115. Scratched--El Tazar.
MONDAY -- 7 P.M.
1st--$8,100, cl $7,500-$7,500, 3YO up, 1mi 70yd.
Ta Baby, wt. 116; Moses Last Reason, wt. 116; Mai Tai Guys, wt. 116; Jig o' Scotch, wt. 111; a-Private Side, wt. 116; Smart Bet, wt. 116; a-Battle Flash, wt. 116; Erie Fleet, wt. 116. a-Coupled.
2nd--$7,800, cl $7,500-$7,500, 3YO up F & amp;M, 6f.
Garden Girl, wt. 116; Triple Spending, wt. 116; Miss Suwanna, wt. 116; Focus Girl, wt. 112; Smallcircumference, wt. 119; Truly Bright, wt. 116; U F Stormy Appeal, wt. 119.
3rd--$7,000, cl $3,500-$3,500, 3YO up, 5f.
a-Speedlimitsixty, wt. 122; a-Dancing Dyad, wt. 122; Red Neck Society, wt. 122; Barnacle Jim, wt. 122; Sure Tiz, wt. 122; City Circle, wt. 122; He's Courageous, wt. 122; Buy Gold, wt. 122; Willie Blue, wt. 122. a-Coupled.
4th--$14,500, alc, 3YO up F & amp;M (NW2 X), 6f.
Lisa's Lady, wt. 116; Striking Michelle, wt. 116; Honoree, wt. 116; Purest of Gold, wt. 116; Pyrite's Beaut, wt. 116; Rory, wt. 119; Player's Hillary, wt. 119.
5th--$7,000, cl $3,500-$3,500, 3YO up, 6f.
Diamondaire, wt. 122; Magnaman, wt. 117; Why Grampy, wt. 122; Rare Fenter, wt. 122; Bold Edshar, wt. 122; Top Tag, wt. 122; a-I'll Run for Terry, wt. 122; Up in Smoke, wt. 122; Breezing Bandit, wt. 122; Colony Key, wt. 122; a-Oughta B Naughty, wt. 122. a-Coupled.
6th--$12,800, alc, 3YO up (NW1 6MX), 6f.
Boy Genius, wt. 116; Turks Galore, wt. 116; D J's Jubilee, wt. 116; Jakal, wt. 122; Kels On the Attack, wt. 122; Winning Request, wt. 116; Nothinbutbadnews, wt. 116; a-Majestic Dinner, wt. 116; a-Golden Dinner, wt. 116. a-Coupled.
7th--$7,000, cl $3,500-$3,500, 3YO up F & amp;M, 6f.
a-Anjo's Pauline, wt. 122; Sunday, wt. 122; Savannah Ray, wt. 122; Smokin Like a Fire, wt. 122; Dancing With Cows, wt. 122; Heavenly Pet, wt. 117; a-Lettbee, wt. 122; Fool's Bid, wt. 122; Treanor's Lady, wt. 122. a-Coupled.
8th--$7,000, cl $3,500-$3,500, 3YO up F & amp;M, 6f.
Bankers Express, wt. 116; Philly Blunt, wt. 116; Pinned, wt. 116; Misty Grey, wt. 116; Therichgetricher, wt. 116; Lillian Hill, wt. 116; On Lonesome Wind, wt. 116; Seven Awards, wt. 116; Drs.tish'n'kinish, wt. 111; Double Highball, wt. 116; Iffey's Majesty, wt. 116.
9th--$7,000, mdn cl $3,500-$3,500, 3YO up F & amp;M, 6f.
Pink Formal, wt. 115; Ruller'n Dixie, wt. 122; Jewel in the Hills, wt. 115; The Naked North, wt. 122; Cody's Sundance, wt. 117; Bankrobber, wt. 122; Spunk Hart, wt. 115; Byrd High, wt. 122; Lightin' Storm, wt. 115. Scratched--Blazing Maddie.
MONDAY -- 7 P.M.
1st--PACE, 4000CL NW1, 1,800, 1 MI
Tsm Lady Dianne,C Wyers; Patternity,D Ward; Boot Scootin Buddy,B Sturgeon; Inaleagueofherown,R Miller; Ranchwood Francis,J Larrabee; Second Hand Sam,W Case Jr.
2nd--TROT, NW1CD, 2,200, 1 MI
Spicy Bag,D Mc Kirgan; Dumaino,W Case Jr; Speedy Mite,J Glessner; Lo and Behold,J Smith; Rompaway Rufus,J Pantaleano; Joe Jim,B Sturgeon; Here She Comes,D Ward; N V Speeder,R Miller.
3rd--PACE, 4000CL NW1, 1,800, 1 MI
Waltz's Pride,D Ward; Hip Hop Hudson,B Sturgeon; Lucy I'm Home,D Mc Kirgan; Poison You,J Pantaleano; Scipio Shania,W Case Jr; Stack,R Miller.
4th--TROT, NW1CD, 2,200, 1 MI
A Charger Mouse,B Sturgeon; Almahurst Ace,T Van Rhoden; Sand Sierra Smoke,W Case Jr; Ky Heir Raid,D Ward; Dia's Tupsa,D Mc Kirgan; Anastasia Leggo,C Umholtz; Nice N Sassy,J Pantaleano; Nickelaurean,R Lippiatt; Nelson's Chip,J Smith.
5th--PACE, 6000CL NW2, 2,400, 1 MI
Sand Bunny,W Case Jr; Torrential,K Kash; Majestic Arrow,D Ward; Manchester Girl,B Sturgeon; Sand My Panache,R Naftzger; Hogues Nannys Girl,J Green; Keystone Lugar,J Pantaleano.
6th--TROT, NW2PMCD, 3,300, 1 MI
Scotty Hill,D Ward; Gimme Gimme Gimme,R Swartz; Dum De Dooderman,J Smith; Spurt of Speed,R Miller; Pherris Rutt,P Soehnlen; Don't Ask Me,W Case Jr; Miner's Son,J Pantaleano; Anastasia Zedy,J Conger; Rubdown,R Lippiatt.
7th--PACE, NW2PMCD, 3,300, 1 MI
Imaruff One,W Case Jr; Kings Fortress,J Green; Hasek Hylight,D Ward; Tucson Pal,C Wyers; Iron Edge,W Irvine; Knockout Sahbra,J Pantaleano; Tooter Lane,L Gorfido.
8th--PACE, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Governor Hounie,D Ward; Pc Powered,D Mc Kirgan; Forsberg,W Case Jr; Sun Glare,J Pantaleano; Gray Flyer,J Green; Eldorado Sam,C Wyers; Jerry Direct,D Guptill; Air Art,B Sturgeon.
9th--PACE, 8000CL NW3, 3,000, 1 MI
Benton's Wish,D Ward; Foxs Fleet Flasher,W Case Jr; Countrys Choice,B Sturgeon; Pick Pocket,C Wyers; Trilla Thrilla,J Pantaleano; Sand Sea Voyager,D Guptill.
10th--PACE, NW2PMCD, 3,300, 1 MI
Jackpot Sahbra,J Joyner; Elijay Ed,K O' Donnell; Sbrig's Shirlen,W Irvine; Morgan's Mark,J Pantaleano; Albert's Angel,C Wyers; Sand Rounder,T Loy; Max's Memory,D Edwards; Pipeline,W Case Jr.
11th--PACE, 6000CL, 3,600, 1 MI
Asgoodasitgets,W Case Jr; Gator Man,K O' Donnell; Hornby Topgun,C Wyers; Square It,D Ward; Smoky Rain,J Pantaleano; Goooooooooooooooal,R Miller; Gifted Ruler,J Joyner; Powerhouse Cam,D Reynolds; Firstkin,B Sturgeon.
12th--TROT, OPN HC, 8,000, 1 MI
Willmania,D Ward; Dr Bower,D Reynolds; B Cor Pete,J Pantaleano; Solar Angel,R Miller; Berlin Flyer,J Conger; Trentwood,W Case Jr.
13th--PACE, 4000CL, 2,400, 1 MI
Cambaa N,R Nappi; Hi Class Bunny,D Ward; Adaboysharpie,W Case Jr; Ryanson,J Pantaleano; Vincent N Ben,C Wyers; Wynfield Club,D Reynolds; Matanza,A Peregrin; Cuminaround,R Miller; Slam The Door,B Sturgeon.
14th--PACE, 3000CLCD, 1,600, 1 MI
Wampum Express,D Kennedy; Just Plain Perfect,W Case Jr; Dr Dare,J Joyner; Holly Hill Vision,R Naftzger; Dragon's Touch,R Miller; Gyroscope,B Sturgeon; Kd's Bret,D Ward; Quiet Laughter,J Pantaleano; Triumphantly,C Wyers.

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