St. Elizabeth
Ronald and Andrea Bunofsky, 1166 S. Albright-McKay Road, Hubbard, boy, June 25.
Chris and Courtney Smith, 180 Georgetown Place, Youngstown, girl, June 16.
Geoffrey and Maria Lopuchovsky, 5624 Cider Mill Crossing, Youngstown, girl, June 23.
David and Charlotte Tibbetts, 2114 Schenley Ave., Youngstown, girl, June 25.
Steven and Palam Lissier, 8547 Kimblewick Lane N.E., Warren, girl, June 25.
John and Theresa Berkeny, 915 Afton Ave., Youngstown, boy, June 25.
William and Kathleen Glenellen, 3629 Dover Road, Youngstown, boy, June 25.
Matthew and Stacey Miller, 30 Parkway St., Struthers, boy, June 25.
Phillip and Rhonda Bowser, 53 Millet Ave., Youngstown, girl, June 26.
Donald and Dawn Clark, 901 Cherry Valley Road, Leetonia, boy, June 26.
Forum Health Northside
Nicholle Moore and Daryl Frazier, 2237 Jacobs Road, Youngstown, boy, June 12.
James and Mary Moore, 7373 Western Reserve Road, Canfield, boy, June 20.
Michael and Rhonda Padilla, 91 Coitsville Road, Campbell, girl, June 25.
Jay and Heather Franklin, 631 Fenton, Niles, boy, June 25.
Joseph M. and Brenda C. McKelvey, 5216 Smith-Stewart Road, Girard, boy, June 25.
Ernest and Hattie B. Hudson, 641 Ferndale Ave., Youngstown, boy, June 25.
Reville Mitchelle and Dr. Priscilla Durand-Mitchelle, 4122 Monticello Blvd., Youngstown, boy, June 25.
AzurDee High, 3109 Glenwood Ave., Youngstown, girl, June 25.
Deanna Fowler and Ricardo Carrasquillo, 708 S. Meridian, Youngstown, boy, June 25.
Forum Health Trumbull Memorial
TiffonieKirksey and Deane Parks, 2605 Wick, Warren, girl, June 22.
Marcus and Tiffanie Meridy, 1116 Woodview Circle, Warren, boy, June 22.
Hope Calhoun and Keith Holley, 142 N. Arlington, Niles, boy, June 23.
Paul and Mitzy Schwarz, 5937 Brinker St. S.W., Navarre, boy, June 23.
Mike and Shelly Russell, 289 Stewart N.W., Warren, boy, June 23.
Doug and Rebecca Kuehn, 314 Adelaide Ave., Warren, boy, June 24.
Brad and Marie Hurd, 700 Laurelwood Drive, Warren, boy, June 24.
St. Joseph
Shawn and Shannon Jones, 281 Cleveland Ave. East, Warren, girl, June 10.
Gary and Rachel Smeltzer, 2680 Fairview S. E., Warren, girl, June 23.
Frank and Stella Willis, 5844 Warren Meadville Road, Cortland, girl, June 24.
James and Mary Ash, 8968 Sprucevale Road, Rogers, boy, June 22.
Michael and Julie Agnew, 1220 Turnberry St., Alliance, boy, June 23.

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