POLAND TOWNSHIP Trash hauler offers incentives for deal

The company is ready to move forward with plans.
POLAND -- Browning Ferris Industries hopes to have an agreement with township officials by next week regarding trash amounts brought into the Carbon Limestone Landfill here.
BFI representative Mike Heher met with trustees and residents Monday to iron out details about the pending agreement.
The company has offered a package worth more than $400,000 in cash and incentives over five years to the township should the measure pass.
Heher will meet with trustees again Monday in a public meeting to further discuss the agreement.
Here's a concern: One of the main concerns voiced by residents about the landfill is the amount of mud and dirt pulled from the site by trucks coming from and going to the facility.
Police Chief Carl Massullo has said the police department has received numerous complaints about the mess made by the trucks.
BFI has addressed the issue by agreeing to install a wheel wash system at the landfill designed to remove dirt, mud and debris from the wheels and undercarriage of commercial vehicles visiting the landfill. Should the system fail to remove an adequate amount of dirt, the company has agreed to modify the system.
What's offered: The company has also agreed to donate a total of $30,000 to the Poland Youth Baseball Association for the construction of an indoor youth baseball training facility. The money would be received in two payments of $15,000 each in 2001 and 2002.
The baseball association is looking to build an indoor facility to provide a place for the approximately 900 kids in the league to practice in the off season. The likely location for the facility is on Meadow Lane in the village.
Several residents at Monday's meeting said the money should be used toward something that will be enjoyed by the entire community, not just those who choose to take part in the Little League Baseball program. Those residents said they believe a park would be better for the area.
The township would also be able to lease a large parcel from the company at the corner of Moore and Cowden Road at a rate of $1 per year to be used for whatever recreational purposes deemed fit by township officials. One possible use is a soccer field for Poland Soccer.
About the land: Heher said there is a possibility that additional land could be included, but he will have to check into that possibility and let officials know at Monday's meeting if that can be done.
"The baseball and soccer associations are having problems finding places for their activities. This puts them out there," said Heher. "That land is ideal."
With all the incentives being offered, Heher said the agreement would still be lucrative for BFI because the company could then streamline its operations.
He said the company brings in waste from the Cleveland area and the amended agreement would allow a more constant flow of waste.
The amendment would increase the amount of long-haul waste, that from outside a 150-mile radius, being brought into the landfill. The overall amount of trash being brought in daily would remain the same.

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