Keep money in Valley by establishing local casinos

Keep money in Valley byestablishing local casinos
After having just returned from The Greektown Casino in Detroit, I must write to urge voters in the Mahoning Valley to push for a money-making casino of our own.
We went to Detroit on a Tuesday by bus. That bus was filled with people from Ohio looking for a fun and legal gambling experience. There are two other casinos in downtown Detroit and one across the bridge in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Buses from Ohio go to these four casinos every day filled with people wanting to enjoy the atmosphere and play the odds on slots and table games.
Ohio money, Mahoning County money, Trumbull County money and entertainment dollars are being spent in other states. Mountaineer Park draws local people daily, and Atlantic City can be reached quickly by car, bus or airplane. We need something in Youngstown that will bring people downtown every day, all day.
The state is already getting some of our money with lottery sales, but only returns a pittance to the area. If you want money to stay in your city, you need jobs. A casino spells "Jobs" with a capital J.
Just think of the many occupations that would flourish here, from labor to technical. Construction work, maintenance work, custodial work would add many initial opportunities followed by positions in every occupation from cook and baker to accountant.
To multiply the jobs and the money Youngstown needs hotels and entertainment places that bring a wide variety of performers to town. These entertainers would generate the need for taxes, limos, shuttles, buses and even air transportation. We would see a need for businesses downtown such as gift shops, coffee shops, restaurants and movie theaters.
Jobs give citizens the ability to improve everything around them, and the community will be stronger. Jobs are the keys to open our imagination.
Supreme Court cuts Bill of Rights protection
I wish to congratulate you on your fine editorial regarding the lady who was handcuffed and taken to jail for failure to wear a seatbelt. You were correct in taking to task the five Supreme Court justices who failed to protect our precious civil liberties by allowing such police practices.
There are too many good police officers who risk their lives every day and do not need the kind of police state authority this case allows. This case may appear to be frivolous to some, but the first line of defense against the erosion of our Bill of Rights must be far-reaching and inviolable.
It is my understanding that the court's decision suggested that our protection against such action should be the function of the state legislators. If this be the case, I hope such a campaign could be started immediately.
Working together, group cleans up neighborhood
On Saturday, April 28, the North Side Eagle Eye Block Watch had a neighborhood clean-up day. Many in the area, including young people and senior citizens, gave up their Saturday morning to take part. Needless to say, it was a success. We appreciate all of the help that we had.
Because so many participated and gave a helping hand, the areas around some of the vacant, abandoned lots and houses look much nicer. We are planning to do this again in the near future. Hopefully those of us that do care about the appearance of the neighborhood can inspire others to join and help out. We feel that this is what neighborhoods and communities are all about, everyone working together to make things better for all.
X The writers were coordinators of the clean-up day.