CANDIDATES Neshannock school board

Ten people, including two incumbents, are running for four spots on the Neshannock Township school board. Six are Democrats, four are Republican; all 10 have cross-filed. The names of the top four vote-getters in each party in the primary will be placed on November's general election ballot. *denotes incumbents.
Party: Democrat.
Age: 39.
Home: 117 Kenneth Ave.
Employment: Self-employed.
Education: University of Pittsburgh; Electronics Institute of Pittsburgh.
Experience: None.
Family: Divorced/single parent, two children.
Priority: To restore pride and a good sense of morality to our township. I want each and every student and township resident to enjoy living here and learning at Neshannock Township School District.
Party: Democrat.
Age: 48.
Home: 115 Fairway Drive.
Employment: Sign PRO, Boardman, Ohio.
Education: Graduate, Clarion University; graduate work at Youngstown State University.
Experience: Former coach and past president of Neshannock Athletic Association.
Family: Wife, Millie; three sons.
Priority: To remain involved in community activities and continue to offer my abilities and talents to the students of the district.
Party: Democrat
Age: 54.
Home: 3308 Plank Road.
Employment: District sales consultant, Daimler Chrysler.
Education: MBA, Long Island University; BBA, Manhattan College.
Experience: None.
Family: Wife, Lind; four children.
Priority: To improve the academic standards and politics in the school; to listen and act upon issues brought to the school board; to use tax dollars wisely in all areas of the school budget.
Party: Democrat.
Age: 54.
Home: Box 68, W. Maitland Lane.
Employment: Owner of the firm, Levine & amp; Levine Attorneys at Law.
Education: Graduate, Case Western Reserve Law School; graduate, Allegheny College.
Experience: School director, Neshannock Township School District, 1993 to present.
Family: Wife, Bonnie; four children.
Priority: To focus on security of the elementary and high school buildings; facility renovations; and continued pursuit of better education.
Party: Republican.
Age: 36.
Home: 357 Mercer Road.
Employment: Attorney.
Education: Graduate of University of Pittsburgh School of Law, 1989; bachelor's degree in accounting, Penn State University, 1986.
Experience: None.
Family: Wife, Elizabeth; three children.
Priority: If elected I promise to use my best judgment in analyzing and deciding every issue presented to me, without succumbing to political temptations or self-dealing. Also, I promise to openly explain why I decided the way I did on any issue.
Party: Democrat.
Age: 50.
Home: 2936 Plank Road.
Employment: President, AVISO Group Inc.
Education: Psychology degree, Westminster College.
Experience: None.
Family: Wife, Helen; three sons.
Priority: To assure a quality education for all the children of our district. I would consider a realigning of dollars spent on administrative expenses into more direct educational benefits.
Party: Democrat.
Age: 43.
Home: 100 Mission Meade Road.
Employment: Team leader for Hours To You.
Education: Graduate, Laurel High School.
Experience: Neshannock School director, past four years.
Family: Husband, Arthur; one daughter.
Priority: To better education, gradually replace kitchen equipment each year to bring the area back up to par; answering taxpayers questions as soon as possible.
Party: Republican.
Age: 42.
Home: 99 Ludwig Road.
Employment: Regional sales manager, F & amp; K Delvotec.
Education: Bachelor of arts degree in business administration, Westminster College.
Experience: None.
Family: Wife, Bille; three children.
Priority: To create an education environment conducive to student achievement; create a partnership with the educational and taxpaying communities.
Party: Republican.
Age: 42.
Home: 417 Lawnview Ave.
Employment: Full-time mother and homemaker.
Education: Business graduate, Robert Morris College.
Experience: None.
Family: Husband, Bob; three children.
Priority: I hope to bring about changes that will help the students to once again have pride and enthusiasm about living in and attending school in our township.

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