Law woud ban body branding, scarification

WARREN -- City council plans to introduce legislation tonight to prohibit businesses from offering body branding and scarification services in the city.
Councilman Alford Novak, D-2nd, said he will not seek passage tonight to prohibit the services, which he said pose a health and safety risk.
The legislation says branding is nonmedical burning of the flesh using a hot iron or rod. Scarification is listed as a nonmedical procedure that leaves an incision or slit in the flesh, which then turns into a scar.
Novak said violation of the law would constitute a fourth-degree misdemeanor.
Piercing: Novak was successful in getting legislation passed last month to prohibit body piercing in the city, after Mark Vancil of Mineral Ridge asked council to allow him to perform the service at Screamin' Tattoos on Elm Road.
Council a few weeks ago turned down legislation proposed by another council member to regulate body piercing.
At that time, Vancil and Bob Fairchild, owner of the tattoo shop, said they would offer branding and scarification because there are no laws prohibiting it. A sign outside Screamin' Tattoos says the two services are available.
Novak said council will continue discussing his proposed legislation in coming weeks.

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