A Mother's Day Prayer

Because most Americans observe the Sabbath on Sundays, it is no wonder that Mother's Day is particularly celebrated on a day for invoking God's blessing. Who, after all, is more deserving of blessing than this nation's mothers?
Many Americans, of course, enjoy Friday or Saturday Sabbaths, and the beliefs of many others include no specified day of rest.
Mother's Day, however, is not a religious holiday but a secular one. So there is no reason to deny any mother such blessing or our heartfelt prayers.
Blessings: Today is the day to bless the mothers who care for the children they bore and the mothers who took the children of others into their homes , into their lives and into their hearts.
On this second Sunday in May, we honor the moms whose kitchen tables are covered with papier mach & eacute; projects and those mothers whose kitchen tables will hold the breakfast dishes until they come home from a long day at work.
We recognize the mothers who help at school and those who teach at school, those who bake cookies for the team and those who coach the team, those who sew their children's clothes and those who take their children to the mall.
A Mother's Day blessing is deserved by all mothers who work outside their homes and all who work within, and especially by the single mothers who must do it all and the grandmothers who must do it all again.
Then, too, a special prayer must be said for those mothers who have lost their children to violence or disease and those mothers who no longer have contact with their children. May their pain and loss be lessened during each passing year.
May this Mother's Day bring a special blessing to all mothers, everywhere, that their lives be long, full of peace and full of love.

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