BAR ASSOCIATION Law Week winners

Here are winners of the Trumbull County Bar Association's Law Week Contest. All Trumbull County pupils were invited to participate. The first-place pupils were invited to attend the annual Law Day luncheon at Leo's Ristorante in Howland.
Grade 1 First: Abby Stein, Roosevelt Elementary, Hubbard; second: Cody Dye, Bascom Elementary, Newton Falls; third: Kaitlyn Hacker, Jackson Elementary, Niles.
Grade 2 First: Jesse Garland, Seaborn, McDonald; second: Taylor Garland, Seaborn, McDonald; third: Jessica Nicholas, Bascomb, Warren.
Grade 3 First: Brandi Maiese, Cortland Elementary, Cortland; second: Jenna Spackman, Seaborn, McDonald; third: Kaylee Miller, Cortland Elementary, Cortland.
Grade 4 First: Billy Weimer, Seaborn, Mineral Ridge; second: Nicole Wittenauer, Roosevelt, Hubbard; third: Amanda Keeney, Seaborn, Mineral Ridge.
Grade 5 First: Brigitte Morvay, Lakeview, Cortland; second: Megan Ault, Mineral Ridge Middle, Mineral Ridge; third: Kevin Adams, Lincoln Elementary, Niles.
Grade 6 First: Andrea Williams, Western Reserve, Warren; second: Jamie Cickelli, Howland Middle, Howland; third: Rachel Castillo, Howland Middle, Howland.
Grade 7 First: Benjamin Clayman, W.S. Guy Middle School, Liberty; second: Kyle Hoff, W.S. Guy Middle School, Liberty; third: Carla Hill, W.S. Guy Middle School, Liberty.
Grade 8 First: Thomas J. Houser Jr., Edison Junior High, Niles; second: Christine Humble, Edison Junior High, Niles; third: Shane Allen, Edison Junior High, Niles.
Grade 9 First: Alana Clemens, Lakeview High School, Cortland; second: Patrick Dobson, Howland High School, Howland; third: Brett Davis, Howland High School, Howland.
Grades 10, 11 and 12 First: Richard Diaz, 11th grade Howland High School, Howland; second: Rick Clark, 11th grade Howland High School, Howland; third: John DiGiacobbe, 12th grade Brookfield High School, Brookfield.
Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 There were two students chosen for first place, Jon Drennen, Liberty High School, Liberty; and Ashley Hoff, Liberty High School, Liberty.

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