Liberty officials negligent in duties to residents

Liberty officials negligent in duties to residents
Thank you so much for your recent article concerning the last Liberty Township trustees' meeting. Many people in the township are appalled at the behavior of our elected officials and their total disregard for what is proper, lawful and ethical.
Let me correct the false and inflammatory statements made by Jack Simon and Pat Durina about the waste of taxpayers' money.
It is they who are wasteful and negligent in their responsibilities to the township, such as allowing the south end of the township to deteriorate while injecting themselves into issues of which they have no knowledge or experience.
They fail to mention that the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police report laid the township's problems at their doorstep because of their unwarranted and uninformed intrusions into police affairs.
What kind of legal counsel have they retained that views the township as an unending & quot;cash cow & quot; while failing to provide the proper guidance so that the trustees do not make the type of horrific decisions which have become the hallmark of this board?
The police union has bent over backwards to accommodate them, but they reject one viable solution after another. Why do they continue to spend taxpayers money pursuing their personal obsessions and vendettas in an attempt to destroy the careers of the officers in the department?
Despite the fact that the OACP rated the ex-chief as falling below an acceptable standard of performance, the board chose to elevate him to the most sensitive position in the department while again retaliating against the female captain.
Their history of discrimination, retaliation and civil rights violations not only against her but against other members of the department is disgusting. Is this what we as taxpayers are paying them and their legal counsel for?
Liberty Township residents need to have accountability from their elected officials. Sadly, all we get are more violations.
Residents should not be surprised to discover the township in dire financial straits after the fiscal irresponsibility of this board.
President errs in not supporting environment
The state of Pennsylvania has advised people not to eat fish -- whether caught in the state or the oceans -- more than once a week. This advisory is premised upon a concern over mercury poisoning.
Mercury is a toxin, which can be a by-product of industrial processes and coal-burning power plants, that concentrates in both fresh water and the oceans. Mercury is absorbed by plants. Small fish and aquatic organisms ingest the mercury from plants. As bigger fish eat smaller fish, mercury becomes concentrated in their tissues. As we eat the larger fish, we concentrate the mercury in our tissues.
The Bush administration recently made it clear that it would not support tighter restriction on mercury emissions.
The Bush administration also announced that the United States would not sign a treaty that it helped develop at an international summit on the environment in Kyoto, Japan, that would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50 percent within 10 years.
Carbon dioxide is emitted when fossil fuels are burned and is believed to be a major factor in global warming. Ours is the only major industrial nation in the world that has decided against signing the treaty. Without American support the treaty will probably not be viable.
When political representatives fail to support legislation which is designed to protect the health of their constituents, something is amiss. Who or what are the representatives really representing?