Commissioners shouldn't be buying out of county

Commissioners shouldn't be buying out of county
This letter is in regard to the new sales tax passed by the citizens of Columbiana County.
As we all know, the administration begged the citizens to pass this tax to keep the county solvent. Yes, I voted for the tax to help the county. But now, the county does not want to help Colum biana County businesses.
Prescription drugs are not taxable. However, the county commissioners have contracted with a company outside of Columbiana County to fill their employees' prescriptions. This affects income tax, sales tax, personal property tax, etc. They are directly discouraging county employees from shopping locally.
You can be absolutely sure I will not vote for or support another sales tax or a renewal of this tax. I will also discourage other business owners from supporting this county, since the county is not supporting local businesses. I wonder how many other services are available in the county but are purchased outside -- insurance, office supplies, computer repairs, etc.
Other entities want small local businesses to support and vote for their levies or donate or invest with them.
Locally, the emergency medical services want a 0.5-percent income tax. I would like to know from what catalog company outside the city or county limits they buy their supplies.
I suggest that schools, banks and government agencies look to where they buy and what they support to vote for their levies, support their charities and invest with them.
It is very sad that this country was founded on freedom of choice, and now that freedom is being taken away with the excuse of cost-cutting. Ironically, if looked at closely, it is not cost effective.
East Palestine
X The writer and her husband own Michael's Pharmacy in East Palestine.
Administration shows contempt for people
I believe Ohio voters are getting the message in regards to the present administration. President "Dubya" is exposing his true colors and is defining his philosophy concerning his "compassionate conservatism." He also described himself as being a "People President." I fear that he did not include the blue-collar worker as being a part of his definition of "people." The people he referred to were those who occupy the upper strata of the earning scale. He is emulating President Reagan. The hard-working people who have been the backbone of this great nation are not part of his scenario.
Labor unions, environmentalists and work-a-day common people who have found themselves in the army of the unemployed due to downsizing be damned. The Skull and Bones fraternal member has no compassion for them.
Big oil is having a field day picking the pockets of John Q. Public. Energy costs are soaring while the two oil tycoons at the helm of the administration are chuckling with glee. The older generation that Tom Brokaw described as "The Greatest Generation" is being squeezed at the pumps, pharmacies, supermarkets, etc.
I feel this is the way the administration is expressing its gratitude for the sacrifices that our generation has made to free this nation and the world from the evils of communism, fascism and totalitarianism.
Our generation had deep respect for the flag, the Ten Commandments, life and the law in general. The English system of law and the Bible were the basis of our constitution and American jurisprudence.
In the past 40 years, many sinister forces in our society have been chipping away at the laws and tenets that had this nation working and that served to make it the greatest nation on earth.