Marriage licenses
Corey Telshaw, 29, of 3830 Main St., Mineral Ridge, and Pamela Martini, 35, of 419 Whispering Pines, Warren.
John M. Cooper II, 24, of 115 Muron St., Hubbard, and Heather Guido, 25, of same.
David J. Hurst, 31, of 352 Freeman St., Warren, and Regina M. Kerr, 26, of 3342 Templeton Road, Warren.
Edward F. Mignogna, 24, of 27 Wilson Ave., Niles, and Jennifer L. Gabet, 22, of 2289 S. Glenwood, Niles.
Robert N. Ainsley III, 29, of 601 Cedar St. West, Champion, and Monica L. Fauvie, 26, of same.
Hartsel L. Cool, 36, of 703 Trumbull Ave., Girard, and Kathryn D. Greskovich, 38, of 4416 Templeton Road N.W., Warren.
Darin Phillip, 26, of 537 Bishop Road, Leavittsburg, and Deborah T. Rogers, 39, of same.
Bryan C. Conkling, 27, Stow, Ohio, and Traci E. Len, 26, of 3141 Sodom Hutchings Road, Fowler.
David J. Cless, 43, of 531 Douglas N.E., Warren, and Susan Kantor, 38, of 7180 Morrell Ray Road, Bristolville.
Marc T. Swogger, 30, of 206 Marshall Road, Hermitage, and Laura E. Godiciu, 22, of 2846 Tibbets Wick Road, Hubbard.
Dana Cicero, 33, of 995 Orchard Place, Niles, and Michelle Littleton, 29, of 1215 Hartzell, Niles.
Kevin D. Burke, 30, of 1126 Adelaide Ave. S.E., Warren, and Carol M. Gotshall, 30, of same.
Louis A. Phillips, 39, of 3468 Bradley Brownlee Road, Cortland, and Rebecca S. Walk, 27, of same.
Robert J. Campbell, 26, of 1035 A Perkins Jones Road, Warren, and Stephanie D. Priddy, 21, of same.
Joshua E. Cross, 24, of 1780 James St., Niles, and Amber J. Jervis, 29, of 1036 Patricia Drive, Girard.
William D. Guthrie, 32, of 1837 Maplewood N.E., Warren, and Marciea M. Tvaroch, 33, of same.
Donald R. Sparks, 38, of 534 Dakota Ave., Niles, and Jean Ann Carroll, 37, of 51 10th St., Box 78, Niles.
Charles P. Wentz, 53, of 2180 Reeves Road, Warren, and Denise A. Seachrist, 41, of 1443 Stafford Ave. N.E., Warren.
Stephen M. Johnson, 20, of 260 Old Oak Drive, Cortland, and Diane E. Riddick, 18, of 662 Johnson Plank Road, Warren.
Gary A. Marrara, 28, of 7721 Castlerock Drive, Warren, and Carrie E. Cykon, 26, of same.
William H. LaFleme, 29, of 2021 Youll St., Niles, and Jill A. Crawford, 29, of same.
David W. Sutton, 50, of 2686 Black Oak Drive, Niles, and Christine J. Palmer, 41, of same.
Divorces filed
Robin Simpson vs. Kenneth Simpson.
Brian H. Blaney vs. Lillian D. Blaney.
Kenneth L. Darnell vs. Patricia Hauch.
James Smith vs. Rosemary Lee Smith.
Shirley Martin vs. John Martin.
Theresa L. Herrick vs. James L. Herrick Sr.
Karl J. Kuppler vs. Susan Kuppler.
Jacqueline M. Phillips vs. Burton F. Phillips.
Shelley R. Flowers vs. James A. Cadwallader Sr.
Jennifer Jordan vs. Brian Jordan.
Keith D. Worrell Sr. vs. Robin L. Worrell.
Melinda Mavroudis vs. John Mavroudis.
Willie Moore Jr. vs. Olga E. Thomas.
Dan R. Mulvan vs. April D. Mulvan.
Leslie C. Manges vs. Daniel K. Manges.
Lizzirene H. Prince vs. Charles E. Prince.
Jennifer Ann Morris vs. Jeffrey B. Morris.
Ericka Vogan vs. Christopher M. Vogan.
Joanne M. Miller vs. David C. Miller.
Dissolutions filed
Gretchen K. and Edward M. Chapiney.
Frank and Jeanette Sericola.
Dewey and Diane Moats.
Jennifer L. and Aaron D. Wellhofer.
Michelle I. and Kenan C. Brandes.
Michael E. and Christine D. Harraman.
Stephanie J. and Tracy W. Vorce.
Arthur A. and Neva L. Cargill.
Lisa A. and James E. Teubner.
Nelson D. and Rebecca J. Shaner.
Tina and James D. Doss.
Fred J. III and Kristina R. Bloom.
Joseph E. and Brenda J. Kristoff.
Tom and Nancy McFarland.
Debroah K. and Kenneth L. Armstrong.
Divorces granted
Michelle A. Stonebreaker vs. Richard E. Stonebreaker.
Lori A. Ulicny vs. Darryl R. Ulicny.
Tiffany Quisenberry vs. Lee R. Quisenberry.
Bobbie J. Copeland vs. Van Copeland.
Linda S. Reeves vs. Lester J. Reeves, wife restored name to Duncan.
Darlene M. Steines vs. Thomas G. Steines.
Marchella R. Witherspoon vs. Isell L. Witherspoon.
Brenda L. Suter vs. Mark A. Suter.
Debora C. Clark vs. Joseph Clark.
Betty A. Gilliland vs. Richard L. Gilliland.
Kim Stemock vs. Robert W. Stemock.
Patricia Blackburn vs. Melvin D. Blackburn.
Mary M. Maxwell vs. Ricky W. Maxwell Jr.
Stacy Placer vs. Ralph M. Placer.
Monica L. Huff vs. Keith A. Huff, wife restored to maiden name Briggs.
Kristie Hartley vs. Raymond S. Hartley, wife restored to maiden name Briggs.
Dissolution granted
Tracy and James Ashworth.
Rhonda L. and Raymond L. Gregory.
Melanie Morgan and Joel Scott.
Dale W. and Rebecca A. Lauer.
Pamela A. and George W. Woitek.
Annulments filed
Shelly Ann Edwards and Richard E. Edwards.
Cases dismissed
Stacey M. Judy vs. Eric. D. Judy.
Phillip G. Wargo vs. Dean M. Wargo.
Darrell R. Tillman vs. Bonita E. Tillman.
Tina Young vs. Michael J. Young Sr.
Docket entries
Larry D. Rider vs. Kathleen J. Rider, satisfaction of judgment.
Community Insurance vs. John R. Mohr, settled.
First Bank National vs. Paul L. Spier, confirmation of sale.
Mahoning National Bank vs. Delores E. Doss, default granted.
Tina L. Litman vs. Arlene M. Blessing, settled and dismissed.
Thelma A. Alden vs. Timothy A. Butcher, settled and dismissed.
James R. Vargo vs. Deborah J. Gorza, settled and dismissed.
Rebecca Johnson vs. Brittney Mariotti, settled and dismissed.
Howland Twp. Board vs. Mary Williams, default granted.
Humility of Mary Health vs. Dennis Wolfe, judgment for plaintiff.
State Farm Fire et al vs. Pamela Scott, judgment for plaintiff.
Deborah S. Palac vs. Gary R. Smith, dismissed.
John T. Chaney vs. Susan M. Ezzo, settled and dismissed.
Edward J. Urban D.O. Inc. vs. Susan E. Hipkins, settled and dismissed.
Howland Twp. Board vs. Timothy Sprankle, default granted.
EMC Mortgage Corp. vs. Donna Scruggs, foreclosure.
Gus Michelakis vs. Charlene E. Jarvis, satisfaction of judgment.
EMC Mortgage Corp. vs. Edwin Dodge et al, foreclosure.
Permanent General vs. Bernita Diggs, default granted.
Countrywide Home Loans vs. Karrie A. Kistler, foreclosure.
First Union National Bank vs. Franklin H. Newlon et al, foreclosure.
Standard Federal Bank vs. Mark A. Bright, dismissed.
Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp. vs. Joseph T. Chaney, foreclosure.
Francis Bettross vs. John Perdue Inc., dismissed.
United Companies Lending vs. Linda Tucker, settled and dismissed.
Andy Black Jr. vs. James Bridgman et al, dismissed.
Russell Lalonde vs. Countryside Veterinary, settled and dismissed.
Bernice R. Mandel-Aurilio vs. Petsmart Corp., summary judgment granted.
Andy Thomas vs. Frito Lay Inc., settled.
Universal Underwriters vs. Pamela C. Kist, settled and dismissed.
Bankers Trust Co. vs. Robin R. Castle, foreclosure.
Principal Residential vs. Raymond Archer et al, foreclosure.
Beth J. Flaviano vs. Robert Kralik, dismissed.
Old Kent Mortgage vs. Richard K. Foley et al, settled.
James Frazier vs. Jerry Hargett, default granted.
Amanda B. Mazzi vs. Joshua M. Taylor, dismissed.
Ethel M. Fitzsimmons vs. Gus S. Coliadis, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company only, dismissed.
Conseco Finance vs. Darryl A. Shinault, default granted.
John P. Stroney vs. Gary Wollensack, settled.
Thomas W. Olear vs. Admin. BWC, dismissed.
Brenda Moore vs. Yogesh O. Sheth, settled and dismissed.
Eugenia Franze vs. Ruth Bertuzzi, settled and dismissed.
Shannon L. Harris vs. William R. Parlamas, settled and dismissed.
Contimortgage Corp. vs. Gregory Chambers, confirmation of sale.
Contimortgage Corp. vs. Sandra Neiswanger, confirmation of sale.
David F. McFarland vs. J.P. Sorma Construction, third party complaint against Big G. Construction only, dismissed.
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc. vs. William A. Surrena, dismissed.
Waterfield Mortgage vs. Neil P. Spelich, foreclosure.
U.S. Bank NA vs. William Carroll, foreclosure.
Atlantic Mortgage et al vs. Bobby R. Chamberlain, dismissed.
Metropolitan National vs. Bruce N. Haddle, dismissed.
New Complaints
Ohio Edison vs. Morakis Sons Industrial, other civil.
Julie Kish vs. C. James Conrad, admin. BWC, workers' compensation.
Marion J. Odelli vs. Angelo J. Natali, other civil.
Beverly Huffman vs. Hertz Corp., other civil.
Alphonso Oliver vs. Heidi Wilkinson, other torts.
John E. Ronyak II vs. Dollie M. Ronyak, other civil.
Citifinancial Inc. vs. Gene Dotson, foreclosure.
Gary Fansler vs. RMI Titanium, other torts.
Progressive Insurance vs. David A. Hargrove, other civil.
Manufacturers & amp; Traders vs. Ruth O. Burtt, foreclosure.
Bank One NA vs. John Seay et al, foreclosure.
Washington Mutual Bank vs. Bruce W. Harned et al, foreclosure.
Neeta Mitroo, M.D. vs. William E. Masters, M.D., other civil.
Judith A. Infante vs. Stephen P. Roberts, foreclosure.
Tammy L. Cunningham vs. James Conrad, admin. BWC, workers' compensation.
TMS Mortgage inc. vs. Howard D. Johnson, foreclosure.
First Union Home Equity vs. Robert T. Davidson et al, foreclosure.
Douglas W. Barnett vs. Betty D. Montgomery, other civil.
Commercial Financial vs. Terry Axiotis, other civil.
Angeline R. Dudley vs. Ronald J. Franklin, other torts.
State Farm Mutual Auto vs. Francine M. Auciello, other civil.
Farmers National Bank vs. Patrick M. McGlinchey, foreclosure.
Alliance Mortgage vs. Gerald L. Cramer, foreclosure.
Bank of New York vs. Joseph J. Kellar Jr., foreclosure.
Novastar Mortgage Inc. vs. Kenneth J. Guy, foreclosure.
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc. vs. Nicholas Macrinos, foreclosure.
Douglas D. Guinaugh vs. Masters Street Engineering, other civil.
Terri Modarelli vs. Michael Tonkinson, other civil.
Linda N. Arens vs. Janet Shiley, M.D., other torts.
Mark Cummings vs. Natasha Frenchko, other torts.
First American Title vs. Gardner Title Agency Inc., cognovit.
National City Bank vs. Timothy R. May, foreclosure.
Chase Mortgage vs. Sean M. McCarragher, foreclosure.

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